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Old 15th April 2014
Here for the gear
Like many people, I was very much looking forward to this software update as a way to organize the 250+ audio units (some free, some paid) I've amassed. Unfortunately, after spending a number of hours "Auganizing" them and sending them back to the system folder, which is my personal preference and required for a handful of plug-ins, it broke a large portion of the plug-in naming that I had attempted, and loading my plug-ins in Ableton created a weird mish-mash of the original top-level naming conventions and my own. It also seemed to have given certain plug-ins a different top-level folder than the original, but not one I had selected (e.g., a number of the "Spectral Processing" plug-ins were given the "Modulation" top-level folder I had reserved for things like choruses, etc.).

Then, when I tried restoring them to their pre-Auganized state, as per the program options, it only reverted some of them (many of them remained with their new top-level folder names). Additional, in Auganizer, several plug-ins now show a blank top-level folder.

I eventually was able to somewhat fix things with some magic combination of "Roll back to original name..." and "Move to system folder..." and perhaps one or more additional command and some manual deletions.

Sad to say that this isn't working for me. It's such a good, long-overdue idea, with a good user interface, and I know the devs are working super hard on it, but I am left disappointed and a little concerned with what is going on under the hood as it pertains to the problems I'm having. I hope there aren't any kind of residual issues.