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Sonodyne PM 50
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Lets consider you recieve a pair of monitors where you had the predecessor (SM100ak) and were completly satisfied with the old product. How do you react? You listen to them and try not be disappointed... then.. out of the blue you discover new soundscapes and information on the new model...

20th September 2016

Sonodyne PM 50 by George Necola

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75
Sonodyne PM 50

I had the SM100 ak, the SR400 and now the PM50 series for testing. I know the CEO personally from Musikmesse Frankfurt where he regularly visits. The monitors are made and crafted in India. I have no shares with them nor do they pay me or torture me for this review.

Before starting my review and go into details let me say this: you will never get as much bang for the buck as with the PM50s. The performance (price/value/sound) ratio is enormous or to describe in some candidate words "It's always good to be underestimated".

I estimated a lot and they deliver.

The PM50 are like a mixture of ATC midrange, PSI highend and Barefoot lowend. I am not going to compare 500 US$/pair monitors to monitors that cost 10 or 20 times more.. what I am going to explain is that you get the most balanced product on the market.

We listend to a lot of music, me and 2 friends in the last weeks and we all mixed independently on them. I also got a pair of their bigger brothers the PM100 (which are approx 30% bigger).

I discovered the following:
a lot of 2D-Information, very tight bottom end, enough information on the highend, very accurate reproduction of transients. You know where the signal sits (focusing on electric guitars in the latest Meshuggah-mix: you can identify where and at which depth they sit because you get most of the transient information). It is not always pleasant to hear that info depending on the mix but you get what you need to know (the truth). My mixes translated perfectly (I have to admit that I had to check on my PSI for the very-lowend and very-highend sweetness because the Sonodynes are just too small to replicate the whole spectrum. Because they are not made by Bose, they can not trick physics ).

Switching to the 100s: loss of 2D information but very nice detailed and accurate reproduction of the space the signals in (or was recorded in). More pleasing then the PM50 but less true to my ears. Still worth checking out for you as a potential buyer but for myself, I definitly cover that area with my PSI25A. I am more the 50s guy.

Back to the 50s:
solid construction, very low self noise, good design, no port noise. Enough connection possibilites on the back and dip switches to correct lowend and highend to your taste or to the room you are working in.

Long story short:
I love Sonodyne. I love the quality of the product for the price you pay, they never let me down, you have to find your Sonodyne product for your own taste but you will never find a better product for the price. The money other brands spend on marketing is invested into the product with Sonodyne. My recommondation (I'm a fanboy since the PM100ak so excuse my very biased review): everyone should at least own a pair of Sonodyne PM-series monitor or maybe 2 pairs. If we assume a population of 7 billion people on this planet that will put Sonodyne in a complicated position after this review hits the street.

Good luck finding a pair now.


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