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Hi! Anybody has tried the Nevaton MC59 microphones? I was surprised by the ridiculously low self noise and the reasonable price.

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Multichannel 27th February 2021
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I am looking for a (very) affordably priced microphone to be used in a main AB microphone setup for a big orchestra + choir in a...

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kludgeaudio 26th February 2021
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I am about to receive my new Sony PCM D100 but I’m starting to think I should have got the MixPre 3 II and some quality...

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bradh 25th February 2021
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When you are recording a piano duo for something like a college audition with video, do you use spot mics on the piano or...

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deedeeyeah 25th February 2021
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I'd be interested in your thoughts on Straus Paket trial I made today at a baroque concert, with violin and cello. For those...

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studer58 24th February 2021
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Hello Remote folks, Here’s my situation: I’m looking to add a versatile pair to my mic kit. Though I like vibey gear and...

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Guile 23rd February 2021
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Hey hey, I'm going to be producing a YouTube channel with a friend and we will be recording video at a luthier shop discussing...

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studer58 23rd February 2021
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File this under the category of maybe it's just me, but... The other day I was recording a jazz combo with a well-regarded...

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PB+J 23rd February 2021
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Looking at the MKH 8050 over the MKH 50 and a major benefit of the 8000 series seems to be modularity (other than being...

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dseetoo 22nd February 2021
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Dear friends, a recent covid-recording, with video post-synced to the pre-recorded...

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emenelton 21st February 2021
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I've learned a lot from Gearslutz over the years, and I finally wanted to contribute my humble experience. I decided to take a...

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David Rick 20th February 2021
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A very good friend is the organist at a church near here. They are doing remote church services and want to suspend a pair of...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 19th February 2021
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Rupert Neve has passed away at...

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Tommy-boy 18th February 2021
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Hi! Here is a link to the final result. Hope you enjoy it! All the best, Knut

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knuttta 15th February 2021
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Hi! I am involved in a Brahms project both as a pianist and a recording engineer these days. Here is the first of Brahms´two...

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knuttta 12th February 2021
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Why not M149 for a main? Another 'how would you do it?' thread Because i like to read those threads a lot, here is my ‘How...

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deedeeyeah 12th February 2021
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This is awesome stuff: Fine Recording Inc: Pioneers in High-Fidelity Studio Recording: UPDATED – 4 | Preservation...

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emrr 11th February 2021
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Hi! I sound clip from a project this weekend with Brahms´ wonderful sonata for viola (or clarinet) and piano op 120 no 2. 3rd...

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knuttta 11th February 2021
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e.g. at 9:55 I wonder if the non-standard (some might even say elegant) optics of the sphere mic...

Deleted 141eef3
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jnorman 11th February 2021
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Hello fellow remoters. In a few days I'll be recording a gig that's kind of new for me. It will be a pipe organ and several...

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Jim Williams 10th February 2021
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From the December 2012 issue of Stereophile Magazine: "The series of Half Note albums engineered by Steve Remote at the...

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Remoteness 10th February 2021
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My wife has a flute studio, and has had to do her teaching online for the past several months. She is asking about getting a usb...

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jnorman 10th February 2021
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Hi, I've been tasked with recording a solo piano series for the fall which will be recorded on a 7 foot Yamaha in a fairly...

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Rolleum 9th February 2021
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I'm trying to learn more about film and TV sound work, i.e. the on set/location recording, gear, set ups, etiquette, and...

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Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 9th February 2021
Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe

I don't know if it was my cable provider or something wrong at the transmission end but the vocals for the halftime show were...

Thomas W. Bethe
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hbphotoav 9th February 2021
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Anybody out there recall all of the live broadcasts from WPIX-FM (mid-1978 to early 1980)? They started a series of...

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schwenko 9th February 2021
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Here are a couple of pictures I took during the $30k mic test. One shows bwanajim and boojum.

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Jim Williams 8th February 2021
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Hi guys long time lurker. I would have posted this in the church worship forum, but at its core it is a general sound issue...

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grouse789 7th February 2021
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I'd be interested to read if anyone here is using this sort of tool for live recording mixes/mastering ? Given that we...

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Rolo 46 7th February 2021
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Here's my timeline... 1975 -- Hobby 1976 -- Hobby turns into serious interest. 1977 -- Serious interest turns into starting...

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DanMartini 6th February 2021
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Hi all, I'm new here and hoping to get some advice. I've been lurking for a while and it definitely seems there are a lot of very...

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MikeInOttawa 6th February 2021
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Hi guys, I've been given an opportunity to shoot the video of a solo cello performance in a concert hall. I would like to...

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mljung 5th February 2021
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Have your mics been getting up close and personal with viral laden string instruments, or worse: lips/tongues/vocal cords....been...

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studer58 5th February 2021
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Fun but expensive remote session recording plan: two Josephson C700S microphones, with each mic’s channels summed to mono into...

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dseetoo 4th February 2021
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At Last! begone droopy single gooseneck 57, so representative of the former prezzie. Good riddance! Welcome back the dual...

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joeq 3rd February 2021
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Hi jkthtyrt I was just about to pull the trigger and buy the Rode NTG5 after a long long research on the great www. It seemed to...

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Rentzen 3rd February 2021
Avatar for StefanAustria

Hey guys! I have scored some second hand gear that i want use for some singer-songwriter style recording ala GemsOnVHS but it's...

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hbphotoav 2nd February 2021
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I've been listening to "De Mi Corazon al Aire" and I have to say the guitar is absolutely astounding in terms of...

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Avatar for Alain Labrie
Alain Labrie 2nd February 2021
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why km 140 is double expensive than km 184? where are the big differences in performance?

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caleymw 2nd February 2021
Avatar for dxwolf

Hello, I'm brand new to this forum. I am looking for a few answers with regards to how to record gongs. I know it's among the...

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GongLove 1st February 2021
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Hi just wondering if anyone else besides me is into the ECM label, and particularly engineers Jan Erik Kongshaug, and Martin...

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fifthcircle 1st February 2021
Avatar for skripka

Hello, I am orchestra conductor and I'd like to record my concerts and rehearsals. Not excellent like studio recording but for...

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kludgeaudio 1st February 2021
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I don't think I've read a better capsule summary of the do's and don'ts of remote recording than this summary :...

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deedeeyeah 1st February 2021
Avatar for over-man

I just moved to LA and I'm helping a friend record a jazz sextet this Wednesday at an art gallery. I'm curious how some of you...

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over-man 31st January 2021
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Do you have some good experience with some recording techniques, mics placement etc. resulting in full, sweet, resonating sound...

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Avatar for David Spearritt
David Spearritt 31st January 2021
Avatar for Radiussound

Hi, I am running 2 MacBook Pro's. One model is older with OSX Lion and the newer model is up to date oftware. I work mainly...

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studer58 29th January 2021
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I have a job coming up where I was originally going to use wireless mic packs. It's a corporate client and they have some strict...

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smslavin 29th January 2021
Avatar for shosty

Has anyone heard any news that the MKH 8020 is being discontinued? Or maybe I'm totally out of the loop. I ordered a pair...

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Avatar for patrikfoley
patrikfoley 28th January 2021
Avatar for gminorcoles

Not sure this is the right place. My wife is trying to record a reading from some work she published, and it runs to about an...

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Thomas W. Bethe 28th January 2021
Avatar for James Lehmann

Let's get a thread going with some Zoom H5 clips from the field! kfhkh To kick things off here's an excerpt from a field...

James Lehmann
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Avatar for James Lehmann
James Lehmann 26th January 2021