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The Remotester's guide to the Best Eatage
Old 16th August 2003
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If you're looking for dinner rather than a quick bite, the McCormick and Schmicks restauraunts are really good. Usually excellent fresh seafood and great steaks. Most entrees under $20.
Old 16th August 2003
London restaraunt tip.

right now I am digging "Carlucci's" on Upper St Islington.

Has a Jamie Oliver Fifteen "vibe" but minus the £20 surcharge!

Trendy deshevlement is the dress code, so I fit right in!

Hip but non aloof waiting staff all running round keeping busy - adds to the vibe..

Modern / rustic (?) Italian.
Old 19th October 2003
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Around Boston I would go to Picante for Mexican food.

Central Square Cambridge
Davis Square Cambridge
Old 21st October 2003
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how about anna's ??? great palce for a quick cheap burrito before a gig! and there one right next to sommerville theatre! also one on harvard ave in brookline. i have lived off this stuff for weeks as i am a very poor student!
Old 3rd January 2004
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New Year's Eve 2003, we were in the "Village" for a Herbie Handcock National broadcast on WBGO / NPR. On Duke Markos' recommondations, we made dinner reservations for eight at the Minetta Tavern on MacDougal Street.

Man, I haven't been there in a real long time. I forgot how wonderful the food and service was. I just had to get a shout out for this place. s thread. I cannot wait to go there again, the next time we're in the neighborhood
Old 6th January 2004
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If your ever in mid-Michigan try Lansings' EL-AZTECO! Best mexican ever!
Old 7th January 2004
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🎧 15 years

I must take you to Taco King when you come to visit us this year. It's between my place and the field shop.

Great Mexican fast food. The best. Everyone I've brought there says the same thing. Many (myself included) think it's better then the "best" available Mexican restaurants!

You will enjoy it very much...

We'll make it a plan when we see you.
Old 7th January 2004
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Originally posted by e-cue
Well, of course it is, but at 4 am I have to confess that "Ralph's Supermarket" sushi starts to sound pretty good since Terrisushi, Yamakowa, Tokyo Dave's, and Matsuhisa are closed.
I had some good late-night sushi at a place on Sawtelle a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately I couldn't quite figure out what the place was called.
West side of Sawtelle, about 1 1/2 blocks north of Olympic, in a strip mall. White curtains & banners.

Then of course there's Shibucho, which is great though pricey, and I believe is usually open 'til 3AM.
Old 7th January 2004
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Originally posted by MattiMattMatt
Sorry, but I am compelled to make the following correction:

The best fallafel place is Mamoun's in New Haven, CT.
The second best fallafel place is Mamoun's on MacDougall in NYC.
The third best fallafel place is Mamoun's in Albany, NY.

Ahh, but you're both wrong. The best falafel place is Pita Inn in Skokie, oustside of Chicago. Although Zankou Chicken here in Glendale comes close. And then there's Carousel in Glendale, their falafel is a whole other thing altogether....
Old 9th January 2004
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i could go for a taco right now.....mmm

or a donair....mmhmmmmmmmmm

nothing spells musician like bad breath
Old 9th January 2004
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Shit...there ain't too many brits dropping food suggestions here, i wonder why?

Jules, don't **** about. Just go and get a booking at Hakkasan in Hanway place (west end) for THE FINEST chinese/asian food. Get in there and order BIG on the the duck and mango platters and the salt and pepper squid. Oh my god, it's SO good (one of the main things I miss from London).

Sushi in this part of the world is the bomb and really cheap.

But my favourite thing would be the old American Diners, i love the vibe and the food.
Old 9th January 2004
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Sooo.....Am I the only non- carcass eater here?
Old 9th January 2004
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Berolzheimer, did you not see the disclaimer when you joined GS that stated that this forum was for the sole use of flesh eaters and that herbivors or windfall fruitarians should go to www.lackinginproteinmixslutz.com.

jus' kidding dude
Old 9th January 2004
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🎧 15 years
that's funny.....I actually clicked on that link to see where it would lead.

BTW fwiw I'm not lacking protein. I eat enough Zankou falafel & hoummus to be sure of that! The garlic sauce is a bit addictive though.
Old 29th May 2004
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Arrow Eat at Inky's

Warnings: 1) This is lengthy but entertaining, and 2) Reading this could ruin your willpower to diet.

Originally posted by JayCrouch
I was wondering, if you could invent a new type of nationwide fast food chain that rocked, what would it be and why?… what's your ideal after-gig 24-hour eatage place?
Sorry, I can’t do “fast food.” The laws of physics and my ethics prohibit it. I also wouldn’t invent a restaurant, per se; rather, to a few features of my own creation that I find lacking from most eateries, I’d graft on, à la Dr. Frankenstein, a few select features from my favorite spots, producing a monster-child that looks like this…

· 24-hour New-Yo-Merican Eatery – “We Clog Arteries, No Extra Charge”
Types of Service:
· Table · Counter · Al Fresco (weather permitting) · Drive-Thru · Take Out · Dashboard Light (weather permitting) - You park in a slot equipped with an intercom through which you order (à la Sonic®), and your meal is roller-skated out to your vehicle on trays and hung on your window (à la Arnold’s) by beautiful, buxom, décolleté and Daisy-Duked hotties (à la Hooters®). ·
About Our Food:
Our kitchen is not equipped with microwaves. The one freezer in the joint is only used for storing the ice cream. This means all of our food, including the gravies, sauces, dressings, soups, fries and onion rings, is made from fresh ingredients, by hand, and from our own secret recipes. The only exceptions to this policy are 1) we use some Kronos® products for the gyros…but we make our own tzatziki sauce and stuffed grape leaves, and 2) we get our bakery items and breads from local bakeries; however, we always bake our own biscuits.
Our menu has no appetizer section; order a “large” from the Sides Menu if you just want a snack. Neither do we have combos, except for the dinners and one Dessert Menu item that we call The Hard Tweek. Everything else is ordered à la carte.

· Deli-style sandwiches in the New York City tradition, served with coleslaw or potato salad and a fat pickle spear.
· Gyros
· Falafel
· Meatball/Meatball Parmigiana/Eggplant Parmigiana Hero
· Burgers: All our burgers are hand-formed from 1/3 lb. ground beef (about 18% fat content, so they’re pretty juicy but not greasy) and then flame-grilled, not griddled, à la Nessie Burgers (at the junction of I-15 and SR 76 in San Diego County, California, next to the Mobil station); they’re topped with Heinz® ketchup, Hellman’s®/Best Foods® mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato and sliced Bermuda onion. We’ll add two slices of American, Swiss, Muenster or Jalapeño Jack cheese at no extra charge upon request. Each burger comes with a fat pickle spear and a medium carbonated beverage or house blend coffee. Other veggie toppings available and vary in price. Bacon or gyros meat on top, add $1.25.
Stew du Jour*
This item varies greatly, as we rotate about fifteen different recipes, so ask your server what we have today. The stews are served over your choice of egg noodles, rice or grits.
*Every Friday, we also offer Shrimp Creole Étouffée (over rice or grits) in addition to the other stew du jour.
Entrées (Due to preparation time, these are not available at the Drive-Thru window, but you may call your order in, or order on-site, and pick it up at the To-Go station inside.)
First choose from these starters:
· A cup of one of the soups du jour or a small house or Greek salad.
Then choose two regular-size sides from our Sides Menu to go with your entrée, and tell your server whether you’d prefer Southern-style biscuits or garlic bread with your meal.
Now choose your entrée:
· Two pork loin chops, pan-fried slowly in butter and smothered in sautéed onions, with applesauce on the side.
· Sliced roasted turkey breast with gravy and whole cranberry sauce on the side (none of that canned, jellied crap, thank you).
· Breaded, cast-iron-skillet-fried chicken: You get all the parts of half a chicken with pan gravy and whole cranberry sauce on the side.
· Kitchen Sink Meatloaf: The best you’ll ever have! Sixteen secret ingredients suspended in ground beef and served slathered in mushroom gravy.
· Fish and chips wrapped in semi-authentic clean newsprint, as opposed to yesterday’s inky Daily News.
· Baked macaroni and cheese…the real thing. There is no Velveeta permitted anywhere near this luscious casserole. Topped with a light, golden, buttered-breadcrumb crust. Also available as a side dish.
· Gyros or Falafel Plate – Basically an unassembled version of these sandwiches on a plate, with the warm pita cut in quarters and the sauce on the side. (These plates do not come with biscuits or garlic bread, unless you substitute them for the pita.)
· Spaghetti and Meatballs You Can’t Refuse…in my own Sicilian family recipe spaghetti sauce.
· Casseroles: · Moussaka · Eggplant Parmigiana · Chicken, Beef or Cheese Enchiladas ·
Coming soon…Carne Asada and other Mexican fare.
· Three fresh steamed or sautéed veggies du jour · Two soups du jour* · Crinkle-cut fries · Batter-dipped onion rings · Mashed potatoes · Home-fried potatoes · Rice pilaf · Stuffed grape leaves (vegetarian & non-vegetarian) · Corn on the cob · Cole slaw · Potato salad · Hot German potato salad · Sauerkraut · House salad · Greek salad · Spanakopita · Three-bean salad · Barley pilaf · Baked macaroni and cheese · Corn relish · Grits · Fried grits · Cottage cheese · Applesauce · Cranberry sauce · Spaghetti · Spanish rice · Whole pinto beans · Fresh fruit salad · Chickpeas in a light vinaigrette · Southern-style greens ·
*Every Friday, we offer New England and Manhattan clam chowders in addition to the other soups du jour.
Breakfast – Served 24 hours ~ We suggest you eat some of this stuff at the counter or a table, rather than by dashboard light, for obvious reasons.
Anything in the restaurant will be made into an omelette, sandwich, or breakfast burrito at your request and to your specs. Here are some items to start you off with:
· Eggs · Bacon · Breakfast links · Ham · Hot links · Mushrooms · Any veggie in the joint · Cheese · Chorizo · Nopales (that’s cactus to you greenhorns) · Avocado ·
Other waist-expanding goodies:
· Pancakes · Waffles · Biscuits and sausage gravy · An array of hot and cold cereals · Grits · Fried grits · Fresh seasonal fruit salad ·
Desserts ~ These are so generous, they are almost meals unto themselves…indulge yourself, or share with a friend.
· Deep Dish Fruit Pie…the best and freshest from local bakeries. Choose apple, cherry or peach, hot or cold, plain or à la mode. Try hot apple pie with a couple of slices of real Cheddar cheese melted over it. Just remember, each slice is a full sixth of a pie!
· Fruit Cocktail in Jell-O® - Reminiscent of the stuff in your school cafeteria but better, because we add fresh fruit juices, real whipped cream and love. Served in a big, old-fashioned milk shake glass.
· Belgian Waffles – Served with any combination of Breyer’s® ice cream, ice cream toppings, syrups, hot fruit compotes and fresh whipped cream that you specify.
· DBC (Death By Chocolate) – This silky, rich, and shamelessly decadent torte will satisfy the most discriminating chocoholic by the first mouthful. There are no words for this confection, so just shut up and eat it. Served unadorned on a pure white plate with a glass of milk.
· Baklava – Flaky, sweet and sticky, made in our kitchen from my best friend’s mom’s secret recipe.
· Bakery Treats – New York Cheesecake, plain or cherry · Black Forest Cake · German Chocolate Cake · Assorted pastries from local bakeries ·
· Ice Cream Delights – Anything we can make from our selection of Breyer’s® ice cream flavors, hot and fruit toppings, syrups, sugar cones, fresh waffle cones, and fresh fruit, including the indispensable banana, is yours for the asking.
~Specialty of the House~
· The Hard Tweek– This has become a favorite of hard-working mobile recording crews with impossible back-to-back schedules because after this, nothing is impossible to accomplish except getting to sleep! The Hard Tweek is a combination of one serving of DBC (see above) and two Bang-ZOOM!!!s…one for here and one to go. (See the Coffee Bar Menu for the Bang-ZOOM!!! formula.) You’re goin’ to the moon, Alice.
Soda Fountain
· We will concoct any non-alcoholic beverage you want if we got the fixin’s for it.
· Twelve-ounce curls? Lift a Dr. Brown’s® to your lips. Cream, Cel-Ray, and Black Cherry sodas, Ginger Ale, and Root Beer proudly served in the bottle in both regular and diet flavors.
· NO COKE, PEPSI! We serve only Pepsi® fountain sodas…Pepsi®, Mountain Dew®, Code Red®, Sierra Mist®, and Slice®, in both regular and diet flavors.
~Specialties of the House~
· Egg Cream – Just like in the old neighborhood. Chocolate or vanilla, of course…double syrup no extra charge.
· Shakes and Malteds – Handmade with your choice of our Breyer’s® flavors, fresh fruits and Torani® syrups.
· Root Beer Float – Icy Dr. Brown’s® root beer afloat with a healthy scoop of Breyer’s® vanilla…to die for.
Coffee Bar
Anything dfegadStarbuck’s does, we can do better. They’ll get over it. Featuring Torani® syrups.
~Specialty of the House~
· Bang-ZOOM!!! – Our signature triple hammerhead mocha au lait– Our house blend coffee topped with three shots of espresso for good luck, and sweetened with Bosco® chocolate syrup and Carnation® sweetened condensed milk. Top it with fresh whipped cream if you need it sweeter and creamier. ZING!!!

Venture capitalists in the tri-state area are welcome to contact me by e-mail.

©2004 Lorraine Emanuele
Old 30th May 2004
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Originally posted by Remoteness

What about Katz's on Houston Street?

You cannot go wrong at that deli.
I love Katz's.
Its a must stop when Im in the city

Old 9th October 2004
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🎧 15 years
I must add the Candlestick Inn Restaurant in Branson, MO.

This esteemed place is awesome...

The restaurant has a fantastic view and vibe. It overlooks Lake Taneycomo and Historic Downtown Branson, MO.

IMO, the service and quality of food was second to none.

This place exceeded my expectations. You must check it out if you're in the Ozark mountian region.
Old 10th October 2004
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🎧 15 years
I used to go to Ale House in Orlando.......and always ate this burger...."Mexicali"....mother of pearl.......I used to get it at the one on University.......and went to the one on Alafaya when it opened and it wasen't the same.........who know's.....best burger I've ever had though..that's for sure.....

Another place....when I lived in San Bernardino...I used to go to this little corner mexi joint....one of those "barely bigger than a hot-dog stand" kinda places......had the best burritos' I've ever eaten....wish I could remember the name of the place..but it was 12 years ago....

For breakfast there's nothing better than Waffle House.............there's one right up the road.....can't seem to get enough of that.....it's so bad for you though.....

I'm also a big fan of that tuna appetizer they have at The Cheesecake Factory...some kinda tuna roll's that are spicy......come with this sweet dark sauce and are served on a "leaf" laid on a bed of rice.......f'n awesome......
Old 17th October 2004
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🎧 15 years
My post will only apply to the Los Angeles area. If you've never had a Hickory Burger w/ Cheese at the Apple Pan on Pico and Glendon, you must go there. Take the Overland exit off the 10 (near the 405) and go north for a mile. Hang a left on Pico and it's a few blocks up on the right, across from the Westside Pavillion. Be careful about the parking. Lots of tickets are given out on Glendon.

For sushi, there's a great place I like on Ventura Blvd (there are so many) called Sushi Dan. It's next to the Fox N' Hounds, just west of Tujunga, in Studio City.
Old 19th October 2004
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🎧 15 years
Originally posted by djui5
I used to go to Ale House in Orlando.......and always ate this burger...."Mexicali"....mother of pearl.......I used to get it at the one on University.......

I used to go there often...Grouper sandwich..Good stuff!
Old 19th October 2004
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The Carnegie Deli is open all hours except from 4am-6am (they close for cleaning). Great food.

For sushi there's Oyama on 1st between 10th and 11th and they are open till 1am I believe. If you eat in it's 1/2 price. Great sushi, really nice people. It's not Tomoe but... nothing really is.
Old 18th November 2004
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🎧 15 years
VEGGIE FREINDLY FAST FOOD in the chi-town suburbs.

what, it could happen.

Old 13th January 2005
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🎧 15 years
here it is....

Why did this tread get moved out of 'Remote Possibilities"?

I send guys to that forum often to look at this thread when they are "road-dogging" it ... it is a great resource for mobile guys lookign for a fun way to find the next eatery...

I told a buddy of mine to check it out last week and he couldnt find it so I did a search and it is here now... .could it go back?


pretty please?

( wait, it';s a food thread.....) with cherries on top?
Old 13th January 2005
There is only one
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🎧 15 years
nanny obriens in DC on conneticut street across from the theater has possibly the best burgers in the whole US.... good enough to make a veggie eat one [ive acually gotten a veggie to eat one much to their pleasure]

makes me wanna get on a plane for one.
Old 13th January 2005
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🎧 15 years

Back in December 2002 I asked Jay Crouch to consider starting a thread about places to eat on the road ... you know -- for us "remote" kind-of-folks.

Well, he did and it was a big success. The thread lasted almost two years in our forum. When I was doing a location scout in Branson, MO last October we ate at an awesome restaurant -- I got to thinking and thought it would be cool to bring the thread back to life by mentioning this place.

I was right, we got a few more posts but it ended up getting moved and I'm kind of sorry about that. I believe only good intentions were involved in the thread move.

Oh, by the way, if you're ever in the Whitestone (NYC), NY area "Cookin' with Jazz" is a small but terrific Cajun place.
Old 30th November 2006 | Show parent
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🎧 15 years
By the way, "Cookin' with Jazz" closed it's door awhile back. The owner's looking for a new place in the same area of Queens. It was a terrific Cajun place and I hope they find a new place to call home.

Has anyone tried this place call Dinosaur BBQ? If not, you folks must try it out!! Dinosaur BBQ!

They're in Rochester, NY; Syracuse, NY and they openned a place in NYC, NY about two years ago (circa 2004) at 646 W 131st street under the Riverside Drive bridge.

They're closed on Monday's -- Great food at excellent prices!
Old 30th November 2006
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🎧 15 years
New Haven, CT:
Mamoun's is great falafel, indeed...
PIZZA: in New Haven, Sally's & Pepe's are the place to be. Different, yet both are stupendous. Long lines, worth the wait.
Don't forget Louie's Lunch, home of the BURGER! (they created it). Can't do a gig in New Haven without my mouth watering, thinking of Louie's.

Back home in NYC:
Pizza: Nick's in Forest Hills, Queens (where Joey Ramone grew up)
Two Boots in NYC
Johns Pizza in NYC
Arturo's brick oven pizza on Houston St

but when I'm in Southern Cali, I always crave FISH TACOs!
thats what I want right now.


Steve, have you tried Ben Benson's in midtown? killer steaks.

hungry now, after a long Tree Lighting foor NBC. I was the guy mixing Hall & Oates.

Old 30th November 2006 | Show parent
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🎧 15 years
Yes, Mamoun's is great falafel, and Alibaba's across the street from Mamoun's is pretty damn good when the line's too long at Mamoun's.

Yeah, Nick's in Forest Hills, Queens is the best. VI Pizza on Bell Blvd. in Bayside, Queens has the best Sicilian around.

I love Two Boots in the lower eastside.
Which John's Pizza? There are two nearby each other. One is better than the other. I forget which one is which. I try to go there when I'm at the Blue Note. Haven't been there in awhile.

I'm a "Peter Luger's" kind of guy but, I'm willing to try Ben Bensen's. Where is it in midtown? I'm ready for some killer steaks.

Thank's for the tips Jim!
Old 1st December 2006 | Show parent
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🎧 15 years
STEAK! and...pizza...and worldwide cuisine??

Ben Benson's is on 52nd between 6th and 7th Avenues. I also love Ruth's Chris steakhouse two blocks south; it's more intimate but the steaks at Ben's MIGHT be better, they are not cooked in butter lke they are at Ruth's and the steak au poivre at Ben's has been a delicacy for me for years. When I'm downtown, it's Bobby Van's across from the stock exchange, especially lunchtime when I'm setting up a show at Claremont (a former Maritime Bank now auditorium with a nice PA, lighting & video rig and a Verona console with direct outs AS WELL as a 2-way Whirlwind house splitter and several options on where to set up recording camp. The best part about Bobby Van's is the basement "vault" menu where you can go in shorts and a tshirt and get a killer filet mignon & fries or salad for $23.

I've hit a bunch of the steak houses in Midtown and the theatre district. Many people love Gallaghers, their aged beef in the window looks better than it tastes to me but I can always enjoy a meal, wherever I go!!!

I just finished two burgers with copious hot sauce and after writing this, now I'm ready for more red meat! Steve, you call the location (Lugers or any of the world class steak houses) and we should have a GS/Remotesters meeting there.

Or Thai food, or Japanese, or Indian, or Argentinian (9th ave & 46th) or the portugeuse place on 44th and 6th ave.... I'm always ready for a good meal!
Where's my emoticon/smily for "rapidly expanding JvB?"

John's pizza is on Bleeker in the west village, there's another one that's passable on 44th next to "The Producers" at the St. James Theatre, across from "Phantom of the Opera". The pizza rates below the top four in NYC, but it's still very satisfying to me.

While doing the NBC tree lighting for this last week I noticed a Two Boots kiosk in the concourse of Rockefeller Plaza (underground) and was tempted to try it but always ended up at Starbucks or Ben & Jerry's instead. Must have been emotional eating on my part, plus the catered meals we had care of the SNL catering staff. But it's good to know another Two Boots is around, I hope the recipe tastes the same!

What about favorite restaurant IN THE WORLD?

Marc Veyrat, in Annecy, France (this is a one-in-a-lifetime meal guys!)

Julien in Paris, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis (save room for the profiteroles!)

Charlie Trotters in Chicago-
Maya and Scomas in San Fransisco
Panahar (Bangladesh food) in Atlanta,
Sticky Fingers (BBQ), Grill 225, High Cotton, or Magnolias in Charleston, SC

and Jean-Georges in NYC but the word of mouth has not been good lately. The cold lobster bisque just about made it to my top ten of all time, though. When in doubt about seafood, I can always go SASHIMI!

what's YOUR favorite in the world?

Old 3rd January 2007 | Show parent
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🎧 15 years
For awesome Chinese cusine in lower manhattan try...

Congee Village on Allen off of Delancy.

The WBGO and ASL Crews enjoy this place on NYE2006 very much.

It's a must try kind of place!
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