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Remote Possibilities Role Call... Post Your Name, Rank & Specialty Right Here!
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Here for the gear
🎧 15 years
Hi Steve and forum members....

My NAME is Hugh Fox.

My LOCATION is Dublin in Ireland.

My main occupation is as a location sound mixer for film and television. being from a small country with a small industry it is hard to specialize in just one area of sound. i record sound for corporates, documentaries, small tv shows, bigger ones, drama (i'd like to be doing more drama, just not alot of it about!). you name it and i'll try and record it!

My favourite pieces of gear are my schoeps mics (cmc mk41 and cmit's) and sound devices 788t.

i would like to learn more about location recording of music. i've already learned so much from this forum, cheers guys.
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Gear Maniac
c.gymer's Avatar
🎧 10 years
I guess I ought to chime in here. Starting to feel left out...

NAME: Chris Gymer

RANK: Freelance Jedi Knight, FOH engineer, location recordist

HISTORY: Started with a cassette four track when I was 14. 13 years later I do mainly FOH for various people (quite a lot of jazz and cabaret, as well as the usual assortment of bands in smaller venues/festivals), and bits and bobs of recording both gigs and studio based.

KIT: Samplitude 9 for mixing and editing, Reaper for tracking on location, MOTU 828mkII USB, Focusrite pres, plenty of mics but nothing fancy. Basically just stuff that works and I can trust.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: McVities Dark Chocolate Digestives are bad for your health, but oh so tasty.
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Here for the gear
🎧 10 years
gear less but moovin forward!!

NAME: Chico Aires

RANK: on location recording junkie! soon becoming very professional with a revolutionary idea!!!

HISTORY: Been recording friend´s making noise and my own stuff since I was 16, on a TascamMF-P01 4 Track Cassette Recorder. Then passed on to a Boss "Micro BR", and did some interesting recordings in different European countries! Travelled with my motorhome all around Europe playing for change on the streets! Great experience! Just finishing my studies in Barcelona as an Audio Engineer and writing my research project on Audio Trucks and mobile recording!! Work part time for a movie company recording a sound library and doing post.production!!

KIT: Just own a m-box2 and a pair of SE1A mics, for stereo recordings and pro tools. Want to invest very soon on some vintage gear( reel to reel multitracker) and other essencial gear: a Large diafragm Mic, studio monitoring, pre´s, and a good A/D D/A converter. (still deciding on these)

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I wish I could get a job in an Audio Truck. [email protected]

Last edited by chicoiry; 16th December 2009 at 01:17 AM.. Reason: change of mind
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Gear Nut
Jarp2600's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Name: Jip Postma

Rank: Freelance, and FOH/monitor/sound engineer at Schouwburg Hanzehof (Zutphen, NL) and Podium Gigant (Apeldoorn, NL)

Somewhere in the centre of Holland

Specialty: Magician with live (electro-)acoustic sound reïnforcement and theater/musical stuff.

Thought for today: Haven't had a decent meal for hours, --> off for some pizza.
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Gear Head
twelveight's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Originally Posted by Dog BBQ ➡️
Name: Big Ed

Rank: 6'5"

Specialty: Music

Thought for today: I used to be God but now I sell HotDogs
You've been sig'd. That was a much needed laugh. Thank you.
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Lives for gear
recordinghopkins's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Name: Greg Hopkins
Rank: Owner, Principal Engineer
Company: Hopkins Media Services
Specialty: Live concert recording for musicians with small budgets, Drum Tech, FOH engineer
Location: Music City, USA
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Lives for gear
The Listener's Avatar
1 Review written
🎧 10 years
Name: Andrej Hrvatin

: aspiring freelance recordist / mixer / percussionist

: Satoration Studio

: Slovenija and EU

History and specialties
: recording and mixing jazz and world music artists (highlights being recording and mixing projects that included guests such as Michel Godard, Paul McCandless, Irene Aebi, Julian Arguelles, Peter Brotzmann, Tyshawn Sorey, etc.) preferably recording on location or in ad hoc studios set up in empty buildings with nice acoustics and not much environmental noise. Still aspiring for a first classical gig.
Being open to alternative rock, electronica and also good quality pop music. Being one of the few persons I know personally that can equally enjoy and appreciate artists as different as Gyorgy Ligeti, Benjamin Britten, Pat Metheny, Steve Coleman, Stephen Micus, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Olivier Messiaen, Arnold Schoenberg, Wolf Parade, Boredoms, Shibusashirazu, Steve Reich, Frank Zappa, Arvo Part, Joy Division, Radiohead, Daft punk, Shpongle, King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Zakir Hussain, John McLaughlin, Plastikman, Arcade Fire, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Soulfly, Ektomorf, Massive Attack, Dalek, DJ Spo***, Public Enemy, Gerardo Nunez, Mr.Bungle, Paco de Lucia, Gloria Coates, Wendy Carlos, etc., trying to put that ecclectic taste to good use in my own production.
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Lives for gear
JonesH's Avatar
4 Reviews written
🎧 10 years
Name: Johannes Oscarsson

Rank: I don't rank well...

Background: 2 year Radio production diploma, 3 year Audio engineering Bachelor diploma. Amateur singer and chorist, technical writer. Started out with sound design when I was twelve, progressed to PA, got into recording and nowadays love acoustic remote recording.

Specialty: "Classical" music; organ music, chamber music, orchestras - this is what I like doing, not what I'm particularly good at, mind you!

- MacBook from 2006, due for replacement!
- Metric Halo ULN-8, a new and welcome blessing. Also have a M-Audio ProFire 2626 for 24-track recording into pro tools when needed.
- 2x DPA 4006-TL with all accessories - handy in a tight spot
- 2x Thuresson CM402 on hold - very special dudes.
- Some nice stands, cables and the like, including one 10m organ stand
- Sennhesier HD650 headphones, Genelec 8020's for location monitoring
- Edirol R-44 for portable recording
- Studer B67 reel-to-reel recorder for not-so-portable recording.
it's really not about the gear, but the gear is certainly fun.

This forum has already given me much; I look forward to continued participation and what contributions I can make.
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Lives for gear
🎧 10 years
Name: Zach Bloom

Rank: Freelance recordist/freelance tuba player

Company: Towers Mobile Recording

Location: Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Specialty: Classical, symphonic bands, choirs, orchestras

History: Ive been doing it for 5 years, just about.
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Lives for gear
MidasHatesGold's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Name: Chris Schaefer

freelance sound/lighting engineer with a bachlor in event engineering
musician and semi pro drum teacher...

visual acoustic labor
I do mobile recording as an addition to my FOH work

Wismar (Germany)
Erfurt (Germany)

backline pro
Front of House
event safty
refurbishing guitars/ Amp/ drums

thoughts for today:
I should stop buying mics!!!
I need some jobs for more gear...heh
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Deleted User
Name: Terry (AKA Jack Tadoussac)

Rank: Amateur sound recordist who likes the sound of two channels, no overdubs, unprocessed sound.

Company: Aspiring Documentary Filmmaker

Specialty: recording two channels, no overdubs, unprocessed sound using various recorders. Own a Uher 4400 that needs fixing, a Lavry PRS2 that makes lots of hissing, a Konnekt 24D that always clips and I may some day acquire more gear to complain about.

Location: Canada

Gear: Considering a Mac Pro to enable me to better edit video, possibly a Duet or a Lynx L22. I have several pairs of dynamic mics: RE20, EV165b omni, SM57, as well as a groovy Swedish mic preamp, the Line Audio 2MP.
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Super Moderator
Remoteness's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Welcome one; welcome all.
It's great to see you folks here.
Enjoy the forum -- All the best!
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Lives for gear
🎧 10 years
Name: John Smyth

Rank: Profession: Communications engineer (retired). Avocation: Recording engineer/producer. Life member AES

History: Fell in love with the school tape recorder (a Pyrox Magictape) at age 13. On graduation worked in a Country town on 'poles and holes' communications technology, and joined a jazz band. Travelled to UK and worked mainly in Coventry from 1969. Bought a Uher 4000L and made first remote recording (mono) in the Gretna Green Wedding Inn at Newton Aycliffe. Moved to Antwerp 1971 and subsequently bought a pair of D202E1s and a Uher 4200 before returning to Oz. 1976 joined as a volunteer at Australia's first community based radio station and (combining communications and musical skills) conducted the station's outside broadcasts for the next ten years. First digital broadcast recording in 1984. A quiet patch audio-wise from then on while helping to build three national mobile phone networks, and organise several AES conventions, including exhibiting and demonstrating a working Blattnerphone. Third millennium - time to do something different - retire from communications and focus more on music and broadcasting. A short detour via New York in 2001 (more mobile phones - thanks AT&T) and then since 2002 a member of the concert recording team at our public classical music broadcaster, with some nice gear (thanks, AT&T). Now make occasional outside (music) broadcasts using mobile phone ... I like convergence.

Speciality: Classical music recording, minimalist techniques (where possible - I hate post), live-to-air broadcasts and learning on the job. Nagra V, AKG C426B and Schoeps figure a lot in what I do.
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Here for the gear
chuck1's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Name: Chuck Ibey

Rank: Freelance TV Audio Engineer

Company: Freelance, but work with Dome Productions, Global TV, MIRA Mobile, etc.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Specialty: Live sports, and news.

History: Working in TV for close to 10 years. Started as a Utility, then to A2, now A1. Worked many fun events, large and small.
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Super Moderator
Remoteness's Avatar
🎧 15 years
It's great to see you folks here.

I look forward to reading more of your posts!
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Here for the gear
ColMustard's Avatar
🎧 10 years
It's been too long since I've been on the board. … and I don't think I ever properly introduced myself.

: Mike Pickett

: owner, engineer, musician, photographer, web guy

: Fargone Productions

: Chicago and surrounding areas

: Lectures, events, and local bands. I'm pretty decent at audio restoration too.

History: After starting the business in 2004 by basically being a glorified taper for local bands, I slowly upgraded my system. I fell into freelancing for Nextbook and Chicago Public Libraries, and soon started recording events for Chicago Public Radio. This niche has some interesting challenges. Most of the venues I record in aren't set up for audio. Most of the folks that step up to my mics have no mic technique. My current rig is capable of recording 16 tracks independent of the PA. While this is overkill for most lectures, author readings, and panel discussions, it's just right for recording gigs at the local clubs.
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Gear Addict
spectrasound's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Cool SpectraSound

Greetings. Jim McGee here.

I am a freelance recording eng./mixer. I do about 10 to 12 remotes a year, using PT HD3, backed up by Alesis HD24s. Mostly jazz, some R&B I also operate a mix/master facility: Spectra Sound Solutions

Berklee College of Music, Composition/Arranging Diploma. I also produce and co-produce artists.

Added the Barefoot MM27s to our mix room..... I will never look back!

We mix to analog 1/2" on a bastardized Sony APR-5000-2 with Ampex 440 heads and 440c electronics at 22.5 ips It rocks (and swings)!

Thanks for the invite!
Old 6th April 2010
Gear Head
🎧 10 years
Hi guys, been hanging around some time on this great forum and mostly reading, time for an introduction...

Name: Jasper

starting-up freelance recording engineer and semi-pro pianist. Still deciding which way to go... focus on live recording or studio recording. Besides that I still have my full-time job as chemical research engineer.

started to play the piano when I was a kid, been playing ever since. I learned myself composing and recording with the computer, and over the last 10 years I have slowly but steadily building up my home studio, which grew into more than just a home studio over the last few years... Anyway, recently I officially registered my own company in music and audio productions, and I do some freelance jobs in both live recording and studio recording (next month my first real studio recording/enginering/mixing session!). I hope to gradually get more audio jobs, and switch from full-time to part-time research enginering.
And I have my own jazz/funk band, and play in interesting music projects (@trompetfreak/philip: remember the XLJazz project last September in the BIMhuis? That was me behind the keys I really enjoyed that gig).

putting the feel in music as musician, and hopefully as well as producer. Oh, and playing the Fender Rhodes, can't beat that one!

Mixing/recording: Soundcraft Ghost, Echo Audiofire 12 (2x), TC M1 (2x), DBX 586, Presonus TubePre/EQ3B (great for Rhodes DI!) Tannoy Reveal Active, Sennheiser EH2270 and more. Must get some decent mics....
Mobile recording (2trk): Mackie 1202-VLZ3, Zoom H4, Sennheiser EH2270, Rode NT5 (usually hired).
Instruments: Rhodes 73 mkII (customized with mkI pickups!), Roland RD-700, Korg Triton Le, JV-2080.
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Here for the gear
vinylgod's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Name: John Molinaro

Rank: Electronics Technician/Installer for Aura-Sonic

Background: Started designing, building and modifying audio equipment
since I was 16..... this is also the age when I started playing keyboards
and my love for Frank Zappa's music.

Specialty: Modifying mixing consoles with Vishay (aerospace grade) resistors. Troubleshooting hard to fix equipment. Recording any type of music live or studio. Collector of vinyl records.

Gear: Not enough bandwidth to include here, will start a seperate thread.
Old 16th April 2010
Gear Maniac
newyorkbrass's Avatar
🎧 10 years

Danny Flam

Main dude at NewYorkBrass.com

Add Brass/Woodwinds/String Ensembles/Rhythm to people's recordings over the internet or locally. Also via skype. Always carries a portable rig... just in case...
Based out of NYC.

Thought for today:
Why do people wait for the mix to remind themselves "hey this midi stuff really is terrible, we could use Live <fill in the blank>"
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Gear Nut
chai t's Avatar
🎧 10 years
foot soldier
getting a decent sound out of indecent gear.

i do mostly studio stuff with some good gear. it's when i get an on-site gig that the gear quality drops when we rent so i'm assembling my own set up. at the rate i'm going though, i'll have a decent four-channel set up by 2025. stuff's expensive.
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Gear Addict
GotGear?'s Avatar
🎧 10 years
NAME: Michael

RANK: I hope not.

POSITION: Sitting or standing depending upon if I'm writing, playing, singing, recording, or mixing. Owner and operator and engineer and floor sweeper of a 10'x20'x7' concrete recording box.

SPECIALITIES: Doing the impossible for the ungrateful. I've done so much with so little for so long, I'm now qualified to do anything with nothing...which is what I practically have.

I've had to overcome, or deal with the limitations of my equipment budget which doesn't get me to half of the pro-level quality I'd like to be at. I have learned a lot over the years particularly what not to do as well as what I should be doing that I learned incorrectly to begin with back in the early '80's.

EQUIPMENT: Nothing anyone wants to hear about except that I'm using 1/2" eight track and most didn't want to know that either. The only items of truely professional quality gear I have are my MD-441's and my Turner Model 1 guitar and VOX amp. And a couple of Yamaha and Kurzweil boards.

I'm not mobile now, but I was back in the late eighties with a back breaking Tascam 48, 3 feet of rack and associated extras. Too old for that **** now.
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Gear Nut
chai t's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Originally Posted by GotGear? ➡️
NAME: Michael

SPECIALITIES: Doing the impossible for the ungrateful. I've done so much with so little for so long, I'm now qualified to do anything with nothing...which is what I practically have.
a kindred soul.
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Super Moderator
Remoteness's Avatar
🎧 15 years
You know something Michael...

I'd rather work with a person with a mindset like your own than one with all the gear in the world that can only get the sound their gear can get them.

Originally Posted by GotGear? ➡️
NAME: Michael

SPECIALITIES: Doing the impossible for the ungrateful. I've done so much with so little for so long, I'm now qualified to do anything with nothing...which is what I practically have.
If you have an "ear" you will always get the sound you want no matter what equipment you use; If you only rely on the gear, the sound will only be as good as the gear itself.

Man, I'm the worst salesman on the planet, but I always sound good doin' it.
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Gear Head
MrQuincy's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Hello GS

Name: Quincy

: Hobbyist for the time being, no rank for the nameless!

: N/A

: Kansas City, MO

: I'm working in an industry that I'm not particularly fond of at the moment. Fortunately I've found enough spare change to put together a capable project studio. Recording is all I do when I'm not chained to a 5th floor cubicle...and to be honest a great deal of my time in this cube is spent on recording forums like this (don't tell mein fuhrer). I advertise free recording time on Craigslist and state that I'll accept only the artists I choose. I like to hone my skills using capable performers and musicians. Since I have yet to land a part time internship that fits with my less-than-ideal work schedule, I do this by undercutting all the studios in the area and scooping up the best artists I can find on the weekends. It's not making me money now but sooner than later, with enough elbow grease, the skills will pay off I'm sure. While my experience is in amateur engineering/production I fully intend to use these skills to realize my dream: To record frog farts in exotic swamps and to record songs written by smelly indigenous peoples across the globe.

History: Spent more time playing out and touring during high school than your average teen. Went to college for an office job, which held little interest for me, dropped out and recorded an EP at Killingsworth in North Hollywood in 2007 (as a vocalist for a Kansas City based group). Now I'm taking Berklee classes online when I can afford to and practice, practice, practicing at my home PT studio. I am a huge fan of 30's and 40's northern Mississippi delta blues songwriting and derive much of my inspiration to record professionally from Alan Lomax and his likenesses of the time. Gotta get out of this cube...
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Lives for gear
maxpidge's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Name: Mike Pigeon
Rank: Owner, Producer, Engineer
Company: Studio Anywhere
Specialty: Live concert recording, Studio recording, Tour Management, Guitar/Drum tech, FOH, Stage management, Baby Sitting Drunks...
Location:Detroit to Anywhere
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Lives for gear
jude's Avatar
🎧 10 years
been here a while, but i cant remember if ive introduced myself

Name - Jude
Rank - rookie
Specialiaty - I have been doing a bit of "live to 2 track" work over the last few years, mainly at dance parties and out door raves. ive recently purchased a presonus firestudio and i am looking at moving back to doing FOH for bands and also offering a low cost multi track recording as an added extra. i can record a total of 26 channels which for 3-4 peice rock bands seems to be more than adequate

i use a DDA console for FOH and use the direct outs for recording and crowd mics (dont worry, i dont send them to FOH!) also, i have modified to direct outs to be pre EQ and while the desks are disliked by many i love the sound of the preamps!

have a few shows comming up over the next few months, so i shall post some of my work when ive done a bit more

just want to say thanks to all the helpful members here. I have learnt much from you all heh
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Lives for gear
Wavebourn's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Name: Anatoliy Lisovskiy
Rank: Founder, Owner, Engineer
Company: Wavebourn
Specialty: Engineer Designer and Technologist of Radio and Electronics Equipment. MS EE (TIASUR, Russian Federation)
Location: Between San Francisco and San Jose

Additional info: Anatoliy Lisovskiy - LinkedIn
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Gear Nut
Tweek Audio's Avatar
🎧 10 years
I diversify. You need to I think. Especially in some areas.

I do boom op, live sound engineering, teaching.
Mostly studio recording, mixing and mastering, and live recording direct to 2 track.

Name: Matthew Marcil
Rank: Owner, Engineer
Company: Tweek Sound and Mastering
Specialty: Studio and location recording, mixing and mastering for music and dialog
Location: Concord NH
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Gear Addict
soulviasound's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Name: George P.

Rank: Recording Engineer, FOH Engineer/Sound Designer/Producer/

Speciality: Indie rock and acoustics/World music/Rock/Jazz/Celtic

Location: Berlin, it's a great town.

Extra: Film industry is another passion.

Plans for my RIG: plan to build a complete 24ch TAB v376a + splitting for onlocation.
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