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UVI Sounds & Software Thorus
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The chorus plug-in for the 21st century!

23rd June 2016

UVI Thorus by Diogo C

UVI Sounds & Software Thorus

  • Product: Thorus
  • Developer: UVI
  • Formats: AAX/AU/VST Plug-in for Mac (10.7+) and Windows (7+)
  • DRM: iLok (dongle not required)
  • Demo: Fully functional for 30 days
  • Price: $79 USD MSRP
  • Website: UVI Thorus - Polyphase Modulation Effect

The Scope:

Deploying cutting-edge algorithms that were perfected through the development of their other plug-ins such as Falcon, Sparkverb and Relayer, Thorus delivers a fresh approach to a well-known concept. Contrary to the everlasting trend of recreating old and acclaimed gear UVI sets its target on bringing something new to the table with an entirely new chorus model. Despite showing a bunch of familiar parameters that are widely associated with many chorus effects units, Thorus has a sound of its own that actually feels new. It also adds a few tricks and in that regard it has a feature-set to support it, so let’s break that down:
  • First interesting thing is that Thorus splits the signal in two bands and that is graphically represented in its interface: there’s a left band for the pass-through signal i.e. un-chorused sound and a right band that gets actually gets chorused. You can tweak the two with a crossover control (or simply click and drag the frequency graph) that ranges from 20Hz to 5kHz, which means you can narrow the chorus to affect only a certain frequency range. The chorused signal can also be cornered with a low-pass filter (called “Tone”) ranging from 20 to 2 kHz. That gives the user an incredible flexibility to distribute chorused and un-chorused signal at their will.

  • The chorused signal can be subtle or very drastic as you play with rate tweak the “Edge” parameter, which controls the “color” of the chorus. Edge essentially increases the feedback but also increases the resonance for a more aggressive and metallic kind of sound when dial up and as you move it towards negative values the sound gets more muffled. Needless to say that the “Depth” parameter can also drastically alter sound as it sets the pitch from 1 to 40 cents and at higher values the effects becomes much more pronounced.

  • Adding more and more voices gives Thorus an interesting ensemble-esque effect. It offers up to eight voices which is gives it a very good range of styles. Thorus also features two sound field modes, one “Standard” vanilla chorus mode and a “Wide” mode which as the name suggests augments the stereo sensation. Nothing exactly new there, but I was pleasantly surprised when I realized there wasn’t a substantial loss when collapsing the signal to mono and at least in my book that’s a good thing.

Sound quality:

Thorus is brilliantly clean yet very rich sounding, it’s arguably the most well-defined chorus out there and really sounds fresh, which is a hard thing to say about a chorus effect. It simply has a crazy definition where as you add voices and further detune the incoming audio things are still very distinguishable. It can do both emphatic and subtle effects and keeps it interesting all the way.

Ease of use:

UVI once again delivers a streamlined, well-organized and very intuitive to use plugin, which comes as no surprise given the job done on their other plugins. Thorus resembles Relayer and Sparkverb in terms of graphic style and interface concept, and in that regard it delivers a very smooth experience with no hidden menus or windows and everything is clearly laid down for the user convenience. Speaking of which, I really like the information bar on the lower part of the menu giving a brief explanation of the parameter where your mouse is parked at, which is present once again in Thorus and helps a lot to quickly understand each function. Thorus also provides quick access to A/B settings. Other aspect that helps in the ease of use department is that UVI included over 30 presets, covering a decent range of chorus styles ranging from very subtle to heavy-handed, which demonstrate Thorus’ capabilities and helps the user to get familiar with its controls. Last but not least, there’s nicely written 16-page user manual, something which UVI never fails to include.


Thorus brings an interesting feature set and managed to innovate on a concept that’s both old and very simple and that’s a great compliment. More modes would also be welcome, I wouldn’t mind having a lo-fi mode even though it may depart from its premise. At the current stage of plug-in development a second interface size would also be a good thing. I’d also like to be able to add gain and not only attenuate it, other than the above mentioned issues nothing really stands out as missing here. Since UVI has shown an extraordinary commitment to their product line it’s very likely that we see the addition of new features in the nearby future. It’s also worth praising the good optimization and efficient programming from UVI which is once again proven with another solid plugin.

Bang for buck:

Thorus is a rather affordable plugin and most important, it totally delivers on what it promises to and it’s as good as a chorus plugin can ever be. At $79 (US Dollars) it might not instantly convince people to jump into it, but given how UVI has operated in recent times there are good hopes for future discounts so might be worth keeping it on that “deal watch” list that everyone should have in 2016.

Recommended for mixing engineers and producers in general. Guitar and keyboard players and synthesizer enthusiasts might also benefit a lot from it if they’re looking for a modern take on a classic effect.


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