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It seems I keep referencing my beloved AR9 loudspeakers in discussions, real-life and online. I just dug up the facts/specs...

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joelpatterson 16th April 2022
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I just read this during some research on 16bit vs 24bit recording. Definitely some information I was not aware...

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orange 15th April 2022
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I will be recording a chamber concert in a few weeks. The ensembles will range in size form duets to an octet. Most will be 6...

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dgpretzel 14th April 2022
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Hello, on Saturday I'll perform in a theater and I'd like to record just for my archival purposes. There will be a huge amount of...

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kludgeaudio 10th April 2022
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Anybody out there recall all of the live broadcasts from WPIX-FM (mid-1978 to early 1980)? They started a series of...

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PANIC19761979 8th April 2022
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Hello, I work as an on set sound mixer/boom op and every once and a while my recorder picks up this really strange buzzing noise....

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Fabe79 8th April 2022
Avatar for Wavefront

Changing this past year to a recorder-based approach, spending more time in the room, and making adjustments to mic placement...

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M50k 8th April 2022
Avatar for Andre Tremblay

I have a recording session of 10 persons string orchestra in a few weeks. The room is no so good, not much natural reverb. I...

Andre Tremblay
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surflounge 7th April 2022
Avatar for ___GLM___

Hello fellow gearslutz, I want to expand my setup for small classical projects. These are mainly soloists with piano...

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Rumi 7th April 2022
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Hey y’all, maybe this isn’t the right place to share location work ?? But, here is a video that I did audio recording a...

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tourtelot 7th April 2022
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I came across this recording, as I have to record this work in a couple of months. I do not usually post links to other...

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mathieujm 5th April 2022
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Anyone whose location recordings are likely to end up as a vinyl LP will find this video insight into the practices of 2 Abbey...

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Bushman 5th April 2022
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I’d like to get some opinions and suggestions on my approach to mic selection and placement for an upcoming gig I have...

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norfolksoundman9 4th April 2022
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Asked this in the “So much gear” seton but no answers so thought I’d try Here. Anyone used this for acoustic stringed...

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pentagon 2nd April 2022
Avatar for dfluid

I've got a general question about windshield setups for remote ORTF field recording. I have a pair of DPA 4011c small condensers...

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Avatar for kludgeaudio
kludgeaudio 1st April 2022
Avatar for jnorman

So I am sort of hooked up with some filmmakers who are ready to record the sound track for a short film. They are looking at...

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Avatar for adam miller
adam miller 31st March 2022
Avatar for buscon

hi, I run into the page of this french microphones: From the specs...

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Avatar for norfolksoundman9
norfolksoundman9 31st March 2022
Avatar for Simonator

I make ambient techno. End product will, for the foreseeable future, be stereo and most commonly heard via Spotify stream. I'm...

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allebaug 29th March 2022
Avatar for Remoteness

There are a few things that I address with all our interns and the newbies that come through our place. Here's one of the...

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2manyrocks 28th March 2022
Avatar for kscz

At the end of a recording session with Beethoven Sonatas we just compared our three pairs of omni microphones just for fun. Mic...

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Avatar for Philip S89
Philip S89 28th March 2022
Avatar for Hook of

Hello! The other day I did a test for close location of stereo pairs of microphones on a Zimmermann cabinet grand piano...

Hook of
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Hook of 28th March 2022
Avatar for Ukiah Bass

I'm experimenting with techniques for mic'ing a double bass. Aside from standards such as a large diaphragm condenser 1-2' in...

Ukiah Bass
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Avatar for David Rick
David Rick 27th March 2022
Avatar for jnorman

As I have written a few times before, I consider the creation of appropriate reverb space for recordings made in less-than-ideal...

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Avatar for studer58
studer58 26th March 2022
Avatar for studer58

Well, not 1 mic but 2....if you're pushed for available channels on location this short video from Basel shows that a pair of...

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jimjazzdad 25th March 2022
Avatar for Funky 1

For those who have done mobile recording for pay, do you charge a separate rate for schlepping and set up and a separate one for...

Funky 1
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Avatar for Remoteness
Remoteness 25th March 2022
Avatar for joelpatterson

I keep telling myself I'm learning all the time-- I certainly go through different moods and modalities all the time, but I...

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Avatar for philper
philper 25th March 2022
Avatar for surflounge

Schoeps ORTF Stereo Microphone MSTC*64*U with Nagra 7 recorder probably good enough for capturing simple music...

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Avatar for Vunz
Vunz 24th March 2022
Avatar for ISedlacek

So far I was using FabFilter Q3. By chance I tried Maat EQ Red, Orange etc. and was quite surprised that the result sounds quite...

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rumleymusic 23rd March 2022
Avatar for session bass

Hi all - I understand that when micing an orchestra for a film score the Decca tree is the primary mic source, with additional...

session bass
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session bass 23rd March 2022
Avatar for nucelar

Hi all, A friend of mine works as interpreter, mostly at home. She listens to zoom meetings with headphones and translates live....

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Avatar for iFi audio
iFi audio 22nd March 2022
Avatar for Han

My dear friends and brothers in arms, here I am to tell you that I still think that an upright bass is a pain in the...

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Avatar for hughshouse
hughshouse 18th March 2022
Avatar for matyas

Why doesn't the Microtech Gefell M930 get more love around here? I've been mixing some string tracks recorded with this mic, and...

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Avatar for Geoff Poulton
Geoff Poulton 18th March 2022
Avatar for bgrotto

Hey, folks. I'm working on mixing a quartet record (featuring two songs with Dave Weckyl and two songs with Mike Stern!!), and...

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M50k 18th March 2022
Avatar for JonesH

I'm would appear to need a bass spot mic for orchestral recordings. Right now were using a pair of Violet design Black Knights...

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Avatar for tourtelot
tourtelot 18th March 2022
Avatar for dgpretzel

I want to buy a pair of Sennheiser MKH 30s. Tired of "waiting" for the 8030, so I'm buying the 30. Actually...

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dgpretzel 17th March 2022
Avatar for JCBigler

Is anyone here working in immersive audio, whether for classical or other types of location recording/performance yet? There...

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Avatar for RobAnderson
RobAnderson 16th March 2022
Avatar for deedeeyeah

the upcoming american-russian summit talks in geneva will not only bring another parade of civil servants and secret services,...

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Avatar for kludgeaudio
kludgeaudio 15th March 2022
Avatar for studer58

A new product from Orange Amps shows some niche promise, at least according to the sales description. Allowing one to hear via...

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studer58 15th March 2022
Avatar for Razahtlab

Hi all, How would you approach recording in a big church a 40p choir with small ensemble (vl, vl, va, vc, db, small portable...

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Avatar for Razahtlab
Razahtlab 14th March 2022
Avatar for gearstudent

In case you didn't see it: It...

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Avatar for rmaier
rmaier 14th March 2022
Avatar for Nicolastep

Hi everyone, I know the subject has been somehow discussed here and there so sorry in case of repetition : I already own an...

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Avatar for David Spearritt
David Spearritt 13th March 2022
Avatar for mrufino1

This is the first time I’ve ever posted a recording/ mix I’ve done on this forum, but I’m proud of this project and time to...

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Avatar for James Lehmann
James Lehmann 12th March 2022
Avatar for studer58

Not quite location recording, more in-house…but not a bad gig regardless ! Best Wishes to all applicants who saw it here...

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Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 11th March 2022
Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe

One of the groups I recorded for years just dropped off some CDs of projects I did years ago. They wanted some copies. I took...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Avatar for Geoff Poulton
Geoff Poulton 11th March 2022
Avatar for buscon

hi, I already have a pair of Adam A7X and I am very happy with it. Now I would like to have a second pair of cheap speakers...

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Avatar for buscon
buscon 11th March 2022
Avatar for brndn

Hey all! I rarely post but enjoy reading this thread. I am engineering a session in a nice concert hall with a concert grand...

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Avatar for brndn
brndn 11th March 2022
Avatar for Jerhowe

Hi, I am a classical musician fairly new to location recording. I have a number of recordings I am proud of, but a lot left to...

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Avatar for kludgeaudio
kludgeaudio 9th March 2022
Avatar for Geoff Poulton

I am preparing to list some of my back catalogue as downloads, Spotify or some such. I have a couple of questions if anyone can...

Geoff Poulton
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Avatar for Geoff Poulton
Geoff Poulton 7th March 2022
Avatar for ISedlacek

Recently I received a new master piece - a new generation among my "spherical violins" that brings a completely new...

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Avatar for Rumi
Rumi 7th March 2022
Avatar for Mineral Sound

I've been doing location recordings for a few years now, but only occasional orchestral and choral gigs; my bread and butter is...

Mineral Sound
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Avatar for hughshouse
hughshouse 6th March 2022