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MIKROSUM S MIX32 is the first affordable Summing mixer with features only seen in the most expensive units. The BLEND circuit allows easy parallel processing of your mix bus with a bit of stereo width. finally Lundahl Transformers gives you that final punchy vibe so wanted.

30th June 2021

Mikrosum S MIX 32 Summing Mixer by JAY X

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5

The Mikrosum SMIX32, is a new active summing mixer that can help people enter the summing world and hybrid setups at an affordable price.

General description:

The Mikrosum Smix 32 is an active summing mixer, presented in a 1u 19" rack, wheiging around 3,5 kg.
It features an internal heavyly filtered linear psu for very low noise ripple.

The summing stages are balanced electronically, based on the principle of bucket summing for reducing noise on high channel count summing.


As easy as setting the levels in your DAW mixing session, as usual, and set the output volume to match the input of the DAW. The secret is to mix into the summing mixer right from the beginning. But switching from DAW mix to summing is very easy. Just watch out the output level of the summing mixer.

Rear panel Description:

The summing inputs are all built on balanced db25 connectors. After the summing inputs, come the balanced insert send/return. This insert is pre-fader. Finally the four XLR connectors allow the main mix to be recorded and monitored through an external monitor controller

Front panel description:

Signal present/peak leds allow you to monitor the signal level coming out the summing amps. The Blend control allows you to blend the dry and wet signal at your choice, also giving some width to the stereo image. Inputs 1 to 4 can be switched to mono without loosing channels and without increasing volume. finally the output section features lundahl transformers, vumeters and a pair of peak leds to have an eye on output levels.

Sound quality.

The unit was tested against an SSL Duality Delta, with a session running in protools. After an A/B comparison I could not notice any difference with the balanced line driver engaged. Switching to the Lundahl transformer output we noticed the low end punch the Lundahl transformers give. Impressive!.

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