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Originally Posted by Audio Hombre ➡️
Are people around here using SS mode more so for "rock" vox by any chance?
I use the SS mode xfmr out 90% of the time, but that's with the Pearlman (almost all the time), which is a tube mic.

Even with a 57 on a guitar amp or DI bass (front panel) or bass --> bass preamp --> Line in (just for EQ and Comp) I still gravitate toward the SS mode.

Vocals are great with it -- and tambourine (Pearlman + Shure pad -15dB) or acoustic guitar (steel string with pick -- Pearlman in omni mode) are both incredible.

I'm thinking about looking for the tube upgrade. Did Millennia stock (hoard) some NOS Telefunkens or anything? Who's done the upgrade or bought it pre-upgraded?