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I have to record and orchestra in a not so great venue (a small church) and I have a feeling I'm going to be quite limited as to...

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chris319 30th July 2012
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an amazing musician. this was shot in 1970. the video is incredibly clear and well shot. enjoy!

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boojum 30th July 2012
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Hey guys Can you have a look at the picture and tell me how its wired. The martin audio W8C has 1 NL8 input, so how do you...

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Richard Crowley 29th July 2012
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Recorded this organ piece simultaneously with Neumann KM 183 D stereo set -> DMI-2 portable -> Nagra VI and Neumann KM 183...

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didier.brest 29th July 2012
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Hi, I recently picked up a used Fostex FR-2. It arrived in close to mint condition, in a well packed box with original packaging...

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audiohack 29th July 2012
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i was wondering does anyone know of any budget options kicking round for digital snakes ? preferably 24 channels....

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bremusound 29th July 2012
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I am considering buying a Neumann microphone. Just wondering who are the main authorised Neumann dealers in the UK? I've sent an...

Dave Anderson
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Tom Higgins 28th July 2012
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I'm going to record a sax-drums duo tomorrow, and I've still not decided about the sax mike. They obviously want to record in one...

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Han 28th July 2012
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I was recording at St Peter's on Willis, Wellington, New Zealand last night - a 2CD set of organ works by John Keeble (stunning...

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rumleymusic 28th July 2012
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Greetings. I read about smeared transients, but I'm not sure I know what they sound like or when they occur. How/when does it...

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fifthcircle 27th July 2012
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I recorded some of our worship music from church Sunday off our PreSonus Studio Live into Pro Tools. I've been messing around...

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Dettenator 27th July 2012
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Hi, I'm looking for capsules for a couple of Schoeps CMC 5 bodies ... either MK4 or MK 41, ideally. Wonder if anyone at this end...

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Matti 27th July 2012
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Hello! I found a thread with similar title (should have been location recording), but it was in 2007, and the recommendation...

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Masaaki 26th July 2012
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Can anyone recommend a must have book on honing live sound mixing techniques? I've started mixing for a large church and would...

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tacitus 26th July 2012
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Hello all, I'm recording a series of short songs (classical in style) featuring solo voice and piano in a classroom (ugh) next...

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bambamboom 25th July 2012
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Hello Slutz, I am travelling to Manchester UK from Canada to live there for 1 year. I want to take some of my recording gear to...

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MoneySound 25th July 2012
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d2a_yfT84KQ&feature=related Is this a stereo mic? Does anyone know what it is? Does it sound/look like the only one...

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John Willett 25th July 2012
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Talented Norwegians live in a Victorian Shoebox and 2 MKH 30s.

Rolo 46
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panatrope 25th July 2012
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Okay, I have done a serious amount of research over the past number of days and I want to feel out a little more directly from my...

Puffer Fish
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pkautzsch 24th July 2012
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I am helping a buddy do research interviews (he has a bit of a budget but nothing crazy) and I suggested he get his hand on a...

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memorire 24th July 2012
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Just curious. Anyone have pictures or knowledge of some of Keith Jarrett's solo piano (or live trio) recording set up? Since...

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Syncamorea 24th July 2012
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Does anyone make any "off the shelf" solutions for rackmount XLR - multipin patching and splitting? I am looking for...

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jimdrake 24th July 2012
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Nuendo Live Looks pretty interesting, integrates with Yamaha's new CL series consoles... a run at the Avid Venue perhaps?

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Jay M 23rd July 2012
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Violet Audio - DX16 Series - Multi Channel Splitters I am very curious about this splitter, but i need more info on it!...

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FreshCream 23rd July 2012
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J. Lemons 23rd July 2012
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With people putting their DA convertors on stage?

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just.sounds 23rd July 2012
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okay - two players (pedal harp/flute), live in a crazy reverberant cathedral, 2 mics only (because i have to do without AC power...

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EngineerTHIS 23rd July 2012
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Hello, I am just nuts for the dutch series of 'twee meter sessies' if anyone heard them. Or just I would take any live cd...

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kornrox593 23rd July 2012
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Hi. Title says it more or less. Thinking about one of the 2 tascams for recording live performances directly to MacBook/logic via...

Vincent R.
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rmandelbaum 20th July 2012
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Hello all, I have been recording professionally for 10 years, primarily choral and orchestral concerts for archival use. I...

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pkautzsch 20th July 2012
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Question: You are given Meyers UPA-2p horizontal arrays (3 per cluster) for Mains, 2 UPJ's for centers, 2 UPA-1P's for side...

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nbtech_2001 19th July 2012
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I have a few questions on using mastered (or so-called) backing tracks for a solo or duo vocal act. We get our backing tracks...

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harpman 19th July 2012
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agalatioto 18th July 2012
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Anyone have a line for someone who mods portable recorders or a DIY guide? I've got a tascam DR-07MKII that has been great, but...

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celticrogues 18th July 2012
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Hi there, Has anyone had any experience with using a Crane Song Spider for mixing and recording tv/film work on set, possibly...

mini jack
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mini jack 17th July 2012
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I'm a long time Sound Devices 442 and MixPre user, and lately have been getting lots of 5D shoots. I've been using a Marantz 661...

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tourtelot 17th July 2012
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What kind of acoustic treatment is typically brought on set or location? I have stacks of 2-4-6-8" thick broadband...

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Richard Crowley 17th July 2012
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So, I'm starting an odd live/strange recording outfit in addition to my part-time mastering work and I'm interested in...

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JWilliam 16th July 2012
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I'm trying to get a decent dry, close-mic'd, inside the piano sound. This is the best I have come up with: jazz busk chromatic...

Douglas Whates
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beingmf 15th July 2012
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Hello everyone! Great news! IOSONO 3D sound teamed up with Sydney Opera House to present a new version of the opera "Die...

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Deleted e479b20b715a8cf 15th July 2012
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If you want to add reverd to a classic piano, Do you prefer to add it to the stereo or to mix the recording with a new track with...

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_Mark 15th July 2012
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I have my duet, macbook pro, mkh416 mic, lunchbox but still undecided on a pre and compressor to put in it. Some people have said...

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Rolo 46 14th July 2012
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Dear people, With a festival (abroad) coming up our TT24 knobs (push buttons) do not switch anymore. Before we had to press...

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hanuman 14th July 2012
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hola - i am looking for another pair of omnis for use on piano in both the studio and as spots for live performances. i am...

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AB3 14th July 2012
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Strange one. I need to record a few sound effects of a VW camper van... you know, the classic old curved top mini-sleeper...

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LX3 13th July 2012
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I think I know, instinctively, that there is a difference of something as basic as a worldview between people who approach music...

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boojum 13th July 2012
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Hello slutz! I'm a studio (music) guy mostly, but I've taken a last minute job that will involve recording dialogue in outdoor...

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colonel_sanders 13th July 2012
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Hi guys, so in about 6 weeks time I'm recording a chamber orchestra which is to be a backing track for a dubstep...

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fifthcircle 13th July 2012
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Hello I have read some threads on this but wanted to ask some more in depth questions... I am after a camera for mainly...

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Unklebunkle 13th July 2012
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richgilb 12th July 2012