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Hi, i am looking for some advice, how to setup shotgun mics to capture ambience or fx sound in stereo. Most stuff i am doing...

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OzGizmo 25th September 2012
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Hello, The title pretty much says it all. I would like to start recording effects, such as, talking, toys noises, glass breaking...

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Liorlior1221 24th September 2012
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I'm looking for my first location rig. I want to be able to do music and location sound for video. For some time, I had...

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mosrite 24th September 2012
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Hi, i'm working on a lot of smaller outside broadcast productions, mainly motorsports. In our mic locker are 24 416 and...

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baldrian 24th September 2012
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I'm working on a video of excerpts from a recent concert I recorded for this group's website. It still needs a bit of...

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Roland 23rd September 2012
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king2070lplaya 21st September 2012
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Hi all- I'm using the ANR-B on a talk show I'm mixing and currently have Channel 1 for the host and Channel 2 inserted on a...

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soundthinker 21st September 2012
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So I have an FR-2 with a Remote Audio NP-1 DC adapter and I'm looking to use the 14.8V NP-1 batts I already have. Will these...

jason kanter
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jason kanter 21st September 2012
Avatar for Liquid Shadow

I'm looking for advice from fellow remote classical gurus. I've been tasked to record a soprano/pianist duo in 2 days, and I'm...

Liquid Shadow
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David Spearritt 21st September 2012
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oye - i am currently using a fast track ultra that has 4 preamps and up to 6 line inputs, AND that will operate on bus power for...

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jnorman 20th September 2012
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This ain't my first rodeo... but it will be my biggest (performer-wise) and most challenging. Fairly large sanctuary... main...

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Thomas W. Bethe 20th September 2012
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I play guitar with another guy (sometimes a conga player) at some local coffee shops, a small brewery tasting room, and sometime...

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shawntp 19th September 2012
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Hello, I was wondering if anyone in the DC/ Baltimore area would have a Grace hanging kit for the 30cm stereo bar I could...

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hp1xbg 19th September 2012
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PBS recently broadcast a show of Paul McCartney with Clapton and some other greats at the Capitol studios in LA doing a session...

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Rolo 46 19th September 2012
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I don't do remote recording, but today I was called as engineer for this unusual live performance: 12 drum kits (and some...

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Retinal 18th September 2012
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There was a thread in this forum about a piano mic technique that uses two omnis in a fairly close array pointed at the end of...

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rumleymusic 18th September 2012
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Has anyone with a SD 788T installed the V 2.18 firmware update? It's been out for two months now and I'm interested in hearing...

Lotus 7
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hipporu 18th September 2012
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No magic show: Real-world levitation to inspire better pharmaceuticals | Argonne National Laboratory "The acoustic...

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Tommy-boy 18th September 2012
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I work for a church and we are nearing capacity on the weekends. As such, we are preparing an overflow space that is just outside...

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hbphotoav 17th September 2012
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Howdy Guys, Hope this is the right forum, friend of mine suggested I solicit advice for this here. I'm the drummer in a...

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Avatar for Roland
Roland 17th September 2012
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Unmanned locked-down camera (Sony Z1U w/16x9 Inc. .75 WA adapter; PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 stereo board mix via Edirol R09HR...

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Avatar for boojum
boojum 17th September 2012
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Hey guys! I made this cable that allows me to plug two battery operated wireless receivers into separate audio channels of my...

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thefunkybeat 16th September 2012
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I know the subject is kind of vague, but I have a client who is a musician and wants to be able to watch his live gig on the bus...

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hbphotoav 16th September 2012
Avatar for base2011

Reposting from incorrect location Hello one and all. I'm in pre-production as executive producer (it's my brainchild) for a new...

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Avatar for tacitus
tacitus 16th September 2012
Avatar for imagineaudio

Opinions? My brother is a DSLR shooter and he's getting more and more work lately and I thought this looked cool. I used to do...

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Avatar for Boogaju
Boogaju 15th September 2012
Avatar for jnorman

so, last night i had a composer, a vocalist, and pianist in the studio to record 7 original "covenant songs" for piano...

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Sinner 15th September 2012
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I am fairly new at this, and have recently recorded a local student orchestra. I'd like to hear any comments anyone might...

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c1ferrari 15th September 2012
Avatar for Green Hat

Hi! I´m doing a classical location recording first week of october in London and need a high (3-4m) mic stand. I would...

Green Hat
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mixkitchen 14th September 2012
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Not sure where to post this as it relates to live TV broadcasting. If there's a better place, please let me know for future...

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boojum 13th September 2012
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Hi, I recently used an MKH800 in bidirectional for a solo violin spot mic and loved it. I'm wondering how similar an MKH30...

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Avatar for Rolo 46
Rolo 46 13th September 2012
Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe

We did a really long remote recording gig on Saturday. I left my studio at 8:30 am and got back at 10:30 pm. We were recording a...

Thomas W. Bethe
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talbe1019 13th September 2012
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My wife and I are starting a music project. She is a classically trained Coloratura soprano with a loud, projecting voice. We...

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vstace 13th September 2012
Avatar for Ronk

My friend's folk band are playing a gig at the weekend and i wanted to nip down with a couple mics just to see what i could get. ...

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celticrogues 12th September 2012
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Hi All, I used my Zoom H2 to record a gig from the line-out on the mixer last night (into the line-in on the H2) The...

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loujudson 12th September 2012
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Hi all. I'm usually found listening to r&b, funk and a little of whatever but I feel it's time to expand my musical horizons...

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Melgueil 12th September 2012
Avatar for boojum

OK, here is the story: my date and I were out to dinner in Vancouver, WA, and on the walk back to the car heard a saxophone. In...

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Avatar for boojum
boojum 12th September 2012
Avatar for Julian J. Ludwig

Good afternoon everyone, how are you? I work for a TV series, and we have a situation where 15 radio micofones would be needed...

Julian J. Ludwig
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aracu 10th September 2012
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Part I ULPxd2q1H1g Part II fpR2IQedJo4 If you're crazy for Keith Pray's smooth but sassy saxophone jazz-- and you should be!--...

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joelpatterson 9th September 2012
Avatar for RFrommann

Hi all One of these ever again topics, sorry if you get bored. I do location recording as a hobbyist and have gathered a...

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Avatar for keap
keap 9th September 2012
Avatar for rumleymusic

So I have been rather busy recording a few chamber groups and orchestras around town and thought it would be nice to supplement...

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Avatar for 2manyrocks
2manyrocks 8th September 2012
Avatar for J.Hunter

hi guys. need your opinion on something. we are recording on a tight budget and need to record 8 violins. can i simulate the...

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Avatar for polytope
polytope 8th September 2012
Avatar for willi1203

heard a local (read : french) award winning recording ("record of the month"), for "most beautiful sound...

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Avatar for Don S
Don S 7th September 2012
Avatar for Rusu

hello guys i have a lot of analog and digital synths, drum machines and gadgets + outboard that i need to hook up and record...

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Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe
Thomas W. Bethe 6th September 2012
Avatar for Conchious

Need some advice on recording an ensemble of 8 string musicians in a concert auditorium approx 50' x 80' wide. Very narrow stage...

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Avatar for David Rick
David Rick 5th September 2012
Avatar for RightOnRome

I am finding that inverting one 728 (or 528) is giving me a much more focused punch in the center .. but i feel that something is...

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Avatar for RightOnRome
RightOnRome 5th September 2012
Avatar for nid

Sergiu Balutel clarinet B?tuta moldoveneasca - YouTube I hope you find this interesting... :facepalm: I'm bashing my head...

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Avatar for nid
nid 5th September 2012
Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe

My accountant asked me to figure out what we are really making on a gig. He wanted to know how much we had spent in equipment...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Avatar for surflounge
surflounge 5th September 2012
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hbphotoav 4th September 2012
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I’ve been asked to record a show and run the FOH (I haven't done much FOH - mainly a studio guy). This is a private show held...

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Avatar for Roland
Roland 4th September 2012
Avatar for adamski

Hi all Thinking of getting into the location recording game. Something I've been pondering for a while. I have some contacts...

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Avatar for recordinghopkins
recordinghopkins 4th September 2012