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MPMidi MP MIDI Controller
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This controller is what have been missing from every DAW. It allows total control of every instance of a plugin, and it does this transparently. When selecting a plugin the controller's digital knobs are synched instantly to the selected plugin instance.

3 weeks ago

MPMidi MP MIDI Controller by mixalis

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  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
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  • Overall: 3.75
MPMidi MP MIDI Controller

The controller works in pair with a host plugin in the DAW. You load that plugin in the DAW and in the host plugin you load the plugin you want to control.
These host plugins are also known as wrappers.
The host plugin has software encoders which can be used to control the hosted plugin.
In general, it does what it says without any problems.
Several updates have been issued since the release of the product to solve minor bugs with specific plugins.

In general the points and advantages taken from this controller are:

1. You control what you see (hard/soft encoders and hosted plugin are close to each other)

2. Control is transferred when selecting a plugin and the controller syncs automatically upon selection.

3. The controller's encoder and hosted plugin parameters are always in sync

4. When changing presets/patches on the hosted plugin, the controller's encoders sync automatically! So, you never have to worry that the controller is not synced with what you see on the hosted plugin.

5. 128 params in total per plugin can be controlled. (4 pages x 32 encoders). These are plenty. You can assign the same parameter on multiple pages. For example you can have the cut-off on every page.

6. You only need to link your parameters on a plugin once, and then save that as a preset and recall it at any time.
Presets are opened from the right click menu on the main screen.
Presets are categorized in the menu, based on the folders saved

7. Coloring per encoder helps grouping encoders ie ADSR

8. On the Mac you can make AU plugins and load them directly in a DAW

9. Each encoder has a resolution setting from 1 to 999 steps per full rotation. So it can be configured to be super sensitive and operate like a switch or less sensitive and allow more fine tuning on the parameter it controls.

10. Each encoder has a polarity and range setting, and all encoder settings can work together when changed

11. Touch is most practical on buttons.

12. The MP Host plugin adds zero latency and consumes almost 0 CPU

13. There is a multihost version where you can create chains of plugins and load them all at once. The multiple host allows easy switching from one plugin to the other.

14. Last but not least, when you select a plugin instance, the plugin appears automatically on the controller's monitor, without having to click anywhere a second time.