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Just wondering if anyone here has experience with the new US assembled Vanguard Audio Labs V44S stereo mic ? YouTube V44S...

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andersmv 15th November 2021
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Here's a small examples of recording which I did in my church the other day with my Neumann Km-183 and Rode M5. I'm using Zoom...

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Falcon1 15th November 2021
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I've been reading this thread and it got me thinking about the reasons to use a pressure sphere on an omni. Anyone answer some...

Bruce Watson
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M50k 14th November 2021
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I will record some solo violin (period instrument with gut strings) next month and am wondering about the best mic setup. The...

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JGebauer 11th November 2021
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I've been playing around of late with a variation on double mid-side recording, but with the two mid mics both facing forward....

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dseetoo 11th November 2021
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Hi guys, What would you use as ambience/crowd mics and where would you put them for the recording of a large arena concert...

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adam miller 11th November 2021
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I'd like to try MS recording. I have some 8040s. I also have some ribbon figure 8s, but no SDC figure 8. What is the current...

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studer58 9th November 2021
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When I purchased my sE Voodoo VR2 ribbon mics they came in an elegant silk/satin bag with a drawstring...see pics below I...

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Thomas W. Bethe 9th November 2021
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Hey, all. I've recorded lots of concertos and lots of clarinet in studio, but never a clarinet concerto. This soloist will...

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Doubledark 8th November 2021
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Hi! Nest week I will be recording a male choir of about 30 singers in a wonderful sounding space (see attached photo). I have...

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M50k 8th November 2021
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Transparent sound and preamps are nice , but sometimes a kind of "thick" sweetness can be welcome too (like for some...

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JMoss1 7th November 2021
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See the press release here: https://www.sounddevices.com/sound-devices-joins-audiotonix-group/

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Remoteness 7th November 2021
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For those who'd like an insight into Steve the man: his history, his recording approach and philosophy and a peek into his truck...

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Remoteness 7th November 2021
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Hello, I am soon to record a lyric singer and orchestra. My first idea was to place a spot microphone for the soloist, but in...

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studer58 5th November 2021
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dear GS, from "The stereophonic zoom" of Michael Williams...

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emrr 5th November 2021
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12 saxes in a semicircle (see pic) makes it a.... dodecatet ? You bought it...you name it :lol: ! Pair of 9" (22cm)...

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studer58 5th November 2021
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I was recording a jazz band the other day and the trumpet player wanted to use his harmon mute and wanted to record it with it...

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beeboss 5th November 2021
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Hey Im looking for a case to carry my SCD's i'm using universal cases that fit 58's etc horizontally. i don't like to put more...

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tourtelot 4th November 2021
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Hey all, I'll be recording (and amplifying) solo piano tomorrow. The Piano is quite decent, the club is smallish with a heavy...

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PeerSoe 3rd November 2021
Avatar for Adzic

Hi, I've been wondering about something lately, and hopefully an audio professional could shed some light for me. What would...

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GreenNeedle 2nd November 2021
Avatar for BerkeleyBernie

Guitar/vocals here. Just got an iPhone 13 Pro which has an excellent camera. I'd like to do live streaming with some basic audio...

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DirkP 1st November 2021
Avatar for studer58

I'm aware that I could well be using this consumer-grade pair of wireless mics plus receiver outside of its intended application...

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Rolo 46 31st October 2021
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The Cavaillé-Coll organ in St.Ouen, Rouen (F) Use headphones please.

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heva 31st October 2021
Avatar for ajfarber

Hi Gang, I have finally made another big band CD. Like the last one, from 2010, I had all of the musicians in the same room...

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M50k 28th October 2021
Avatar for DCtoDaylight

Here are a few samples from my latest concert capture of a chamber orchestra with a Boojum/JNorman array. I thought they might be...

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Avatar for studer58
studer58 27th October 2021
Avatar for RayS

A link to the very recent Chopin piano competition won by this gentleman: BRUCE (XIAOYU) LIU ...... Congrats to all the...

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Avatar for RayS
RayS 27th October 2021
Avatar for Geoff Poulton

I'm wondering if there are many, or any, whose main source of work is largely through recording your own productions. I do...

Geoff Poulton
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Orgeltonmeister 25th October 2021
Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe

The title says it all. I though it was because of COVID-19 but I guess no one is having their recitals or concerts recorded...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Avatar for jnorman
jnorman 25th October 2021
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I'm curious about the differences in sound quality/color between the Schoeps MK2 and the MK21. Any advice would be much...

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deedeeyeah 25th October 2021
Avatar for tuba_noise

Looks like they are producing omni caps for the sE 8 mics after...

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mljung 25th October 2021
Avatar for jnorman

Do you guys use a limiter or volume envelopes to control peaks during post processing? I have always used volume envelopes, but...

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Avatar for Sharp11
Sharp11 24th October 2021
Avatar for crimsonnoise

Just recorded a string quartet with 4 Schoeps Mk4 spot mics, and a spaced pair of Neumann U 87 ai in omni. The omni pair...

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Avatar for Geoff Poulton
Geoff Poulton 24th October 2021
Avatar for dhenriks

Hi y'all, I have a pair of Line Audio CM4 on the way and I'm planning on recording a chorus and chamber orchestra in a nice...

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voltronic 23rd October 2021
Avatar for Falcon1

I'm exploring possibility to record a new organ near me and I obviously need to explore the space with my microphones. Because I...

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Avatar for studer58
studer58 23rd October 2021
Avatar for mantovibe

Thinking of getting a pair of those, mainly because i need the omni option. Otherwise I would have gone for the Josephsons...

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mantovibe 23rd October 2021
Avatar for SDunscombe

Hi All, I make a lot of recordings on location, mostly music ranging from classical / baroque / early music, up to modern...

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studer58 20th October 2021
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Many contributors here will be familiar with Richard King's book "Recording Orchestra and other Classical Music...

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Avatar for Romeo Lee
Romeo Lee 20th October 2021
Avatar for Juanibuqt

Hi folks! Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Im refloating a recording project, after this pandemic year. The idea is to make...

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sounddguy 18th October 2021
Avatar for alexevans917

Hello Remote folks, Here’s my situation: I’m looking to add a versatile pair to my mic kit. Though I like vibey gear and...

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Avatar for SDunscombe
SDunscombe 17th October 2021
Avatar for HangArt

Hello, I will be recording a chamber orchestra in 5.1. I would like to use a decca tree. It’s not classical music, it’s...

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Avatar for DaveyJones
DaveyJones 16th October 2021
Avatar for studer58

I'd be interested in your thoughts on Straus Paket trial I made today at a baroque concert, with violin and cello. For those...

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Avatar for Lucas_G
Lucas_G 16th October 2021
Avatar for mrbowes

I recently acquired a Milab VIP-50 and have only had few brief moments to test it out. So far I've only used it on acoustic...

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Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 15th October 2021
Avatar for Rolo 46

2 x MKH 30 on a tall C stand behind conductor 1 x MKH 40 next to conductor for soloists On a hot July evening with thunder in...

Rolo 46
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9sbean 14th October 2021
Avatar for hipporu

XII festival of ringing "Danilovskie bells". Live as it is, cloudy, rain, wind 12-15 m / s, no rehearsal, no sound...

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Avatar for hipporu
hipporu 13th October 2021
Avatar for YoRumsfield

I'm wondering if anyone has experience doing classical location recording with an AoIP system other than Merging Tech that they...

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Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 13th October 2021
Avatar for JGebauer

I am considering investing into another Schoeps pair to complement my CMC6Mk4 pair, but I am a little confused as to which I...

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ISedlacek 11th October 2021
Avatar for Remoteness

I just got the test lacquers for my 'Bill Burr: 50, Live from Madison Square Garden' double vinyl comedy record that I'm...

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Remoteness 10th October 2021
Avatar for jnorman

I’m doing a 2 hour session with a 33-piece ensemble and vocalist - 3 takes each of something like 20 separate short songs. ...

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Avatar for philper
philper 8th October 2021
Avatar for PhilB

I’m recording in a hotel room. Building a quick rig to get some work done. Best efforts because of sudden travel. Mostly...

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studer58 7th October 2021
Avatar for Markam

Hi folks, Currently flummoxed by the Active vs Passive DI Box choice for the following requirement… Whilst recording...

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Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 5th October 2021