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Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer - Black
4.25 4.25 out of 5, based on 1 Review

The cream of the revival synth crop

7th March 2021

Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer - Black by Hollowman9

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 3 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 4 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.25
Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer - Black

I had access to an 8 voice from 1999 - 2001 and relished every moment I could spend with it. It wasn't mine and the owner jealously guarded it until the day he broke it up and sold the constituents. If I knew in advance this was his plan I would have stolen it from him jerk that he was.

In subsequent years I played also the OBMX, Expander and Matrix 1000. I didn't buy them because they were nothing like the 8 voice.

I even tried building my own SEM at one point. I got the right sound but for reasons I never understood my scaling refused to go beyond an octave. Project scrapped.

Finally the Two Voice Pro came about. The demos sounded good so I took the plunge. The sound of it in person was nothing short of orgasmic. It transported me back to 99 poking away at the ill-fated 8 voice. I was in love. I wanted to track down Tom Oberheim and hug him. Unfortunately I had to track him down for repairs instead. It wasn't hard to do and the experience was painless and fast. I had a connector that needed replacement because it was a poor substitute for the part Tom originally specified. Supply chain booboo. Crap happens.

But then more crap happened. Firmware bugs. I discovered one where setting the Midi channel to anything but 1 caused octave shift to not work. I reported it and Tom verified on his side. There's a few others too. As of March 2021 they have not been fixed.

By now you're thinking this is a bad review. I gave a 3 for features not because of the above mentioned issues but because the sequencer cannot be disconnected from pitch and the gate outputs aren't a sufficient voltage to drive vintage gear such as a Roland SH-2.

This isn't a bad review it's a realistic one. Personally I love this synth and still want to marry it and hug Tom. NOTHING on the current analog synth market holds any interest for me having this beautiful instrument. Pretty much the only thing that would make me as hard is a new 4 voice. For that I would sell the TVP. Otherwise they can pry it out of my cold stiff fingers.

I've been around the block and played many of the cherished classics. This TVP will become a cherished classic too. That's my gut instinct.
I don't think I can say the same for any other modern analogs. Possibly the new Prophet 5 but as yet I haven't played one.

Some instruments are worth the growing pains they go through. Most are not. I'm hoping Tom will address the firmware faults with his special edition TVP being offered this year. That will ensure future classic status of these fantastic machines.

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