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Solid State Logic UF8
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The best DAW Controller (under 5K) on the market despite not having dedicated transport controls.

30th August 2021

Solid State Logic UF8 by Glenn Bucci

  • Sound Quality N/A
  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 4 out of 5
  • Overall: 3
Solid State Logic UF8

I had the Mackie Controller and Expander in my studio for many years and I figured it was time to try out the new SSL UF8 controller. I will get to the negative news first. There are no dedicated transport controls or jog wheel. Currently the fader volume number does not show up in the scribble strip in Cubase even though it does with Pro Tools, Studio One and Ableton. I am hopeful this changes in the future.

The good news is the faders seem to be a little better than the Mackie Controller. With using USB C instead of midi, the fine tuning on the faders is much improved over older midi controllers. Everything is right in front of you with one glance. With Soft Keys 1 input, the transport controls you want are there on the top buttons. I purchased two UF8's which allowed me to have Soft 1 key provide the transport controls on the first unit, while the 2nd controller has marker controls, punch, solo defeat, EQ and save under Softkey 1. One very nice feature it has that the Mackie Controller lacked is when put a command for a button, it tells you what the command is for each button the the scribble strip. On my Mackie I had to use a label maker which looked messy. I also liked the the meters show up in the scribble strip as well. Working with the SSL 360 software is another plus and it makes it more flexible.

The UF8 has a channel knob that can be a jog wheel. On the bottom right are zoom features which are excellent for moving on the screen or adjusting the vertical and horizontal on your project page. You can arm tracks, activate your monitor button in your DAW track by pushing in your fader knob, and you can adjust plug in controls with the channel knob which is another plus. In Cubase I use the Send buttons on the left to switch from different tracks I want to see. On the mixer page in Cubase in the middle you can save different tracks to view. So after saving all tracks, you can create only show the drum tracks and save it. The UF8 then allows you to see just the drum tracks on the controller and Cubase by pushing the Send button 2 or go back to viewing all the tracks if you hit button 1.

You can customize 8 buttons on 5 soft keys, as well as the Quick 3 buttons. I highly recommend it. I have tried it with Pro Tools as well and it works very good with both DAW's. I am keeping both UF8 controllers in my studio.
If you think the UF8 is too expensive, they added in the Drum and Vocal channel plug ins from SSL with a purchase of the UF8. So your getting a bit more for your money.

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