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I'm currently setting up my rig for playing samples and automating vocals during a live performance. I plan on combinding this...

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dboy1612 29th October 2012
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I am writing an article/ set of interviews on mobile recording in the NYC area for a popular blog. 1. If you are a mobile...

Shane Michael Rose
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mati 29th October 2012
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Hi, I have never recorded Double Bass before. I have some friends over to record soon and would like to know what mic you think...

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TSM 29th October 2012
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I plan to record two live drummers in my studio as basic tracks for my new dynamic CD (more drums or percussions may be recorded...

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edwinhurwitz 29th October 2012
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Hi there - I posted this on another forum to little affect, so I thought i'd try here cellfone Looking to buy a mic for my...

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che_guitarra 29th October 2012
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Hi, A few weeks ago I was recording some samples from the Rosary Sonatas by Biber. This is the first movement of one of them....

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Earcatcher 29th October 2012
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Recording some classical guitars and a cello next week. Was asked to move my post to this location. Need some advice on the issue...

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Rolo 46 28th October 2012
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Hi! I'm looking to improve my main pair of mics for orchestral and opera recordings. Currently using a pair of Neumann km 130. I...

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Audiop 27th October 2012
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I am about to purchase a wireless system for my DPA 4060 lavalier microphones which will be connected to a Nagra VI. I am...

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pkautzsch 27th October 2012
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Hi there guys, I have a recording in December in a pretty big, circular church. I have never recorded in such a kind of church...

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aracu 26th October 2012
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guys - i will shortly be installing a new maple floor in my studio (17'x23'), and it will be an opportunity to re-cable...

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joelpatterson 26th October 2012
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Hello, I am looking for a small lavalier mic that need to be hide under clothes for cinema shooting, it will be used with a...

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bebbo 26th October 2012
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Hey guys/gals. My church has an Si Compact 32. We plan to multitrack record with a MADI card out to an RME MADI card into a mac...

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droidtn 26th October 2012
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I have a project that I am producing/ recording and would appreciate your advice. A rock band performing a live show in a...

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LX3 25th October 2012
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So tonight I'm tasked with recording a 6-channel piece with live vocalist. The mixer being used is almost completely tasked out...

M Mastering
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x_25 24th October 2012
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I currently have a few microphones that I could put together for an MS rig. I've played around with a few of them and had...

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Matti 24th October 2012
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and I am really excited at the chance to record this major orchestral and chorus work. Lots of planning to do and lots of...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 24th October 2012
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My daughter's band has got their first Battle of the Bands competition coming up in a week and I am keen to record it for...

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Lotus 7 24th October 2012
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Just thought I would show some pictures of how TV Outside Broadcasts get the sound FX of the stumps mics in a game of...

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karlw 22nd October 2012
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At last: the Classic Brit Awards exposed as a sickening crime against classical music – Telegraph Blogs and...

David Spearritt
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boojum 21st October 2012
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Hi all, Do any of you ever record more than 128 channels plus back up? If so, what systems and equipment do you use?

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drpro 20th October 2012
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Has anyone worked in Bangkok at a solid place with solid people? Recommendations?

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Gaston69 20th October 2012
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So maybe I'll pick up a nomad or one of the SD offerings this year (the 644 looks tasty). I had it for a test drive an while it...

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JonesH 20th October 2012
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Hello all, Heads up, this is my first thread and I am reasonably new to investing in my own recording gear; I have been...

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eoats 19th October 2012
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Hi what would be a good choice for a mic holder to use schoeps MK8 and MK21 with CMC 6 bodies as a mid/side configuration for...

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Avatar for John Willett
John Willett 19th October 2012
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The short of it is I am looking for advice on what kind of things to keep in session notes (I bought a little composition book to...

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ckreon 19th October 2012
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so, did a remote gig at a nice big church last friday - simple 2-track setup, ORTF km184s>FTU>thinkpad t410 i7 running...

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sonare 19th October 2012
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Hi, i just posted a comparison in the gear shootout forum. DPA vs AKG diffuse field omnis on a large symphony orchestra. Any...

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bremusound 18th October 2012
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I'm running a SD552 with all 5 direct outs into a DR680. I purchased (x5) TA3 to XLR cable from TrewAudio and will be...

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Allaboutrhythm 18th October 2012
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Long time lurker, first time poster... Does anyone have any experience and suggestions for recording an opera singer? The mics...

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NickRundall 18th October 2012
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Hi Folks, I'm curious if anyone here is using the JDK R22 Compressor for live (tracking and/or FOH) dynamics...

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Mattydeath 17th October 2012
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Jules 17th October 2012
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Hey all, Planning to start doing classical/jazz location recordings for schools/universities in the near future. I'll be...

indie folk guy
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Melgueil 16th October 2012
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Open to suggestions on an omni lav <$100 that isnt too bulky/heavy. We do mostly talking head/corporate stuff and just want...

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Matti 16th October 2012
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Hello All,(I was told to move this post here) I know there are a million messages on recording interviews, and I'm parsing...

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DannyL 15th October 2012
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Hello All, I've searched through the forums and have yet to see if anybody else is tried this out. I'd like to build an audio...

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TimmyP1955 15th October 2012
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Hey, So the title explains a bunch, basically I've been given a grand to find the best sound setup for my buddies Feature film. I...

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TRCS 14th October 2012
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I find it hard to name a price for most work. Do you work out an hourly rate? Go by gig? For example i have been doing some...

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Avatar for Josh Rose
Josh Rose 14th October 2012
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KGFltYEmvUQ One thing that makes it all worthwhile, no matter how mind-bogglingly maddening the "all" can be at...

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joelpatterson 13th October 2012
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Hi Folks, Gearslutz-rookie asks for your opinion! A few weeks ago, I bought myself a stereopair of DPA 2006C omni's. Love...

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RFrommann 13th October 2012
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Hey! I am completely new to live mixing. I really do not know anything about it. Would I be correct in saying that live...

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Oden 13th October 2012
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MmlNfhN_XMg It's not every day you pull up to a house in the hill country of Vermont and find an attached recital hall with a...

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joelpatterson 12th October 2012
Avatar for petedupon

So some people I'm working with are buying a small location recording rig to do some interviews and I recommended the H4N. It'll...

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Tommy-boy 12th October 2012
Avatar for dizziness

I've got an opportunity to do a location gig in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I've not been "in the game" for a while. My gear...

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Tommy-boy 12th October 2012
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evisto 12th October 2012
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Anyone think this is possible or a good idea? Id still like someone to invent it if its not in the pipeline already... But seeing...

Suda Badri
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Deleted e479b20b715a8cf 12th October 2012
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I want to record drum lessons for some of my students. I'm pretty experienced with logic and I've used iMovie for friends...

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Sim 12th October 2012
Avatar for note235

I currently received my marantz 661 and am testing the combo with a wireless lavalier set to line2. The thing is its extremely...

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note235 12th October 2012
Avatar for Electrolytic

Hi I'm just about to wire up my location rig and I'm going to make the cables myself due to the bespoke nature of the setup. Its...

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Plush 12th October 2012
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Been lurking around here for a little while and have found similar threads but not quite hitting on what I need to know. I'm a...

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JEGG 11th October 2012