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Superb Microphone! It's a steal!

22nd January 2019 S87 (U87) by ilias

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  • Overall: 5 S87 (U87)

I have started experimenting with DIY Mics since last year.
I have already made the T-47 and wrote a review about a year ago.

The S-87 made me crazy when i firstly put it on! I was blown away by the quality of the sound.
I had Neumanns in the Past (U-87, TLM 103) and also used very often the M149. I find that the S-87 a better version of the U-87. There are two big advantages towards the U-87.
1) There is no saturation in any frequency of the spectrum, which makes it excellent if you want to make your vocals loud in the mix. While with the U-87 you can find some weird stuff because of the transformer.
2) The high end is sooooo 3D!!! Note that down, if you search a microphone for a Pop vocalist this is the mic to start.
3) The high end is less agressive. It is present but because of the internal EQ it is less sibilant than the U-87.
4) It needs much less gain so you have more Output and less noise. I used my TLM with 28 db of gain, my U-87 with 32 db and I use S-87 with 15 db of gain!!!

It took me like 5 hours to built it because i'm not so experienced but it worked perfectly since the first time. The manual is very good. Don't be afraid to try it.
Just be very carefull to put the smallest exact amount of solder iron needed to each hole and after you finish it take out the flux to clean it! and you're ready!

After a year i'm not fan of the T-47 which i think the circuit is not so great. I think it should be because of the transformer. It makes it a bit fuzzy in the mids. I prefer transformerless microphones and pair them with a good tranformer preamp and a compressor for tracking. My next move would be to buy the MP-V57 PCB Kit which is the circuit of the S-87 and pair it with my RK-47 capsule of my T-47.

P.S.: I sold all my other mics and i'll keep only DIY microphones from now on!

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