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UVI Synth Anthology 2
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UVI recently unveiled Synth Anthology 2, an impressive collection of both vintage and classic synthesizer sounds.

9th November 2016

by Synth Guru

Product: Synth Anthology 2
Developer: UVI
Formats: VST, Audio Unit, AAX, Stand-alone for OS X 10.7+ and Win 7+ 32 & 64-bit
Price: $99 (Intro), $149 Regular
DRM: Computer hard drive or iLok dongle
Demo: No demo available

The Scope:

UVI recently unveiled Synth Anthology 2, an impressive collection of both vintage and classic synthesizer sounds. Exquisite samples were chosen from 77 hardware synthesizers ranging from the Oberheim Xpander and Jupiter 4 to the Synclavier and FS1R, OB-6, Prophet 6 and Minilogue. All sounds were individually sculpted with uncanny precision utilizing outboard processors, multi-sampled and mastered to perfection. There are 2,500 presets and 20,000 samples included!

The Synths

Here’s an all-inclusive list of all the synths that ship with Synth Anthology 2:

Access: Virus C
Akai: AX80
Alesis: Andromeda Fusion
ARP: Chroma Polaris, ARP Odissey, Quadra
Casio: CZ-1, VZ-1
Clavia: NordLead
Dave Smith: Prophet 6
Elka EK44: Synthex
Emu: Emax, Emulator 2
Ensoniq ESQ-M, Fizmo, SQ80, VFX
Fairlight: CMI IIx
Formenta: Polivoks
Kawai: K3, K4R, K5000
Korg: DS8, DSS1, DW8000, Minilogue, MS20, M1, PS-3200,
Triton, Wavestation
Mellotron: M400
Moog: MemoryMoog, MiniMoog, Polymoog, Source, Sub37
NED: Synclavier 2
Novation: Basstation 2, Nova, Ultranova
Oberheim: Matrix 6, OB6, OB-X, Xpander
PPG: Wave 2.3
Roland: D-50, JD-800, Juno 60, Juno 106, Jupiter 4,
Jupiter 8, JX8P, TB-303, VP-330
RSF: Kobol
SCI: Prophet 5, Prophet VS
Seiko: DS301
Siel: DK80
Studio Electronics: ATC, Boomstar 5089
Yamaha: AN1X, CS-80, CS20m, DX7, DX100, FS1R, SY77, SY22
Vermona: Tiracon 6V
Waldorf: Microwave XT, Pulse, Q

The Interface

The interface is comprised of six panels: OSC, Edit, Step, LFO, FX, and ARP.

OSC Panel: This is the first panel you’ll encounter when opening the application. It features a graphic image of the sampled synthesizer being used, a Main Oscillator with 12 available waveforms. There are controls for adjusting the ADSR as well as the Velocity & Attack Velocity. The filter section includes an LP, BP, and HP filters with ADSR control, cutoff, res, velocity and depth. The Sub Oscillator has similar controls as the Main OSC.

UVI Synth Anthology 2-synth-anthology-ii.jpg

Edit Panel: Here you’ll find additional controls for the Main & Sub Oscillators that affect the Pitch, Stereo, and Modwheel, which further controls Vibrato & Tremolo Rate, Filter Depth. & Drive Amount. Additionally, the Main OSC includes Drive Amount while the Sub OSC offers PWM Amount.

UVI Synth Anthology 2-edit.jpg

Step Panel: This panel hosts the Step Modulator which has controls for Steps, Speed, Delay, Rise, and Smooth. There’s also a Modulation section containing an OSC Selector and Amount.

UVI Synth Anthology 2-step.jpg

LFO Panel: The LFO panel consists of LFO Speed, Sync, Waveshape (Sine,Triangle, Square, Sample & Hold), and Mode (LFO Retrigger, No Retrigger, or Legato). There’s also a Modulation section for controlling the Main and Sub OSC’s with the respective Amount including; Volume Amount, Filter Cutoff, Filter Resonance, and Pan Amount.

UVI Synth Anthology 2-lfo.jpg

FX Panel: Here’s where the fun begins. This panel features some of UVI’s signature effects; Bit Crusher, Thorus, SparkVerb, Phasor, and Delay. The effects are outstanding and add dimension, character, and depth to the sounds.

UVI Synth Anthology 2-fx.jpg

Arp Panel: The Arp panel has two sections consisting of a Main and Sub OSC. Each section has the following controls: Arp On/Off, Steps, Speed, Octave, Gate, Step Indicator, Step Editor, Tie, and Mode.

UVI Synth Anthology 2-arp.jpg

UVI Workstation: The UVI Workstation is the default application in which Synth Anthology 2 resides in. Owners of UVI Falcon can run Synth Anthology 2 within the Falcon user interface and have greater access to the features at a glance.

Multi: One of my favorite features is the program’s ability to utilize the multi feature, which allows the use of up to four parts. Each part consists of a sample that can be layered. Each part has Trigger Mode (Legato, Note, Song Position), Repeat Bottom & Top, Hold, Octave, Step Length, Mode (Num Strike, NumSteps), Resolution (Groove Amnt, Arp/Vel. Blend).

UVI Synth Anthology 2-multi.jpg

UVI Synth Anthology 2-layers.jpg

You can easily combine parts from any sample contained within the sample library. Three arp sequences can be playing in the background while you play your favorite synth! The possibilities for sonic utopia are endless with Synth Anthology 2.

The Scores

Sound Quality: The sound quality is clean and pristine. There were no audible noise artifacts within the presets or samples. Simply said, the sounds of these vintage synths and modern classics are just gorgeous and beautiful! You can easily get lost in the sounds and when you look at your watch, hours have passed you by.

Ease of use: The user interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate. The panels are easily accessible and you don’t need to squint or use a magnifying glass to see the controls. Synth Anthology 2 can be used in standalone mode or within your favorite DAW. There’s absolutely no menu diving here, unlike some other soft synth packages. No menu diving means that there’s more time to find the sound you want and have more enjoyment while you play. With the intuitive interface sculpting sounds is easy and fun.

Features: The user interface is modern and elegant in its appearance. The colors used are evenly balanced and color coded for the Main and Sub OSC’s. The UI is not resizable but large enough to work with on high resolution wide computer monitors. You can find sounds by instrument type, and sound category. Right clicking on various parameters, gives one instant access to the MIDI CC and Host Automation assignment panel. This feature alone is invaluable if one wishes to send MIDI to another device. Well done UVI! Synth Anthology 2 is loaded with useful features making this program one of the most versatile sample based applications that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. The classic UVI effects are awesome, adding depth and dimension to the sounds.

Bang for buck: Immense value! Synth Anthology 2 is a very powerful plug-in that could easily cost in the hundreds and it’s worth it’s sound in gold!

Overall: This is a stellar sounding plug-in whether used in stand-alone mode or within a DAW. With Synth Anthology 2, you’ll be producing gorgeous sounding tracks with pristine harmonics and lush melodies. With access to the sounds of 77 vintage and modern classic synthesizers, 2,500 presets and 20,000 samples, I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed. I highly recommend Synth Anthology 2 whether you're just getting started with synthesizers or are a seasoned professional. There’s something here for everyone!

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