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Remote Possibilities Role Call... Post Your Name, Rank & Specialty Right Here!
Old 3rd September 2007
Brett (aka BLP)

Currently, NYC

Freelance Engineer/Master's Student

Location recording of classical music, choir recordings, assorted studio sessions

Thought for today:
Damn I need more gear...

Love the forum, just don't get here enough...
Old 10th September 2007
Gear Maniac
🎧 15 years

Name: Jamey Lamar
Art Music Recording
Classical on-location
Producer/Engineer. Editing. Mastering.
Just back from a week of sessions on East coast, off to Nashville next week.
I do orchestras, chamber music.
Standard rep + lots of new music.
NC School of the Arts, piano performance, 1989
Cleveland Institute of Music, BM Audio Recording 1993
University of Memphis, MM Musicology 2000
Thesis" PeΓ±alosa Dubia and Spuria"
Upcoming releases:
Baltimore Chamber Orchestra + Charles Wetherbee, violin, et. al. - muisc of Jonathan Leshnoff
Carpe Diem String Quartet: Complete String Quartets of Sergei Taneiev, Vol. 1

I use: DPA, Schoeps, Neumann
Millennia, Lavry, Metric Halo
Lavry, Apogee, Benchmark
Old 12th September 2007
Gear Nut
Thom's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Name: Thom Walker

Location: VA, currently SW VA

Occupation: Audio Engineer (MON), just started recording again. My specialty is acoustic music (live sound). I am still trying to master my specialty in location recording. Hope you can help.

Quote: What else you wanna know?

Gear: Neumann, Schoeps, Metric Halo, Macintosh...and always wanting more
Old 12th September 2007 | Show parent
Super Moderator
Remoteness's Avatar
🎧 15 years

I want to welcome our new remotesters, Graham, Brett, Jamey and Thom.

I trust you will dig our awesome forum for years to come.

We're looking forward to your questions, thoughts, ideas and comments.

Keep those threads and posts coming and most importantly...

Remember to tip your waiters and waitresses.

Enjoy the show!
Old 24th September 2007
Gear Head
Cut It Live's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Design FX Remote Recording

DESIGN FX Remote Recording
Scott Peets
Mixer / Director Of Remote Recording
Burbank, CA
office (818)843-6555

API / Pro Tools / NS-10's....etc

credits and sound clips at

MySpace.com - Design FX Remote Recording
Old 4th October 2007 | Show parent
Gear Addict
thedoner's Avatar
🎧 10 years
I've been hanging around enjoying this form for a while now, posting sporadically, and getting some excellent advise from Remoteness and crew.
I recently moved back to the Tri-State area after 5 years working on staff at a big studio in DC...put together my remote rig and started my new company. Since I just did my first live gig with the new gear, I guess I'm official now and should introduce myself.

Name:Gordon Davies

Rank: Owner: Singletrack Audio Solutions, freelance engineer/producer, Pro Tools Instructor, mountain bike racer

Specialty: 24 track live and location recording, studio recording & mixing, etc.

Gear: Pro Tools HD3 Accel, Alesis HD24XL, Apogee AD16X & Rosetta 800, Presonus Digimax 96 Pre's, UA 6176, mics from AKG, Audix, Cascade, Sony, Shure, Rode, EV, Soundelux, Heil Sound etc.

Thought of the day: These road cases are really f*ckin' heavy!
Old 13th October 2007 | Show parent
Super Moderator
Remoteness's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Welcome Scott; Gordon...

I'm happy you made it by this lil' place.

See you folks down the road.

Old 3rd November 2007 | Show parent
Lives for gear
hughesmr's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Geez, I've been here posting for damn near two years now, so maybe I should introduce myself!

Name: Michael Hughes

Location: SW Ohio (metro Dayton/Cincinnati)

Occupation: Statistician/statistcial analyst and consultant. Moonlight doing location recording of classical/acoustic music. Many clients at local conservatories/music schools, including choral and orchestral groups; have a steady regional SO gig; love and record lots of organ (married a DM in organ!) and have had several interesting gigs recording various organs of significance.

Gear: Matched prs of Schoeps MK2S, MK21, MK41, Gefell M300 and Sennheiser 8020. Benchmark MPS420 and DAV BG1 pres. Lucid AD. Alesis Masterlink, Korg MR1000 and MR2000S recorders. Wavelab for post.
Old 16th November 2007 | Show parent
Here for the gear
Cucco's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Hey Michael-

I'll jump on the bandwagon behind you.

I haven't really posted much on GS, but have read it for a long time. Some of the guys know me here already from Recording.org and some of those guys hate my guts...but I'm okay with that.

Anyway, I'd list off my gear, but since I buy and sell all the time, my list changes as often as my underwear (sometimes more often).

My favorites at this moment in time:
Royer SF 12
Schoeps CMC6 (MK2, MK4, MK21)
RME FireFace 800 (love it!)

I pretty much do live orchestral, choral, wind ensemble and jazz, though I will do the occassional rock/country as well (if I dig the music.) I do have a small studio in the home, but prefer not to use it unless for friends or really good groups. The studio is about 3200 cubic feet (20x24x8) and is entirely floating.

While I do make a decent "living" off of recording, my day job is as an engineer/scientist for the government and have worked in the Pentagon since 2000. I currently support the Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate in the Communications Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center out of New Jersey, but live in Northern Virginia.

As for where I get the gigs - where ever I can. I'll travel long distances to record and like to work with colleges, semi-pro or "farm-league" orchestras as much or more than the big leagues. (Too many egos to deal with in the bigger orchestras!)

Right now, I'm totally into new chamber music- stuff that hasn't been recorded yet - 21st century, neo-romantic chamber.

Anyway...cheers all!

Old 26th November 2007 | Show parent
Gear Maniac
🎧 10 years
I have been trolling, thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself as well. I have always enjoyed live recordings so here I am...

Name: Tony Alberts

Location: Cleveland Ohio

Occupation: Real Job - Technical Supervisor for Time Warner Cable.
Not making any money job - Spectrum Sound.

Favorite quote: "it is what it is".

Gear: 2 AKG 414's, 3 AKG C451B, 4 Senn 421, RE20, AKG C3000B, AKG D112, 4 Senn ME66, 2 ME 64 capsules, 3 ATM35, HD24, Soundcraft Ghost and a Masterlink. Post mixing Nuendo...and some other misc stuff.
Old 3rd December 2007
Gear Nut
Farfensound's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Talking Live sound w/ 16 ADAT in Columbus Ohio

Farfensound Productions is a small hobbie company providing consulting, training, and small system live sound for acts and clubs.

I offer tracking for any shows. Don't have a mixdown room but have friends who can mix it down for you.

Name: Karl Freudenreich (Farfensound Productions)

Location: Columbus Ohio

Occupation: Manger Frontline B2B support
Vocation: consulting, training, and small system live sound for Churches and local acts.

Favorite quote: "if we continue to pull rabbits out of our collective hats,
sooner or later people won't be amazed at the trick and grateful for
your skills. They'll simply stare back at you and ask "Where's my
stinkin' rabbit." (Kirk Longhofer)

Gear: Two ADAT Xt20s and the direct outs from my FOH console. PR20, PRA-238B, C4000B, RE16... DBX and Yamaha compression...

Last edited by Farfensound; 3rd December 2007 at 04:58 AM.. Reason: Correcting format
Old 3rd December 2007 | Show parent
Gear Maniac
smarsland's Avatar
🎧 15 years

I can't remember if I introduced myself before, but I moved closer to NYC and haven't been around on here for the past year or so.

Name: Scott Marsland

Location: SW CT, 1 hr. from NYC

Occupation: HS Band Director & freelance concert recordist

Gear: 2 stereo pairs of C451B's, Apogee Mini-me, Mini-DAC, CDRW2000, Waves L2 Hardware, Glyph

Looking to make some changes to my set-up - see posting.

Old 28th December 2007 | Show parent
Here for the gear
🎧 10 years

I've been lurking here periodically for some time - finally registered.

Name: Michael DeMark
Occupation: Technical Director, 89.3 The Current, Minnesota Public Radio
Home: Saint Paul, MN

I am the primary recording engineer for The Current, which is a three-year-old alternative rock station owned by Minnesota Public Radio. We broadcast in the Twin Cities, Rochester, MN, and of course, the Internet.

The Current is one of a handful of public stations around the country that are playing alternative / indie rock and pop music (not counting college stations). The station has a very strong commitment to live performance - we bring an average of about 4 - 6 acts per week into our studios to play live on the radio. If I may namedrop a bit, in just the past few months I've been fortunate to record The New Pornographers, Tori Amos, Spoon, They Might Be Giants, Rilo Kiley, Art Brut, Of Montreal, Dan Wilson, The Cinematic Orchestra, The National, Suzanne Vega, Leo Kottke, John Gorka, Keb Mo, Fiery Furnaces and many others.

Our studios are pretty amazing - Studio M (officially the Maud Moon Weyerhauser Studio) is 45 ft. x 36 ft. with a 25 ft. ceiling. The console is a new (last year) Neve 88R. Studio P is a smaller (22' x 20' x 9') room with an API Legacy console. We also own the Fitzgerald Theater, a 1000-seat house that is the home base of A Prairie Home Companion.

Before coming to MPR, I worked at WNYC, New York and Wisconsin Public Radio in Madison. I've engineered thousands of remote recordings / broadcasts of acoustic music (classical, jazz, folk, world), but these days I'm doing primarily studio recordings / broadcasts of rock & roll, which is just fine with me. Ninety-five percent of the music I've mixed over the years has been straight to 2-track, with no multitrack safety net involved.

Thanks to Steve and everyone on this board for sharing their experience and opinions.
Old 28th December 2007 | Show parent
Gear Nut
ARude's Avatar
🎧 15 years
I finally have a few moments to input this...

Name: Al Rude

Rank: Very...

Position: Producer/engineer/chief cook and bottle washer

Specialty: Capturing lightning in a bottle. I don't really have a specialty when it comes to audio. I'm classically trained but I'll record anything from Bach to Rock. I've always liked the challenge of getting a live performance "on the fly." Expertise in X-Y, M-S & Blumlein stereo mic techniques along with an ever-growing collection of stereo mics...

Experience: 35 years+ in the broadcast and recording fields, including chief engineer for several FM stations, a TV station and chief tech/engineer/consultant for several major studios. Over the years I have done live broadcasts, studio recordings, audio for television, on-air personality, FOH, live recordings, lots of location recording, etc. I spent most of my earlier years in the Detroit area and have lived in south Florida since the turn of the century. I was mentored in my early years by many of the Motown engineers and have maintained their "whatever works" attitude when it comes to audio.

Currently: Running a live capture audio service for select clientele.

Favorite quotes: “Music is a life sentence.” – Kenny Parker; “It’s a poor workman that blames his tools” – Unknown; “If you ‘ain’t havin’ fun, you ain’t makin’ music” – Bob Clairmountan; “Necesitity is a motherf&#@%$!” - various Motown engineers
Old 20th January 2008
Gear Addict
🎧 10 years
Allie Maness


Bulletproof contracts.

Thought for today:
MySpace will die soon...
Old 24th January 2008 | Show parent
Gear Maniac
Mazo Audio's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Hello from Mazomanie, Wisconsin

Actually I don't live in Mazo anymore but I used the name of that town for my company.

Name: Lance Ketterer

Owner, operator: Mazomanie Audio Services: Location and Studio Recording, Sound Reinforcement.

Recording Engineer: University of Wisconsin School of Music

I record a variety of mostly classical and jazz concerts for the University and work on a few faculty CD's.

I'm always looking to push the envelope a little more with the equipment I have and try to make a better recording. I've captured a few tricks here, thanks to you who share information. I hope to be able to give something back.


Old 29th January 2008 | Show parent
Gear Nut
naths101's Avatar
🎧 10 years
hi from australia

name: nathan steele

rank: channel 9 videotapes, sydney... working in television pays the bills and pays for my recording gear - that is while my recording business continues to grow

speciality: freelance engineer/producer studio recording of acoustic, pop & rock bands as well as starting to get into location recording (from houses to halls with a live audience)

recently joined GS

currently focusing on buying tracking gear until i build a studio in a few years time. im talking gear such as neve, api, ssl etc etc.
thinking of building my own location recording truck in say 10 years...

ultimate lifetime goal is to track a live concert recording 96 tracks @ 96k with tasty outboard and mixed in 5.1 for dvd release... similar to the eagles farewell tour dvd.
actually who knows what format we'll be working in by the time i get to do this?!

also mix front of house, monitors (wedges & iem) & broadcast.
love a bit of lighting directing for concerts, working on short films and being involved in multi-camera concert shoots.

did i mention im 21?
Old 19th February 2008 | Show parent
Gear Maniac
unclejoe's Avatar
🎧 10 years
new to here

name ....Joe.


work......Audio Freelancer, working mostly in live recording mobiles..DVD shoots, most of the big festivals in the UK, the odd tour here and there,lots of post gig vocal tunings, live on the night CD burns etc.

Latest work...Cant really say!...vocal tuning......Big act ,from their Royal Albert Hall show.

thought of the moment...grt some sleep.

nice to meet you all!
Old 5th March 2008 | Show parent
Here for the gear
🎧 10 years
just a hobbyist

Hi all, -John from Lansdale (Philly area)

I like to record my friends and see how good I can get it to sound. I have a 16 channel rig patched into my PA, a 50 foot snake and the mics to do a 5-piece band. I'll be in school for audio next semester. I'm for hire if you need a gofer with knowledge.

Last edited by John A Collins; 5th March 2008 at 06:43 AM.. Reason: grammar
Old 5th March 2008 | Show parent
Gear Guru
John Willett's Avatar
🎧 10 years

John Willett

Circle Sound Services - owner (spare time business)

I am also the President of the International Federation of Soundhunters and the Chairman of the British Sound Recording Association. I am also on the Executive Committee of the Institute of Broadcast Sound (so a glutton for punishment).

(My day job with Sennhesier UK pays the mortgage)

Recording classical music on location - recent major job was recording four CDs (25 days booked) of piano recital in The Menuhin Hall (the performance hall of the Yehudi Menuhin School in Stoke D'Abernon).

I also write the odd article for audio magazines and have written a couple of AES papers.
Old 6th March 2008 | Show parent
Lives for gear
mljung's Avatar
1 Review written
🎧 15 years
Name: Mads Ljungdahl

Location: Copenhagen, DK [but have done location-recordings in other regions and country's too]

Music: Classical and different kinds of so-called rhythmic music, both acoustic and electric.

Moreover I've done location recording and sound-FX for films, sound design and music for theater and producing albums [from location recorded music].

Education: Royal Art Academy of Fine Arts in CPH. My work with sound is learning by doing; done it for 15 years now. Sound has been a fascination since childhood. I work with Visual Art as well.

Equipment: DPA, Milab, Neumann, Beyer, OktavaMod, Gefell, Sennheiser etc. + preamps from D.A.V. etc.
Old 6th March 2008 | Show parent
Super Moderator
Remoteness's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Thumbs up Welcome to the experiment!

I would like to welcome the lastest group of Remotesters to the forum!

Thank you for being part of this communication experiment.

It's great to see you folks here!
Old 15th March 2008 | Show parent
Gear Maniac
mslim's Avatar
🎧 10 years
name: D. Smith

location: just slightly north of Los Angeles

I am a recycled musician who returned to playing ten years ago after a twenty year hiatus . Back in the day (can you say analog?) I was around some of the Southern Soul recording studios. I play and record with a 5 piece Blues band performing mostly original music. We are now recording our 4th CD in a good studio on Pro Tools HD. As preparation for this last CD I began recording our rehearsals on a (slightly) used Yamaha AW4416 DAW that I bought for $700. It was a steep learning curve for an analog dinosaur but I drew up a flow chart relating the "layers" of the AW to an analog console that helped me to understand its functions and work flow. I had some pretty good results recording 8 discreet (albeit with a lot of bleed) tracks of the band and mixing CD's so the members could review their performances and arrangement.

I would like to use my AW and mics to record live performances at the local community college of jazz bands and instrumental orchestras with an eye to providing (for pay to support my gear habit) recital recordings when I acquire sufficient experience.

I realize location recording and acoustic music is far different from experience with studio recording and close mic'ed instruments. It is to this end that I am participating in this forum.


AW4416, EV666, EVND468, Sennheiser E609, AKG C505E, AT4051a x2, SM57, EV RE15, ATM25
Old 9th April 2008 | Show parent
Gear Head
🎧 10 years
Richard King here. Not this Richard King: Former Sony Studios Engineer Richard King Chooses Genelec 8050A Bi-amplified Active Monitors for New Editing Suite Although I wish I had half his talent and I would gladly do sponsorships for just about any manufacturer in exchange for free gear.
Not this Richard King: Richard King (Texas) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia although I wish I had half the family money.

I moved 11 years ago to Zero, er, Vero Beach, Florida to get away from Minnesnowta winters. I had a nice analog studio back in the '70's and got hired away from myself by my equipment supplier. I worked for them for many years (and in the process designed, wired and installed the system that Prince used in his warehouse for parts of the Purple Rain project). I have been away from knob twisting for about 30 years :( and am contemplating setting up a small location recording rig. I currently have one Presonus FireStudio and am about to add a second. I have about 5 cheap condensers, not at all like the Neumann U67's that I used to use, but, they may help get me started. Still need to pick up a bunch of splitters, stands, cables etc. Here's my location rig from about 1975 or so:

Well, it appears that my picture disappeared, so here's a link to it.. location.jpg photo - Richard King photos at pbase.com
Attached Thumbnails
Remote Possibilities Role Call... Post Your Name, Rank & Specialty Right Here!-3371059_location.jpg  

Last edited by Richard King; 27th April 2008 at 10:33 PM.. Reason: added link to picture that vanished.
Old 13th April 2008 | Show parent
Gear Nut
🎧 10 years
Name: Jeff Jordan, Northwest Florida.

Recording orchestras, choirs, wind ensembles, chamber music and jazz on location since 1994. Mainly recorded in Baton Rouge, Dallas/Ft Worth, and Northwest Florida.

Currently mix live to air broadcasts or do FOH for local pubic radio show RadioLive or assist as production needs require. Also mix live to tape or FOH for local public TV station's Studio A facility. In addition I own my own location recording operation (as small as it may be) for local groups. Day job (the one that feeds my gear habit) is as a technology coordinator for public school.

Gear: mics by Neumann, Earthworks, AKG, Beyerdynamic, Rode. Millennia pres, yamaha mixer (rarely used anymore), Digi003 rig, Alesis HD24XR, RME converters. Cabling by Mogami and Gotham.

Wanting to add Schoeps and Sennheiser mics to the collection. Also wanting to increase millennia channel count from 8 to 16. Eventually would like to have a top notch AD converter.
Old 22nd April 2008 | Show parent
Here for the gear
David B.'s Avatar
🎧 10 years
David Bernhagen; present, but not accounted for.

I was a symphonic trumpet player 'till I became ill and unable to play. The last two years, or so, I've been getting into recording live classical and jazz as a way of staying in music. I have done about 50 recordings so far, and am starting to make a little money now. Most of my recordings were done in the Netherlands, where my wife was studying baroque cello. She has begun the PhD program in musicology at UCLA, so my work is now centered around that.

I use Mac computers, Apogee duet and MOTU 896HD interfaces, an M-Audio Micro-Trak II for back up, an Audio Developments 8/2 Mixer, AKG K271S and Tannoy 600A for monitoring, and microphones from AKG, Nakamichi, Tannoy, and Telefunken USA.

I love tubes and analog, but realize there is no money to be made using the following. They are for my personal amusement and use: Studer C37 and B67, Presto 825, Altec 1566a (3), a Leak Stereo 20, various bits from TAB, Klangfilm, RTW, Telefunken, Seimens, and Danner to go into a custom console that will be reminiscent of EMI REDD consoles (long term project, but fun,) And many more esoteric little projects, especially custom monitoring systems.

Sorry if that was too long.
Old 24th April 2008
Gear Addict
primemeat64's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Howdy everybody.


Music Graduate (Class of 2008)

Humbly; my personality and my work ethic.

Thought for today:
(Self Plug) If anybody in London or the surrounding counties needs a young & enthusiastic worker who'll help out any way you need, PM me.

Old 26th April 2008 | Show parent
Here for the gear
🎧 10 years
Dave Sims

Sometimes get paid

6 Channels over the shoulder, always at speed, maybe we can go back to my place for a little bit of post, hmmm?

Thought for today:
Whether you think you can or you think you cant...you're right! - STEWIE GRIFFIN

Question of the day:
Tell us about timecode Ron, whats it really like?

But Seriously:
Location recording on short films for now with a yearning to assist on a huge feature. Sometimes help out my mate doing acoustic live to air at his community radio station.


Old 1st May 2008 | Show parent
Super Moderator
Remoteness's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Welcome one; welcome all!
Old 2nd May 2008
Lives for gear
Corran's Avatar
🎧 10 years
I've been meaning to do this...I'm pretty active in the Remote forum these days.

Bryan Garris

I own my own location recording biz, Ocean Star Productions (Ocean Star Productions - Location Recording, Audio Mastering, and CD Duplication). It's small but I make a good deal of my income from it. Just finished two BA degrees in Music Ed / Music Comp and start graduate school soon for Music Performance.

Remote recording of classical and jazz music. I also play flute and piccolo in some local orchestras.

Recorder: HD24XR
Mics: Schoeps CMC6 pair with MK2S, MK4, MK8, Earthworks QTC-1s, Bang & Olufsen BM-5 (hotrodded) stereo ribbon, various Oktava/OktavaMod mics, etc.
Specifics are on my website.
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