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Hello, I would like to record soundscapes, mostly nature based ambience from the forest and a bunch of singing birds. I...

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Adebar 3 weeks ago
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The Aura-Sonic crew and I had the pleasure to capture the 2008 Newport Jazz Festival. Our live music mix from the festival was...

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Remoteness 3 weeks ago
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Hello, I'm also open to your suggestions for other products but... My friend is a vocalist but not very technical minded and Im...

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studer58 3 weeks ago
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Besides not recognizing the microphones, some interesting things spotted. First, the guitar mic is on the instrument, not the...

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Jeroko 3 weeks ago
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Hello everyone, this morning I found this new page on thomann's website : https://www.thomann.de/fr/superlux_s502mkii.htm Has...

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pieca 3 weeks ago
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There might be more to the story of the mic and the (flawed) tube....and there's more than a tinge of sadness and fatefulness...

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kludgeaudio 3 weeks ago
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I’ve been asked to record a solo cello performance, both video and audio, under some challenging circumstances. The room is...

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Mediakobo 4 weeks ago
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I was wondering if anyone has experience with these acoustic balls. I see that DPA has three sizes 1) Does anyone know if...

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Matt Nolan 4 weeks ago
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Was wondering if any of the board members who own a zoom f4/f8 could post an example of the .csv sound report file generated by...

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AmandaWalace 4 weeks ago
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Here's an interesting use of spaced pairs....initially I thought the SD mics above on remote cables might be acting as the mid...

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king2070lplaya 4 weeks ago
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A few years ago, there was a product called "Sony Soundforge", A late friend swore by it, and edited 100'sof tapes...

Peter Allison
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Thomas W. Bethe 4 weeks ago
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I see that Rode have responded to user requests with firmware which allows the new dual channel Wireless Go II to record directly...

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JCBigler 4 weeks ago
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DIY concert recording...circa 1973

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studer58 4 weeks ago
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Well, we just got word today that our tour is cancelled until March 2021 at the earliest. We were supposed to go back in...

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studer58 4 weeks ago
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Anyone done this? I have done a lot of singing in there over the years and recently I realized the ambience is pretty tight. The...

Sounds Great
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Fuzzy Logic 4 weeks ago
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So I finally bit the bullet and got an MKH30. Want to step off AB for a minute and try it out mid-side mains for the 1st time on...

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Rolo 46 4 weeks ago
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Schoeps post a wood box picture of the latest product in facebook. Guess what is inside?...

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studer58 13th May 2021
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I have an old Zoom H4 and it just isn't cutting it for me anymore. Its settings tend to reset and the UI is a pain to navigate. I...

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gradivus 11th May 2021
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Neumann...so it must be good, right ? Indeed....what took them so long ? It's not as if there isn't a stiff field of...

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Fuzzy Logic 10th May 2021
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From our very own Kevin Bourassa. king2070playa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NTdPMRhKXI Very nice recording and playing. I...

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Fuzzy Logic 10th May 2021
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Hello, folks! I was rooting around for videos of one of my all-time favorites, Anthony Braxton, and found this awesome live...

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jimjazzdad 10th May 2021
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These were announced with much fanfare last year. And they looked like an exciting new venture by Rode. Retailers have had them...

John Pk
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dfghdhr 10th May 2021
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I've been watching this video of Anna Netrebko and Elīna Garanča with a choir and orchestra by Deutsche...

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jimjazzdad 9th May 2021
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They will still be doing their live performances but without an audience present. They will be filmed and available for...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 7th May 2021
Avatar for MattG1987

Hi, I've recently been curious about RCA ribbon mics and was wondering if anyone has any experience using them for classical...

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0VU 5th May 2021
Avatar for puresounds

Hello everyone, next month I will be recording an evening in a church with a local celebrity talking about historical facts...

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puresounds 4th May 2021
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Looks like they are producing omni caps for the sE 8 mics after...

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singaiya 3rd May 2021
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Got a call from a conductor to record a youth ensemble next week. It's been over a year since I've deployed a microphone in a...

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Tommy-boy 2nd May 2021
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As someone with little recording experience, I have been mulling over recording approaches for a Jazz-formation to be recorded...

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ajfarber 2nd May 2021
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Starting last fall I have been lucky enough to provide the audio capture for a classical livestream series in a local church....

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Folkie 2nd May 2021
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Hi all, I purchased a pair of these for my KM183...

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MandoBastardo 1st May 2021
Avatar for RayS

For an upcoming Ballet filming ..the production company is bringing in a VR 360 degrees team...... the audio tracks that will be...

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RayS 1st May 2021
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We're in production this week for Tulsa Opera's Greenwood Overcomes concert which takes place this Saturday and Sunday. This is...

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Folkie 30th April 2021
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Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I am in need of some advice from all the amazing wealth of experience on this forum....

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Bruce Watson 30th April 2021
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Is anyone here working in immersive audio, whether for classical or other types of location recording/performance yet? There...

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JCBigler 30th April 2021
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I’m thinking of updating my mobile recording setup to the Sonosax R4+/AD8+. After more than a decade of using a Prism ADA8 via...

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Angus 29th April 2021
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There are several threads here in remote possibilities that we tell about our monitors etc. when we are at the gig, but what is...

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deedeeyeah 29th April 2021
Avatar for MattSoul

Hi there! A friend and I want to work on a project for music remote workers (most likely a software, app or website). We would...

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MattSoul 29th April 2021
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Due to almost everything being video these days, it is sometimes tricky to get the best mic placement without having mics...

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deedeeyeah 29th April 2021
Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe

I have not done a live audio or video recording for the past 12 months. My equipment is in storage and has not been used during...

Thomas W. Bethe
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deedeeyeah 28th April 2021
Avatar for Dan Reso

Hi everyone! Direct-powered microphones (such as DPA4003, 4041S, and similar) are known for its top-notch sound performance,...

Dan Reso
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DAH 28th April 2021
Avatar for Deleted 141eef3

Hi all, I don't believe I'm duplicating a thread anywhere discussing this already, apologies if so. I was just browsing...

Deleted 141eef3
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Orgeltonmeister 28th April 2021
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Dear friends, I would want to acquire two KM143 (wide card) and more KM140. I have found many KM140 for sale, bought in 1991....

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[email protected] 28th April 2021
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The July/August issue of "Resolution" magazine profiles my career and work at The Ravinia Festival. Check the goods...

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Avatar for emenelton
emenelton 27th April 2021
Avatar for Pchicago

Hi..i have a need for a battery pack with USB ports in order to power a Zoom H2N for a couple of things.. one is a long...

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loujudson 27th April 2021
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Well, they may have renamed us space cases, but I will always be a gear slut. I love beautifully crafted professional gear of...

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hbphotoav 27th April 2021
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I learned about the SX-M2D2 here (@Plush). While it looks like a cool unit and the price seems right, I was wondering if it would...

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Avatar for massimo
massimo 25th April 2021
Avatar for hero4u

Hello, i want to be able to record a live cd and/or a live video. I want to record the video and audio separate, and the sync...

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Avatar for Nielsbeard
Nielsbeard 25th April 2021
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What is a "Gearslutz Fact?" I am increasingly concerned about what I term a "Gearslutz Fact." What is that,...

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Avatar for Lucas_G
Lucas_G 25th April 2021
Avatar for Cello94

Hi everyone! Looking for some more advice on cello recording: I have a Mix Pre-6 and two pairs of Line Audio CM4s (my own and...

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Avatar for didier.brest
didier.brest 25th April 2021