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Old 15th April 2014
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I'm also on Ableton Live 9. I'm not feeling a real need for subfolders and so far the "Auganized" workaround has solved most of the issues I was having, which were similar to the ones josephyw is having. It's really great to finally be able to sort Pod Farm Elements so that amps go with my other amps, distortions with other distortions, etc. Also, my problems with Hornet, Klanghelm, and Sonimus have all been addressed with the workaround.

There are some exceptions however. The most important ones to my workflow are PSP Vintage Warmer 2 (ver. 2.3.1) Kilohearts Faturator (ver. 1.003) and Nugen Stereoizer (ver. 2.8)

Faturator doesn't show up in the Auganizer application, so it can't be renamed and shows up in Live 9 in the Kilohearts folder.

Stereoizer and the other Nugen plugins don't show up in the Live 9 "Auganized" folder (Places) but can be found in the "Mastering" folder that is under "Plug-ins" (Categories)

Something similar is happening with Vintage warmer 2 and the other PSP plugins. Vintage Warmer doesn't show up in the "Auganized" folder but can be found in the "Mastering" folder. Same for PSP Nitro (ver. 1.1.2) It shows up in the "Multi FX" folder under "Plug-ins". NobleQ, OldTimer, and PianoVerb get sorted correctly in the "Auganized" folder.

There are other issues as well, but these are the important ones to me (for now) As far as the workaround being less than ideal, I understand. But I'm cool with it if I can get these other problems solved.

Thanks for all your work, Danny!