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Weird Audio W47 Mod 1
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Not your Grandma's U47 (and why this is an amazing thing)

31st August 2020

Weird Audio Weird 47 Model 1 by stevehusseyband

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Weird Audio W47 Mod 1

OK. Let's set the stage here. I love the U47 sound. So many of my favorite recordings from my youth and formative years used that mic for main vocals--and I was always drawn to it even before I knew why.

When I fell into the recording rabbit hole and truly learning where that sound came from, I became fascinated with the U47. I have tried almost every U47 clone on the market (Flea, Pearlman, Telefunken Elektroakustik, Bock, Warm) and I even had David Brown bring a real vintage U47 back from the dead in my chase for that sound. I have heard, owned, and used most of them extensively.

Enter the Weird Audio W47 Mod 1.

I came across them by complete accident. I was flipping through Reverb just seeing what's out there and came across the Youtube vid of "Frankie Weird & Those Other Guys" doing a performance of "Fly Me to the Moon". I could not believe how great the vocal sounded and started to do some more checking.

After some messaging back and forth with Tom Parker, the founder and owner of Weird Audio, I took the plunge and ordered one...


The mic ships in a custom molded aluminum case with the Power Supply, the mic, a shock mount, power cable and a windscreen.

It should be noted that the build construction is excellent. the shock mount is probably the most solid 47 type mount I have ever used and it's clear that the whole rig has been built to last.

The Weird logo is super cool and the whole thing just looks and feels amazing.


It should be noted here that what's being attempted here is NOT to have this mic be as close to a vintage U47 as possible (as so many others have attempted to varying degrees of success).

In reading the description of the mic on the company website and in talking to Tom (who's great to talk to by the way), they are attempting to use the advances in microphone tech and production of the last 70 years and bring the u47 into the modern age-- at as affordable a price point as they can.

The capsule is a dual sided 35mm brass piece. I am honestly not sure if it emulates an M7 or a kk47, but I have a strong suspicion the answer is that it is it's own thing. it doesn't really sound like either to me...although it's closer to an M7 than a k47 to my ear.

The tube employed is a 7025, another departure from steel tubes and EF800 types favored in the u47 clone genre.

The transformer is not a BV8 type, which according to Tom Parker, was riddled with problems (mainly noise). I have no idea what it actually is but Weird have opted for a modern transformer design (probably some toroidal design, but that's a complete guess on my part).

The Weird 47 does 9 polar patterns switchable on the power supply. Very Cool!


This mic is an absolute MONSTER. I have spent several weeks with it now and it really strains belief how Weird is able to build and offer this mic at this price point.

Their stated goal was to being the u47 into the modern world and in my humble opinion, they have hit a complete home run.

It isn't a u47. It is a completely new animal that has many features of a u47 and improves upon it, to my ears.

Comparing it to a u47, all of the low midrange and midrange detail is there, in a slightly different but amazing sounding u47 flavor. The "chestiness" that you love about the u47 sound is there in the Weird.

The lows are much tighter and defined on the Weird than on a vintage u47 or a good clone. The fuzziness in the lows is one of my least favorite things about real u47s. Very tight and cleaned up in the Weird W47, with much more detail.

The highs set the Weird apart. Most u47s roll off hard after about 12k. The Weird has some awesome and balanced sounding highs. Much more of a modern feel. Pretty much every vintage and u47 clone I have used I have found to be pretty dark.

The Weird 47 is NOT a dark mic. It sounds huge and 3D and warm and awesome. I still find myself rolling off some highs to get more of that vintage sound, but I think a lot of people will dig the fact that they don't have to go add a bunch of highs back in later for more modern material. It does like a neutral or darker preamp, I have found (think 1073 or Avalon 737).

The market they should be going after here IMO should be there Apollo UAD market. It's a PERFECT front end for my Apollo Twin X. Sounds amazing with the stock preamps and really shines with the UAD plugs. My fav chain so far is the UAD 1073-UAD 1176 REV A-UAD LA-2A GRAY. Gorgeous on male and female vocals. Sounds great on acoustic guitars as well.

My other gripe about vintage u47s and modern clones is that they are kinda one trick ponies. I only found my vintage one useful on vocals. This mic has 9 polar patterns and it has sounded great on everything I have thrown it at.


I am not even going to say this is a great mic "for the price".

I have used, owned and own all manner of high end mics and what they have accomplished with this mic is remarkable at any price.

It sounds huge, 3D, detailed and warm. It is definitely in the u47 family as far as looks and sound, but it does its own thing and how they can offer this much mic at this price point is insane.

I think it will be my go to vocal mic for males and females, although I am itching to try it on Drums as a room mic. Got wonderful results on acoustic guitar.

Can't recommend it enough. PERFECT front end for your Apollo system.

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