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In my Chrome browser, I have stated getting notification "balloons on my Gearslutz bookmark. I hate those things and can't...

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David Spearritt 4th March 2016
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Haven't done one of these posts in a while... curious as to different people's approach. Have a choir recording session next...

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hbphotoav 4th March 2016
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Here goes another one of my wild ideas. Please feel free to politely shoot this one down :facepalm: Today I was exploring some...

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studer58 4th March 2016
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Today I mixed a live radio talk show in a public lobby of a music hall. Mostly just talk, with some music from cds and one live...

Antti P
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Bruce Watson 4th March 2016
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I got into classical music by listening this record over and...

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hbphotoav 4th March 2016
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Hi folks. At the synagogue I work at, we're having these crazy problems with our Countryman E2, which is connected to a...

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jwh1192 2nd March 2016
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Hello all, I really wasn't sure where to put this thread so forgive me for my placement. Anyways, I am looking at two early 20th...

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hbphotoav 1st March 2016
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Has anyone in the US had experience ordering directly from Thomann.de? Any idea how to calculate what the import duties will be?

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TKFP 1st March 2016
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For no reason at all really ... Just come back from seeing Star Wars VII at the local IMAX (3D, not Dolby Atmos AFAICT). A...

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boojum 29th February 2016
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Hi, I want to record samples out and about, and currently have a zoom H2. The problem is the slow boot time, and by the time...

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DCtoDaylight 29th February 2016
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Hi there, I'd like to invite especially all recordists with multimic/multichannel setups to this...

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Hannes_F 26th February 2016
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I'm looking for a simple USB or Thunderbolt interface. I have two devices - a Benchmark DAC-1 for monitoring and a Bricasti M7...

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mpdonahue 25th February 2016
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I'm looking for a little advice since I've been asked to help out a friend with a live recording which is stepping out of my...

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Petrus 25th February 2016
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My band is trying to put together a decent demo and practice recordings. I have been able to *get by* with my 10 year old M-Audio...

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GZsound 25th February 2016
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Is anyone here routinely recording in surround...either due to demand from clients or for possible future use of the material ?...

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just.sounds 24th February 2016
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So who has recorded the Mahler 2nd Symphony "Ressurection"? Have this one coming up in a few weeks on the 12th of...

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fifthcircle 24th February 2016
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The Li-ion batteries for my Nagra V no longer hold a charge and I'd like to be able to replace them. I've asked John Willett and...

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bwanajim 24th February 2016
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My dear friends and brothers in arms, here I am to tell you that I still think that an upright bass is a pain in the...

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NS3474 23rd February 2016
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Hi! I've been making records for a label that releases acoustic folk music (mostly small groups with fiddles, double bass and...

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KMJohnson 22nd February 2016
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I just found out about a rental house that is planning to sell a couple of their Schoeps MK41 mics. As it says in the title, they...

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jwh1192 21st February 2016
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Today my daughter sang in the Virginia 12th District Choral festival at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington. I was pleased...

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TMetzinger 21st February 2016
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I have what has proven to be a fantastic mic for recording acoustic guitar - the Gefell M300. It is over 20 years old and it...

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Melgueil 21st February 2016
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Hi - am a fan of Jonathan Plowright who is currently recording all Brahms piano music on BIS label. The piano sound is just...

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a.e.neumann 20th February 2016
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I'm heading to Cuba again for several weeks of recording sessions, this time with a small team. We are going to run into a lot of...

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dgpretzel 19th February 2016
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Hi all. Have plenty of experience with 150's and love them, but am doing more and more traveling and recording in remote...

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just.sounds 18th February 2016
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Suppose you need to record a piano and violin in a decent space with no audience for a commercial CD. You can set them up any...

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apotheosis 17th February 2016
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I am interested in working with a producer-engineer that can record songs by remote. I have a DAW and can record my acoustic...

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bradynwestbrook 17th February 2016
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Today I came across the Rycote 037338, a model I've never seen before. It doesn't appear anywhere that I can find on Rycote's...

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voltronic 16th February 2016
Avatar for Given To Fly

I received an email informing me of the deadline for the 2016 JoAnn Falletta International Guitar Concerto Competition....

Given To Fly
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Avatar for NetworkAudio
NetworkAudio 14th February 2016
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3 telescopic narcisso sticks, each can extend out to 1 metre, and a few thread adapters...I knew there had to be a use for those...

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studer58 13th February 2016
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How do you close-mic a bass clarinet? There was one at a session last night. I had zero time to experiment, and limited gear...

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mixkitchen 11th February 2016
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I'll cut right to the chase: do semi-pro portable recorders with balanced mic inputs tend to have transformer-balanced inputs,...

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Jim Williams 11th February 2016
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I love jazz music. Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah "Sassy" Vaughn, Miles Davis, John Coltrane...

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Swing 9th February 2016
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Hi all, My daughter came to me asking for headphones for her birthday. Currently she is using typical cheap earphones. She...

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Earcatcher 9th February 2016
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Guys I have to go to Philly for a month on Tuesday. How should I get my computer (G4 with HD cards), separate firewire drives,...

no ssl yet
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bwanajim 8th February 2016
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Hi everybody, this is my first post here. I did do a search for topics similar to mine, but I didn't quite come across anything...

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Gateway92 8th February 2016
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Hey again everyone. I'm moving into recording acoustic music remotely. I need enough functionality to handle large orchestras and...

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KennyS 8th February 2016
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I've been playing music since I was five years old and am on a full music scholarship. I've been playing drums for about seven...

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Bruce Watson 7th February 2016
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Hey, Just wondering if anyone knows of any cheaper options for audio bags. I accept you get what you pay for but in my current...

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Rolo 46 7th February 2016
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Hello. I beleive that paper speaker cones can filter ugly piercing feeling in the ears from bad masters that are clipped with...

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zvukofor 6th February 2016
Avatar for llamaj

I have a prism orpheus and would like to use its converters without a laptop for quick set up. I just need four channels. Any...

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noisyboy9 5th February 2016
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I stumbled across some youtube clarinet clips, which I liked. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAcPocRJBes Can someone...

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Adorno 5th February 2016
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Hey everyone. Every once in a while while going to a show Ill bring along my Tascam im2 mic for my iphone and record the show. Im...

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joelpatterson 4th February 2016
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ust wanted to pass on some research I did on recording audio and video "wild" with no sync and then resyncing in a tool...

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mpdonahue 3rd February 2016
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Hi all. Longtime lurker, new poster. I've been doing location recordings for a couple of years and am doing pretty well at...

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Avatar for Given To Fly
Given To Fly 3rd February 2016
Avatar for Broken_English

I apologize in advance, if this is off-topic... Can any of you recommend Location/remote recordist in the DC area... I am...

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Avatar for Richard Crowley
Richard Crowley 3rd February 2016
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Hey Slutz, over the past ten years I have gained a ton of knowledge, tips and tricks from this website. I own a medium format...

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0verman 2nd February 2016
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As you may or may not remember, last October I recorded a concert of my band using various microphones including a dual shotgun...

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GJ999x 2nd February 2016
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Happy New Year, everyone! I'm hoping someone can help me solve this problem that I've been working around with my Hapi for the...

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NetworkAudio 1st February 2016
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I am a hobbyist content producer that, when I don't write music, produce some YouTube videos and streams on Twitch. I have...

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Avatar for bwanajim
bwanajim 1st February 2016