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Originally Posted by josephyw ➡️
It also seemed to have given certain plug-ins a different top-level folder than the original, but not one I had selected (e.g., a number of the "Spectral Processing" plug-ins were given the "Modulation" top-level folder I had reserved for things like choruses, etc.).
What you're described here by "it" is unfortunately a limitation of Ableton. I'm presuming you're using Ableton and not Logic as your post doesn't mentioned Logic anywhere.

Let me be clear, Logic and Garageband support everything 100%, other Audio Unit hosts are supported in some capacity or another. For Ableton as mentioned in the release notes there is now an "Auganized" menu in "Places" which features your renames. We've talked with Ableton about the basic limitations with their plugin hosting but was met with the official word "don't expect a change anytime soon".

I meant to write about Ableton so theres no time like the present, here are the problems we've spent weeks trying to work around but ultimately its impossible unless they change their code.

1. Ableton, unlike any other Audio Unit host we've used will grab the first "top folder" name it finds for a manufacture ID and apply it to all the others regardless of what there is set to. I have no idea why its programmed to do this, as obviously no other host does - but that creates the extremely annoying problem you mentioned with plugins all appearing in one top folder.

Our workaround for this? To make our older folder in Places with your Auganized plugins in.

2. Ableton doesn't work with any kind of database, cache or record of plugin names - this means we can't interface directly with it as we're able to with other hosts. This means in our old implementation there is no way we'd be able to update signed components in the plugin menu as we no longer touch or write to these plugins.

Again to work around this we've applied the new way above - in the meantime I've requested Ableton install something like a database management which isn't over written every time you load the program.

3.Ableton won't support sub-folders. It just doesn't read them, or acknowledge them like Logic will. Further more the way it creates presets means it tries to create an illegal folder if you use them.

Current work around for this it to not use them, in the future we're going to add the feature to the "Places" menu.

To wrap it up, we (and I personally) LOVE Ableton Live and what it can do, but there are quite a few limitations which make our job either a nightmare or totally impossible at this stage. Creatively Ableton is fantastic, but I know above their changes we've requested they've got many other things to catch up that have been long standing issues at the Ableton forum such as Retina support and VST3 that I'm sure they'll be looking to address first.

To sum up, everything Ableton based works perfectly (and renames perfectly) in v1.1 if you don't use subfolders in the "Places" section (ignore plugin names) - theres no need to revert, apply, move, clean up etc. What its doing there is pretty straight forward.

But really Logic is where our bread and butter is as it has a lot more support and lot more in the way we can offer these results in a beautiful menu