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Maybe it's just my old ears, but this sounds distorted. Pair AKG460b cards 10 feet behind conductor, 10 feet up Apogee MiniMe...

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Notsosane 27th April 2016
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Greetings! I´m going to be in charge of recording a HUGE Baroque festival. Just got the news that my studio got picked :D So...

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Vagodeoz 27th April 2016
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Zaxcom Deva24 Recorder new at NAB...has detachable head unit, which looks handy, if the cable and connector integrity is retained...

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Earcatcher 27th April 2016
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Seen in a photo of President John F. Kennedy at Cape Canaveral in...

Richard Crowley
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Richard Crowley 27th April 2016
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I'm thinking about a nice setup for live-recordings. Some questions came to my mind and I would like to get some advice from the...

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Christof 26th April 2016
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A few days ago I recorded a high school chamber concert and decided to use my 4061s in a roughly "Onno" configuration...

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studer58 25th April 2016
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Hi I am involved in recording a live Jazz band in a small club. It has five members:- 1. Piano player 2. Double...

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Peller 22nd April 2016
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I have an open air outdoor concert with a large wind band coming up that I would like to record. I want to keep it as low profile...

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unklejman 21st April 2016
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I hadn't thought about this for a couple of years, until my friend Roman Fedoriv (Orpheus Ensemble, L'viv, Ukraine) found and...

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jimjazzdad 21st April 2016
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here are two clips from a recent session I did for flute and piano. one is a normal ORTF pair about 7 feet out, and the other...

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RPC 20th April 2016
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Background: I recorded an acoustic show in a small venue back in 2003. It's only a 4 track recording - vocals, guitar mic,...

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jwh1192 19th April 2016
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DCtoDaylight 19th April 2016
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I know there's a company making something very similar to this, a shortened end on the XLR which is especially helpful at the mic...

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voltronic 17th April 2016
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Hi all - sorry if this has been posted before - I am subcontracting a project for a well known company and it involves an...

session bass
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session bass 16th April 2016
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Hello, what's the right adapter to go from a 1004BAC (I think 3/8 in?) to 5/8 in? Will any generic bushing adapter from B&H...

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LarryS 15th April 2016
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Hi guys, I usually record myself performing classical piano recitals with Schoeps mics, Millennia pres and Metric Halo...

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celticrogues 15th April 2016
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Hello all, I'm in the fortunate position of having ~$2000 (could stretch to $4000 maybe) that I can use to buy new mics and...

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LarryS 14th April 2016
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I would love to hear some opinions on how the MKH 80 or MKH 8020 preform in omni.

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Rolo 46 14th April 2016
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Hi all, Philadelphia AES and Drexel University's Musical Industry Program are hosting to big names in the remote recording...

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Folkie 12th April 2016
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Hello, I've to do a recoding for a friend of mine which has a "strange" quartet: trumpet, trombone, tuba and...

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Audixmicguy 12th April 2016
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Hi anyone, Below is the link to the sibelius symphony no. 5 performance I had the pleasure of recording on location February...

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emenelton 11th April 2016
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I just finished the mix of a choir recording, (this is my second attempt) and would be happy to hear your comments.

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apotheosis 10th April 2016
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Fellow Nagrists, please help! We are at Egrem in Cuba recording a great new vocal act. We have two Nagra VI with us that we...

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bwanajim 8th April 2016
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New Friends, my first post here! These days I have realized that being an acoustic instrument musician is not enough to be able...

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Ubik2020 8th April 2016
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I am searching for the high quality miniature condenser for close pick up of percussion and wind instruments - especially - udu...

The Listener
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levyclan 7th April 2016
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Mexican folk-song turned into World Music. Veracruz, Mexico; San Luis Potosi, Mexico; Santiago de Cuba, Cuba; East Los...

Richard Crowley
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TMetzinger 6th April 2016
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I'm looking a headset -- stereo headphones + boom mic. I need this for three different functions: 1) Headphone monitoring for...

Bruce Watson
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soundophiliac 5th April 2016
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Dear all, I am enjoying a demo pair of Josephson c617set (with Gefell mk221 capsules) this week, and have used them on a live...

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apotheosis 5th April 2016
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This sounds a bit silly to begin with...a remote controlled mic stand with 180mm of travel (from 1300 to 1480mm) Description...

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2manyrocks 31st March 2016
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Hi everyone! I have a job coming up in an orchestral rehearsal room. It's a big box with some shallow diffusion panels on the...

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Bixby 29th March 2016
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Has anybody ever tried? What would happen. I know sound cannot travel in a vacuum, but vibrations do. So in theory recording...

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TMetzinger 28th March 2016
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As much as I've gone on about Sear Sound in NYC, I'm having the greatest time recording and mixing at East West in LA. I love...

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ajfarber 28th March 2016
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Hi there, I'm looking for a headphone amp/dac to plug into my Macbook Pro for monitoring with my Senn HD650s. I've heard good...

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edwinhurwitz 27th March 2016
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Just spotted these on YouTube from the recording of the score for "The Hateful Eight". Some intruiging looks into...

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king2070lplaya 26th March 2016
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Lately I'm seeing more lavalier mics for mobile phones which are using the "TRRS" jack. I want to know if there is...

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heraldo_jones 25th March 2016
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I'm recording the audio for the performance of an electro-acoustic piece in a large rectangular art gallery type space with very...

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Thomas W. Bethe 25th March 2016
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hello, a mathematical question if i may: WHEN the speed of sound is 335 meters/second (at 175 meters elevation and circa 12...

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gramps 24th March 2016
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Thought some of y'all might dig this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpVAYzRSV9s Wish they'd have spent more time on the...

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voltronic 23rd March 2016
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Last night was my band's semi-annual concert, at which I do the sound recording. I always use a four microphone setup on top of a...

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GLouie 21st March 2016
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I recorded a baroque ensemble concert and the recording turned out otherwise good but I'm getting a few cracks in the audio. This...

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2manyrocks 21st March 2016
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I'm wondering if a variation of the standard recording studio 'drop-in overdub' method could be used with an amenable group of...

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mathieujm 20th March 2016
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hey team...long time, no post. i'm mixing sound and recording podcasts again this year for SxSW's Comedy festival at a...

marty lester
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jwh1192 19th March 2016
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Hi! I am actually planning on buying equipment for Sound Design, Field recording and Production sound. I already optimized my...

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Rolo 46 17th March 2016
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Question on recording from the audience low production high school musicals. What mic or mics should I get. My current...

Paul Anderson
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RPC 14th March 2016
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Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum and first of all I would like to thank you for everything I've been learning by reading the...

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nazaraei 13th March 2016
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I would like to share some of my experience with the RME Babyface as a portable recording device. I use it with an ipad mini...

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Matophone 13th March 2016
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Hi Just came across the Oomagamma Brahma kit on another forum, and thought it looked interesting. Has anyone here used one...

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Kewl 13th March 2016
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Hi I've been looking around for the right kind of recorder. Preferable multi track, overdub capability, can be used with or...

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Rixsta 12th March 2016
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The Google Doodle today (at least here in the US) is about the 105th birthday of Clara Rockmore. Clara Rockmore was the first...

Richard Crowley
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heva 11th March 2016
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Any one here use OCT 2, FUKADA TREE, HAMASAKI SQUARE, or DPA's WCSA. I have been using a decca tree setup to record a small...

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THE_NIK 10th March 2016