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Overloud Gem Modula
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overloud audio tools has released a new plug-in called gem modula. The plug-in offers three chorus models: Ensemble, Symphonic and Dimension.

28th September 2021

Overloud Gem Modula by Mattia Santi

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
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  • Overall: 5
Overloud Gem Modula

the overloud audio tools team has developed this new plug-in called Gem Modula
based on 3 of the most famous chorus in history, the dimension based on the Dimension D
Known as much for its stereo enhancement and incredibly spacious sound,
The ensemble unit dedicated for keys, synth and pads and the Symphonic
based on the spx 90 one of the most famous chorus used by zakk wylde in his albums
with ozzy osbourne and by mike stern all of this in a single plug-in.

First impressions:
as soon as I opened the plugin I was particularly impressed by the graphic quality and the details that the overloud team offered.
I immediately noticed that in addition to have these three units there are an input saturation, an eq to sculpt the signal without having the need to use other units.
Another aspect to consider is the possibility of having the main parameters controlled by an input envelope.

Ease of use:
By ease of use I mean that the interface makes it easier to understand the rack units that the Overloud team wanted to bring to users.
The factory presets also help the user to interact more effectively with this plug-in, which offers more than 30 presets.

Dual mode: Left and right independent settings to create a wider stereo sound
Input stage saturation control
Stereo width control
A - B Test
Built-In parametric eq
All the main parameters can be controlled by the envelopes
Stereo width control
LFO shapes can be mod so you can have fun experimenting changing the motion of the modulation and the resonance

How does it sound?
As a guitarist, having an spx90 in my studio, I immediately tried to do an A/B test between the plug-in and the real deal, copying the settings of the famous preset 15 of the spx90 and believe me they sounded the same.
I immediately played a few songs from the album no more tears and was pleasantly surprised by how similar the sounds were, and by "similar" I mean:
the depth of the chorus
the touch response


Whether you're a guitarist, keyboardist, singer or producer, this plug-in gives you the chance to add a touch of the 80s and 90s to your sound or mix.
Among the many aspects I enjoyed the SYMPHONIC impressed me a lot.
The quality and fidelity with which the team has worked to give the user a product as faithful as possible to the real deal is impressive.