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Lives for gear
After much A/B'ing, the tubes I prefer are:
Vacuum Tube Input Amplifier - 12AX7 - Position V1 – Mullard CV 4004
Vacuum Tube Input Amplifier - 12AU7 - Position V2 – Mullard CV 4003
Instrument DI Input Amplifier - 12AT7 - Position V3 – Telefunken ECC81
EQ & Dynamics Amplifier - 12AX7 - Position V4 – Mullard CV 4004
EQ & Dynamics Amplifier - 12AU7 - Position V5 – Telefunken ECC 82.

Tubes make a BIG difference. The Mullards are a real plus when you are in/out of a DAW.

In addition to all the other flexibility, tube type is yet another option to play with.

Regarding the 8816, my mix bus setup now is:
8816 --> 33609 --> Origins --> Pultecs --> ATR-102 tape --> Pro Tools.

Sometimes, I'll add the P38 on the mix bus after the 33609 for even more punch. I hardly compress on either unit (according to the needles)...........just add the vibe of the 33609 and add the tightness of the P38.

I sum the effects (reverbs, delays, etc.) with the Mini Mixers and feed the summed Output pair to the 8816 mix bus (via the 2T bus inputs). Most main tracks are summed in the 8816/8804.

So, the 8816 does the amplification. I feed the Origins on the Line Ins and normally the net gain across the Origins is roughly zero (depending on how I tweak the gain on the front end and back end.............yet another way to alter the mix). Usually I have the gain higher on the front end, lower on the back end.