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Dynaudio BM5 MKIII
4.85 4.85 out of 5, based on 3 Reviews

6.5" Class D bi-amplified near-field monitor

23rd February 2016

Dynaudio BM5 MKIII by cats12

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75
Dynaudio BM5 MKIII

I was looking for a monitor that would deliver accurate translation and a pleasant listening experience. That's what the high end monitoring is all about: Top notch reproduction in terms of soundstage and clinical accuracy. So, the BM5 mkIII are just a step below that high end, but not that much in sound quality as for the price. I say this because just right before these monitors hit my desk, I had the chance to demo a pair of Unity Audio´s The Rock which are $3000 USD the pair... I had them for three weeks. To my ears, the main difference between these speakers is rendered in the soundstage properties. They both deliver excellent and stable stereo image, amazing dynamics and very convincing 3D field. But I'd say that The Rocks present all these qualities in a more beautiful and refined way, with a touch of luxury... just that. But that is nothing that really serves to the purpose of mixing, rather than impressing clients and enjoying yourself. I mean, I've been able to get excellent mixes that translate a perfect match with Yamaha's HS8, Genelecs 8030, Adam A7x, and even some high end M-Audio (I know, that just doesn't exist) EX66. All of them presenting different properties in terms of the listening experience, but mainly serving to the mixing purposes. Yamaha's have an excellent frequency response (not flat, that doesn't exist), great stereo image, but sound dull as hell and rather 2D, not too much depth which in the end makes you end up doing some braille mixing in terms of dynamics, something that not too many people relates to the front and rear positioning in a mix, but anyway, they qualify as rather accurate monitors. Genelecs... well they are very good in both frequency response and dynamic fields, maybe a bit restrained in their depth, anyway dense and rich, but my ears just don't like them for long periods of time. Adam's... amazing depth and stereo image, but I find the frequency response to be quiet sluggish, mainly in the mid-lows and lows department. Although the mid highs and highs exhibit a really interesting soundstage. Before I get into the BM5, I had the chance to demo also a pair of Focal cm65... I didn't get done any project with these, but the sound was quiet solid, dense and detailed, similar to the genelecs, but prettier to my ears. Good dynamics... I just felt the twitter to be ringing, though... I'm not a metal tweeter, I prefer soft dome or ribbon, but that's a matter of taste.
Well, now, getting into the BM5, I'd rather say that they packed all the best properties from all the mentioned above in a fairly balanced way. The soundstage is closer to the Adams, but more robust and stable, the frequency response is more likely to the Genelecs, but softer, by softer I mean the direct impact of the sound to the ears is more gentle, here I feel the Gens a bit aggressive. The dynamics are excellent, like the Focals, but with no high frequency ringing. For what I listened before purchase the Dyns, only The Rocks came up with better qualification in all departments, they were just very beautiful to listen to while being super accurate.
Transients in the BM5 are fast and detailed and the low frequency extension is amazing considering the size. The mid range is detailed. As I said above, they`ve got nice freq response and fairly good soundstage for the money they cost: not cheap, but not too expensive (barefoot, amphion, ATC, PMC, Unity Audio, etc...). I've read reviews complaining the low frequency response, I'm sure their listening position is just in the anti-node of a standing wave, these monitors go real low and with very good tightness and detail.
I had the chance to demo this monitors before buying but, as I write this, it's only been one week since I got them working in my desk. They are still braking in (this is a fact, is a mechanical reallity, not esotherical) and every hour I can listen the progress, for example, at the very first reproduction I felt the highs been a tad hyped and the low end dynamics just a bit restrained, but that is just gone. Shall I say that after one week I just finished two projects on them? Both music tracks, one for a tv commercial and another for a 3d animation and I was very much impressed on how good the translation was after reviewing the mixes in other systems, just amazing and this was to me the final and most important test, so I'm very satisfied...

Of course I dislike that all controls are in the back, and a missing gain knob... but well, that is the least... they sound very much pretty and they do the job for tracking, mixing and producing.

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5th March 2017

Dynaudio BM5 MKIII by Deleted 9d332c0

Dynaudio BM5 MKIII

I owned some passive BM5s with a Yamaha PS2075 (I think) Power Amp back in the early 1990's - I remember hanging out in my small rented room in London listening to Blue Lines, Leftism, OK Computer and anything on Radio 1s Pete Tong show. At that time I was working at Matrix, a big London studio, and occasionally bought the BM5s in on sessions. Those were ecstatic times and the BM5s were my pride and joy.
Fast forward 20 years and, hey, I've built myself a studio with HR824ii monitors and I did have JBL lsr 305s. Well, after a couple of years building up my control room, (nice mix of old/new outboard compressors, HW FX, a MIDAS Venice console, usual arsenal of decent plugs, Sound Toys etc) it dawned on me my mixing experience was, well, mediocre. And so it was time to change monitors. I started with the Yamaha HS7 - Wow, nice clear, i mean really clear monitors, excellent indeed...why had I wasted a couple of years with the JBL's !!!!*** Soon after receiving the HS7's I had a set of Dynaudio BM5iii's delivered, and they sounded quite a bit better than the Yamahas. The difference between the Yamahas and the JBLs is chalk and cheese, the difference between a set of Dynaudios and Yamahas is that you can hear the Yamahas faults, ie a tad harsh, bit 2D or at least not so wide sounding (contemporary sounding), but again, if you have the Yamahas, nice one, they are very good for mixing, indeed. Overall the BM5iiis are lovely to listen to and mix on, everything is clear, dynamic and the bass and treble seem to be accurate.
So the HS7s have gone back to the store, the JBLs have sold on ebay and im left with my trusted HR824s (great for vibe, overdubbing & tracking bands etc) and a new set of BM5iiis for the mix, and seriously I couldn't be happier, in fact im ecstatic.

EDIT Just found this: sprechen Deutsch ? Try Google translate

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