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What techniques/methods are you guys using when using the zoom h4n in the field to get good clean recordings? I am trying to...

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JamesClark1991 1st June 2016
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These short clips are from a recent concert of 6 strings + 6 voices. I recorded the concert with a native b-format array...

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boojum 1st June 2016
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I was priveleged to record a wonderful Italian baroque concert tonight, in a stone church with nice acoustics...and not too many...

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studer58 31st May 2016
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Not sure if there's any radio guys here, but looking for some opinions. I'm a consultant working on a small sports arena and...

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emrr 31st May 2016
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Here's a recording I made just over a week ago, in a large timber ceiling old church in the city centre, hence occasional...

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studer58 29th May 2016
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Hi all, I am a newbie on this world and this is my first post here. However I am professional classical flutist, I have...

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Aleph 29th May 2016
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just checking omnis on the MBHO pricelist. MBNM 410CL 279 € omni pattern condensor microphone MBP 648 219 €...

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jpgerard 28th May 2016
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Last week I had the opportunity to record the Delta Symphony Orchestra in Greenville Mississippi, with guest Steinway artist...

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lagoausente 28th May 2016
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i've been hired to record an event at this, this beast of a venue. i don't know if words can describe how large it is -...

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charlienyc 27th May 2016
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For those interested, this video gives a very brief view on some microphones used for the semi-finals and finals of the Queen...

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apotheosis 26th May 2016
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Sleeper mics on the Slutz forum... Am wondering if anybody has anything to say about the Beyerdinamic MC840 multi...

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matyas 26th May 2016
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I've recorded a couple harpsichords before, but will be doing a more critical harpsichord recording fairly soon. In the past...

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studer58 26th May 2016
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so I have another couple of sessions scheduled with an operatic soprano with piano accompaniment at the pianist's living room (it...

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studer58 25th May 2016
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I've tested now some Mic's for a permanent installation in a big church in Detmold, Germany, and finally we had to decide between...

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jpgerard 25th May 2016
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Hello Gents, I'm hoping to post this query in the right forum. I could really use your advice and knowledge in the live...

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lemix 24th May 2016
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Digital stageboxes could be a nice solution for live-recordings - and of course they can be cost-effective (integrating stagebox,...

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wrenc 23rd May 2016
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So I have an oldish Soundtracs FM mixer which works but it has a few channels that don't pass Phantom anymore. It could...

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Jim Williams 23rd May 2016
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I'm looking for suggestions for hardware sequencers with at least 16 polyphonic tracks that you can preferably export your...

Mikael B
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Mikael B 23rd May 2016
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Dear all, I had the opportunity of playing with and recording a great bunch of singers in the fabulous Bach Motets. Altough...

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studer58 23rd May 2016
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I just got this email update from Chesky Records with photos from the recent Alexis Cole and Noah Wall sessions showing a vocal...

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bwanajim 22nd May 2016
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I am starting recording mostly classical chamber music on location, sometimes organ and choir also. My question is if you...

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nazaraei 21st May 2016
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Boxy Victorian dance hall Good band and ace cellist Straight to stereo MKH 30/30 Its not to EMI standard but I quite like the...

Rolo 46
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Larry Elliott 21st May 2016
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detailed look at Decca recording of 'Nessun Dorma' with Luciano P 1972, Kingsway Hall, London : Luciano Pavarotti 'Nessun Dorma'...

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Rolo 46 20th May 2016
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I'd love to have some feedback on this recording I recently made. It was recorded in a very large living room with a very high...

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NathanShirley 19th May 2016
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So how exactly does one go about mic'ing a Bassoon with a single spot mic? More specifics: in an orchestral setting (small...

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rumleymusic 18th May 2016
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I watched on PBS last night the Indianapolis Violin Competition. The sound was pretty bad. The vid folks must have ruled the...

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RPC 17th May 2016
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Recording just one mono instrument signal (Vox or Guitar or Piano...) Any tips on the better way to do it - should I fill just...

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bushwick 16th May 2016
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Hi, I'm about to finish a live classical orchestra recording I've been working on for a while (mainly trying to cover up cracked...

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pschneider 15th May 2016
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Hey, everybody, Just ran my first classical session w/ a new pair of Beyerdynamic MC930's. I've been really impressed with the...

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SG_OC 14th May 2016
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...and I wouldn't even have chosen that particular mic for the recording. But it works... no question. The entire 19 minutes is...

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studer58 14th May 2016
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I recently recorded a wind quartet plus fortepiano, and neglected to add a spot mic to the fortepiano. The miking was simply an...

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apotheosis 14th May 2016
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This is a recent piano recording, Mendelssohn little piece. Piano was Steinway D, that model had a kinda relaxed warm sound. Rec...

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Lurcher_lover 14th May 2016
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I was just answering a question over on StackExchange:Sound Design (a schizophrenic name and forum) and realized that P48 Phantom...

Richard Crowley
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panatrope 13th May 2016
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I have been out of things for a few months (feels like years) because I was moving to a new house. I am now slowly getting back...

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Honkermann 13th May 2016
Avatar for Given To Fly

To the recording engineers, have any of you noticed a correlation between how musicians orient themselves in a space and where...

Given To Fly
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hughshouse 11th May 2016
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So yesterday I recorded Rachmaninov Vigil sung by two choirs (one of which I manage and sing in). The concert was in the Orthodox...

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David E Rose 10th May 2016
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Hey guys, I'm sure this has been done before, but I just did a quick test with an ORTF rig plus an omni mic centered between...

Deleted 2d58179
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surflounge 8th May 2016
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I have heard a number of measurements thrown around, and I was wondering what the old-school guys on the blog say. I usually set...

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hughshouse 8th May 2016
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Hi! Has once again recorded the pipe organ in Lulea Cathedral, with Gefell M221 and Neumann KM130 and all through the Metric...

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Janne_L 7th May 2016
Avatar for studer58

I'm wondering how many here have either used a genuine PZM, or improvised one by placing an SD omni or cardioid (or pair) on a...

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fifthcircle 5th May 2016
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I don't think I've seen this asked... What do ya'll use for crowd mics on a live recording? Make, model, positioning, anything...

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musicmixer04 5th May 2016
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I've been looking and have yet to see anyone talk about using the pressure rings that come with MKH20's. Can anyone relate...

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studer58 5th May 2016
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I do a lot of remote and/or on location recordings, -I tend to record all sessions, even rehearsals, -mostly A/B recordings -a...

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Wayne 5th May 2016
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]Howells - Collegium Regale - YouTube https://i.ytimg.com/vi/THYA_dxqaE0/maxresdefault.jpg To celebrate the release of...

Peter Allison
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itsyourself 4th May 2016
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Hi Just thought I'd share this recording as there are very few recordings around with these mics in this...

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mathieujm 1st May 2016
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This is a recent piano recording, Mendelssohn little piece. Piano was Steinway D, that model had a kinda relaxed warm sound. Rec...

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Constantin 30th April 2016
Avatar for recall

Have you ever done anything like this: Find a beautiful large round church and be asked to record a live invite only gig? ...

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Avatar for David E Rose
David E Rose 28th April 2016
Avatar for brhoward

I recently picked up an AEA R88, and so trying it out on different sources and applications has been pretty exciting. I had...

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NathanShirley 28th April 2016
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Hi all, I have little experience with M/S other than effects and BGs recorded long ago, and that work required Sennheiser and...

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TC2 28th April 2016
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Maybe it's just my old ears, but this sounds distorted. Pair AKG460b cards 10 feet behind conductor, 10 feet up Apogee MiniMe...

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Notsosane 27th April 2016