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Tell us about your last location recording...
Old 9th February 2003
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Fletcher, I believe Kooster used a truck down there that had 4 Yamaha 02R's, 48 tracks of MX2424 and seven DA88's as the back up machines. And from what I understand they really needed them.


So, let me tell you about my last location recording...

We went up to Boston again to record "The Donnas" at the Paradise Rock Club. Man, I love that joint. I know it's small and stuff but, Aura Sonic has a lot of history in that club! We have that place down to a science. The "Dice" got great management and an awesome crew. Tim McKenna and the staff rock everytime we're there!

Anyway, we recorded the Donnas for Atlantic Records via Tascam DA78HRs running at 24 bit. The show will also be aired on Boston's WBCN this coming Saturday. Check it out if you're in the area.

The Donnas played to a sold out crowd and really rocked like the best of them. I loved Allison's guitar work. She's totally on the money and great to work with!

The producer of their current record, Robert Shimpy was also running FOH for their tour. He was very helpful, on top of his game and a really super guy to boot! Rob helped us get all the song keys together, so we could use our H3000's voice pitch quantizing feature for the live 2mix we did for WBCN. It worked out great.

Multitracking the soundcheck is the only way to go when you got to provide a 2mix on the spot. Why keep the band around playing song after song if it's not necessary to their needs? We can tweak the mix until we got it right, while they do their own thing somewhere else.
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So, what have you folks done lately?
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classical guitar

I'm a beginner in this world of recording.
I recorded last week a concert that I played in Boston, MA, with contemporary music for classical guitar, in a beautiful church, with two neumann km184, dav preamp, rme ff400, and cubase.
It was fun, but it is also complicated to record and be aware of all when I also had to play...

Classical guitar fits perfectly in small churches.
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This week, it was mostly brass ensembles. You've got to love people who can actually play - alone AND together. It makes our job so much easier!
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This is exactly how I imagined my birth. What a beautiful heartwarming story; Schoenberg, banjo, accordion, theater kids, and very specific description of the gear utilized. I'm glad I stumbled upon this post. What a crazy and wonderful world. I love you dad.
Old 11th December 2020
Old 11th December 2020
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My last remote was this past Sunday. A not-for-profit venue that I have been involved with for over 25 years has started a livestream series. We’ve done 3 so far. After a quarter century of providing weekly concerts to a very appreciative audience, we were looking for a way to get music to our audience without them being present.

Last Sunday it was a piano quartet with works by Axtmann, Mozart, and Brahms.

The livestream suffers from a particular problem. Due to video concerns, I was not allowed to use a stand for the main pair. I had to use an existing hang point (and there was no time to install new hang points). Unfortunately, the existing hang points were installed years ago for a situation when the piano was in a different position. For this present concert, the hang position was off center to the left and way too close. I tried to compensate in the mix but I do not think I got it anywhere near right until half way through the concert.
I have talked with the venue operator and he has consented to allow me to install new hang points which will, in future, allow much more flexibility in terms of where I can hang mics.

To make matters worse, I mis-patched the X/Y piano spot. Oh well, it happens.

Everyone involved in these productions is new to livestreaming and we are doing the best we can, learning as we go.

Tech-wise, the setup was: a main pair of Royer SF2s in a Faulkner 2-mic array, an X/Y pair of B&K 4011s spoting the piano, ATM 35 on cello and ATM 350 violin and viola, one on each (each ATM was clipped to a music stand). All mics into a Millennia Media 8 channel pre and then split to an Allen&Heath WZ16:2 for mixing the livestream and to Protools, via RME conversion, for recording the multitrack.
I wasn’t involved for the video stuff, but we had a very good video crew who did a great job using mostly i-phone cameras.
Old 11th December 2020
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My last project was a regional orchestra that can't do live concerts, so we taped a virtual concert of small ensembles (quartets down to duets), recorded all on the same day with a half hour to let the room breathe between ensembles. I liked this as it gave some time to reset mics carefully!

The spots were all different, but the mains were the same throughout -- I got to try my (new to me) pair of Schoeps M221B as a main pair, with a backup NOS-ish pair of MK5 which approximated the same angle of reproduction, as per the new Decca book I've been eagerly going through! There was some rather severe HVAC noise coming from ceiling vents over the stage area, and one very nice surprise was that the phase disc of the M934c capsules does a not-half-bad job of shielding off or ameliorating HF noise when it comes from the rear. At least I thought it wasn't half bad, for an omni!

The shoot was 4 cameras and went pretty well. The musicians are happy and the so is the board. My challenge these days is re-learning video editing. It seems to be another baseline skill we'll all have to add to our arsenal if we have not already.
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I did a flute and piano duo at a local library auditorium for a Princeton student. Schoeps CMC64s in ORTF into sound devices mixpre6. Post in reaper to add mild compression. The performance was featured on Portland’s All Classical radio station a couple of weeks ago.
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heavy bump for an old thread! - recording feels a bit different during these pandemic times in 2020...

anyway, i just got back from across the street where i recorded an a cappella choir in a church (palestrina, gesualdo, allegri) as part of an ongoing project.

in addition to a schoeps double m/s (main) and double ortf (ambient) array, going into a remotely controlled ad8hr, i used a couple of neumann digital mics for uncorrelated ambis, going into an rme dmc-842 and on to a rme madiface xt; i did a stereo (broadcast) mix on the fly with an old yamaha dm1000 and a little help from weiss, jünger, quantec and tc - final mix will be in surround if not in an immersive format (hence the double ortf).
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Solo (world class) cellist in a nice performance space. The cellist, me and a video guy (shooting three cameras!). Six varied pieces for solo cello.

M/S pair of Schoeps (Mk8 and Mk4) and a Neumann U47 FET spot. Two Schoeps Mk22 for "room" mics that I didn't use any of.

All COVID protocols were followed. I'll be in line for my spot to get the vaccine so I can get back to work.

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My orchestra gave me the opportunity to do some recordings recently. I‘m an audio guy, but most clients want video work these days. So i made a couple of video clips. Soloist in this clip was the fabulous Arabella Steinbacher with her 1716 Strad.

I used a Decca tree of three B&K 4006-TL, DPA 4052 (same capsules) compacts as outriggers, an additional AB pair of Neumann KM133 and a pair of Schoeps MK4 for the solo violin.

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Old 13th December 2020
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I'd love to post images and talk about my last location shoot, but since this music piece is for late night (American) television, I cannot do so until it has been broadcasted.

I'll hit this thread back up when it's applicable.
Old 13th December 2020
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A two part-er...

Corona shut down a lot, including demand for SL-100s, which were on the way to becoming The Stage To Have here in the midwest US. One friend received his custom ordered, FINANCED 100, shrinkwrapped, about two days before Indiana shut down.. anyway..

Another friend set his up in his front yard, and invited a local BonJovi tribute band to "rehearse on video" there on a weekday evening.

I went in with 6 cams and a brand new X-Live card for audio, except his X-32 was Firmware 3.07 and wouldn't recognize the capture card. He declined a flash, as his older I-Pad didn't like newer firmware, so I took a 2-track to thumbdrive off the board and a second two track from a tripod mount Tascam handheld at FOH.

He clustered his subs center stage, and flew JBL
Verts from the SL and SR spars, so the handheld was low end heavy. The board mix was low end non-existant because he ran subs on aux and didn't route LRC to a matrix for the feed.

Band leader loved the multican video, and hated the audio, in post, leading to Part Two, a big gig for them at a local club, which my normal bands like playing, tho it's a bit of a dive.

I advanced the gig w the band leader's brother who volunteered PA for the gig, who told me, he had his own X-Live card and the latest firmware.

I threw my X-live in the truck anyway.

Set up cams and mounts at load-in, went to insrrt SD cards for audio... no slots.

Checked the firmware, version 3.04.

As the band leader had implied "audio no matter what" I bulldozed A1 into a quick install and flash, risking the show. The flash wouldn't take, 3 tries, on boot.

I forced it from the menu, with sweat beading as we were close to soundcheck for the opener, w headliner soundcheck finished.

It took, it kept the headline showfile, (which I'd backed up anyway), and the new GUi set the stage for a pretty big meltdown when nobody could log in due to failsafe 168 dot yada yada IP reset.

He had to call his "computer guy" for "permission" for me to reset to default 192 dot setup, which I did, politically, wait for, tho I was gonna... no matter what.

Opener soundcheck turned into Faders Up for a sparse crowd, due to an all day festival a coupla blocks away, run by a friend using a Meyer rig rented from my old boss, which I REALLY wanted to hear, but the firmware zoo prevented.

I grabbed a coupla songs from the opener, all cams, all audio, but lead vox was pitchey, and probably not paying for ANYthing, let alone hours of Melodyne, so I saved my cards and batteries.

Headliners looked great, sounded awesome, and I amped up the 10-15 attendees..."hey, we're shootin vid, love to have dancers cute as you on the floor"...

... the fire was LIT!

Till old boy returning from a 5 minute trip out the load-in (smoke a doob) door... hit the floor.

Management asked us to stop, advising us that waitress/nurse found zero pulse, and further advised us to hold off on Dead or Alive, since he was cracking ribs with full CPR, and not getting response.

Local po-po filled the club, gawking uselessly while scoping the babes, so I mov3d tables and guests and got a highway open seconds before EMTs driving gurneys punched in.

By now, old dead guy... was sitting in a chair, wobbly, but awake (narcan?)

He rode gurney to the ambulance, but refused the ride (and blood test?), preferring his friend's shoulder for the walk to their car, and we were back into my first...


Killer Set.

Just before encore, FOH mentioned something about a mixup on the console, guitar on bass channel and vice versa, didn't really catch it all, I was busy moving cams with battery left, up the food chain towards FOH.

We closed the encore with key red lights still on, then, out the goodness of my heart, got Mr. Latest Firmware And X-Live Card, down, rolled up, in the truck and rolling, before rolling out myself.

Ingest took the whole next short day, and Monday, bright and early, "Houston, we HAVE a problem."

No bass. Anywhere, except the handheld FOH two track. That band leader already rejected from the SL-100 gig.

A1 brother claimed it was there, but I know what a bass guitar sounds like, and that is not what any of 32 soloed tracks contained.

Until the encore, where it kicked in on Ch 12, a previously silent track scribble stripped "Voco" in the showfile.

But band leader was not to be denied. He took the exploded multi-track waves to his studio, where he re-tracked bass, and dubbed BG vox with his wife, a stunner who's about to defend her PhD thesis for Technical Marketing,and dropboxed me the file, which I synced up to already primed 6 track vid project.

I only had to perform audio surgery twice. I automated a HF EQ tweak to bring out the ride, where "Lay Your Hands On Me" pulls back... ting takka ting, ta ting ting, ta ting... to set em up for the kill...

... and a difficult sequence of cross fades to get way more violence near the start, where big toms go to full band crash.

One of my favorite vids, and, given that band leader rode me HARD from the second he flew me fake bass audio till the second I uploaded the first punchlist vid... one I hoped would get me another gold star from another major player in the local scene for my showreel, except...

... he's ghosting me.

Might could be he really is that busy. He somehow snagged retail space in a major mall and moved his whole covid-ailing music store/lesson studio, just opening up recently.

It might be my vid and audio surgery simply suck, but another major local player, who manages $60k/ night production at the largest (2k cap) venue here, and who has grammy noms for his own vid work, confirms my assessment... this vid rocks.

Especially on a competent playback system.

So... my best guess going forward... he's real busy, and there's a minor detail or two he wants punched, which in his mind, is a show stopper, because he "doesn't want to hurt my feelings" and...

... somebody isn't happy with the shirt they wore that night, or... some performance flaw nobody else has discovered yet... is "unfixable."

In the meantime... I have a kick ass vid... a future committment to route my audio completely OUTSIDE the risk that A1 will forget to plug the bass DI (from the more than audible over the competent 4x4 JBL mains) bass amp driving the room after the changeover from opener to headliner, and they have to come to me to make use of any video, since I have the files here, and only here.

Life is good.

About to get better.

I'm about to treat myself, and most of the county... to a playback.


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