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Originally Posted by amrz ➡️
Overall user experience was okay. However this time when i launch auganizer i got plenty of authorazion popups appearing, and in Logic for eg. my Izotope RX2 plugins are in demo mode. After authorization, they were alright. It seems this time i cannot categorize my Expert Sleepers plugins, they're always on their Expert Sleepers folder even i assign them to my '10 Modular' -folder.

Just to clear up your note there - Auganizer will now show popups for plugins that have popups (e.g. demos, missing libraries, problems etc) its NOT Auganizer causing this, which is what it sounded a bit like - and what the next happy chap seemed to comment on.

Any other problems you have will almost certainly be solved by "moving changes to system folder" - you guys have all jumped on this ahead of when i'd hoped, a big post will be coming later explaining all the new features, along with me 30 min tutorial video and an updated getting started guide, just hold on!

P.S. as for Expert Sleepers, they "Auganized" for me ok, are you running latest versions? This was SW 2.4.1