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Audified MixChecker Pro
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MixChecker Pro from Audified is the new, updated, supercharged version of their indispensable mixing assistant plugin.

21st August 2018

Audified MixChecker Pro by Tommy Zai

Audified MixChecker Pro

Note: This is an updated, supplemental, comparison user review. The original, which has more global, subjective narrative, can be found at:

Audified MixChecker

MixChecker Pro from Audified is the new, updated, supercharged version of their indispensable mixing assistant plugin. For those who are limited by a simple monitor setup, regardless of the quality, MixChecker Pro can greatly improve a user's studio by offering a wide range of simulations and listening environments to help gauge what the mix would sound like in other settings . . . not just those speakers sitting on the shelf above the laptop. In this way, it expands monitoring capabilities, assuring that the final mx/master will sound great everywhere! This audio software makes it possible for budget restricted bedroom engineers to ascertain some of the advantages of an expensive studio.

The purchase, download, and install process remains standard, and the GUI continues to be my ideal interface — eye-pleasing and inviting with big buttons, a simple design, and easy to navigate. The color scheme has just enough contrast to quickly identify the controls. There are changes to the launch page that represent the new features; however Audified did a fine job maintaining the streamlined effectiveness of the interface, free from any unwanted bloat that is often a byproduct of increased complexity.

Zoom! A really handy zoom feature has been added. It’s not scalable, but the fixed parameters are quite useful (75%, 100%, 150%, 200%).

Compensation section that previously featured three speaker selections (5”, 8”, headphones) has been expanded and relocated to an edit/simulation page for each device (see next paragraph).

Simulation accesses acoustic models of a dozen consumer devices and classic reference monitors.

This section has been greatly expanded. It now boasts a section for device types as well as assignable simulations for each device. These simulation sets are accomplished by simply dragging the desired simulation to one of the big buttons, naming, and saving. This enables custom user templates.Very Cool!

Overall, monitoring options have been vastly extended. There is now a list of locations with corresponding devices along with an edit/simulation page to tweak the settings. Users can create sets of simulations to recreate their desired conditions and environments.

Bypass, Noise, Auto, Mono, and Distortion. Bypass remains on the launch page, which provides an excellent comparison. it’s accompanied by Noise, Auto, Mono, and Distortion (amps, circuits, preamps, speakers, etc.). These give users additional options to manipulate the listening environment. Background Noise surprised me. I was expecting white or pink noise, but it’s actually a selectable collection of background sounds that add that unfortunate reality of unwanted, but nevertheless useful, outside sound. The only thing missing is a audio loop of my girlfriend nagging me, “Tommy, are you still on the laptop? When are you taking me shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue? I want to buy a new Gucci bag before you spend my money on audio software!”

Auto Advance is another groovy new feature. This makes it possible to preview a variety of simulations without scrolling. After setting, users can sit back and listen while the auto feature does the grunt work.

Remote Control is something that will excite many. It enable users to walk around the studio and control the settings. This feature could potentially save a lot of time and provide much needed freedom from the confines of the computer. Settings are controllable by web browser, iOS, and Android.

Note: There are other changes and improvements from the original version, but above mentioned represent the things I noticed and appreciated after a few days of demoing.

Check-out my original user review for an explanation: 
Audified MixChecker
What I wrote is even more true with MixChecker Pro!

Audified carefully listened to users (and maybe even reviewers). My wish-list is complete; I’m not sure what else to request other than continuing to add, expand, and update as needed. Scalable GUI, maybe?

MixChecker Pro is a revolutionary reference monitoring software that gives users the opportunity to compensate for their subpar monitors and hear what their mixes sounds like in vast variety of scenarios. It helps users transform an acceptable rough mix into an extraordinary master that sounds fabulous wherever it’s played. The concept is really, really cool, and there is certainly a need for this product. The expanded, new features could arguably make MixChecker Pro the backbone of many home and pro recording studios. I used the original MixChecker; I will abuse MixChecker Pro It's a keeper! The new version is well worth the extra money, and if you’re an original MixChecker user, there’s an excellent promotional code for the upgrade to Pro: Upgrade from MixChecker to MixChecker Pro [updated] | Audified

Without hesitation, I give MixChecker Pro two nearly identical thumbs up for vastly expanding the features of the original plugin without sacrificing anything (and avoiding unwanted bloat). Fantastic!!!

• Sound Quality — 5/5: Sounds exactly as it should — accurate impulse responses.
• Ease of Use — 5/5: It couldn’t be easier.
• Features — 5/5: It’s simple, effective, and boasts an excellent variety of simulations.
• Bang for the Buck — 3.5/5: There’s nothing quite like this on the market, so the pricing is a bit subjective. If you can’t afford it at the list price, look for a sale!

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