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Calling all remote folk, friends and dabblers out there. As you may already know,'s October 2002 guest moderator...

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Remoteness 24th June 2022
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Important note: Please consider subscribing to the three new sub-forums, 'All Things Technical,' 'Mobile & Location Rigs'...

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providenciae 10th January 2022
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An open discussion to all remote folk. How did you get started in remote production, location recording, outside broadcasting?...

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M50k 2nd December 2021
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I started a "show & tell" thread. Someone had to do it. :) I'm gonna blast a few out at you, but... Let's see...

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JayTee4303 18th October 2021
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Steve Remote from Aura Sonic tuning in. As you may already know, I'm's October 2002 guest moderator. We'll be...

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Remoteness 5th October 2019
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Many folks have a concern about following multiple forums, sub-forums or any thread that’s outside their normal forum...

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Remoteness 6th May 2006
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Transparent sound and preamps are nice , but sometimes a kind of "thick" sweetness can be welcome too (like for some...

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seby 2 hours ago
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Trying to record a cello audition in church, with a grand piano accompany. The church pic is attached. There will be no audience...

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Chuck_S 4 hours ago
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Before the pandemic the amount of remote recordings we were doing dropped off considerably. This was due to a lot of factors....

Thomas W. Bethe
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studer58 4 hours ago
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What do you do, having decided the room sounds nice and you spend the afternoon setting up your decca tree with nice M50-type...

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RTPT 5 hours ago
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I'm trying to select a Great DAW for Editing classical music... and would love some advice. I've been using ProTools, but...

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David Rick 7 hours ago
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I'm sure every new concert hall has it's fair share of acoustic consultancy and control built into the design...but this hall in...

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Old Foof 8 hours ago
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Dear all I have to confess... Always been using RME UFX with two Octamics through ADAT, but since a large project past January...

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Chuck_S 8 hours ago
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Now that the era of rackmount reverbs is pretty much over, that's left me with a bit of a dilemma updating my live performance...

David Rick
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David Rick 9 hours ago
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Well, that’s what the intro here is suggesting….in the Oct ‘22...

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M50k 10 hours ago
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Surprisingly couldn't find an existing thread on this... so perhaps y'all drive huge OB trucks! However, with the price of used...

James Lehmann
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James Lehmann 14 hours ago
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Mr Remoteness , I'm the chief engineer for a syndicated radio show that multitracks live multi band shows. We operate at a...

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huub 16 hours ago
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“Hooke Verse” Preliminary Review Manufacturer's site - Why preliminary? Well, I’ve only had the...

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tk_nacho 17 hours ago
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hebjam 1 day ago
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I do a lot of remote and/or on location recordings, -I tend to record all sessions, even rehearsals, -mostly A/B recordings -a...

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Wayne 1 day ago
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I recently recorded a good friends string quartet. She's the cellist in the group and the short piece was written by another...

Alan H
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Sharp11 1 day ago
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I almost know Plush's mantra by heart about the DAV by now ;) BUT Can anyone comment about real world situations especially...

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studer58 2 days ago
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I received an email informing me of the deadline for the 2016 JoAnn Falletta International Guitar Concerto Competition....

Given To Fly
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M50k 2 days ago
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I'm thinking about getting a pair of MK 5 capsules. There are a couple threads that discuss the sound, but none that discuss the...

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Geoff Poulton 3 days ago
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Hello GS Friends — I'm a longtime lurker and first time poster here, and have learned so much over the years from discussions...

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David Rick 3 days ago
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C19 spelt the end of my classical music recording and production. 10 yrs of excellent performance at a world class...

Rolo 46
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tourtelot 4 days ago
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Any experience in the classical music field with this microphone as a 'general' large diaphragm spot microphone, e.g. for solo...

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PuebloAudio 5 days ago
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Hi all, usually my trusty tuning fork gives me what I need when producing on session, but every so often, especially with the...

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Ifrit 5 days ago
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As the Telefunken equivalent was used in so many of the 3 mic Mercury Living Presence recordings of the late 1950's and beyond,...

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studer58 6 days ago
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celticrogues 1 week ago
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Hi Folks, I'm recording a choir / orchestra concert (with soloists) this weekend - all fairly straightforward except that the...

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studer58 1 week ago
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DAH 1 week ago
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Very sad news for the recording world.

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c1ferrari 1 week ago
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I’ve been using Neumann KH80s for a couple of years now, and am looking to upgrade but only if I will hear a significant...

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ISedlacek 1 week ago
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I record live religious events in my neighborhood and the place where these events are happening has an elevator that produces a...

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chris661 1 week ago
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philper 1 week ago
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(Scroll down to the video) I'm leaving this here just for the wonderful observation, "That's the way God made...

Geoff Poulton
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Geoff Poulton 1 week ago
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Would you help me identify this mic ?

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Ken K 1 week ago
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I am a proud owner of a SCHOEPS MSTC 64 UG and that is a very fine microphone however I just discovered a similar mic for 99,-...

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studer58 1 week ago
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Hello everyone, I'm in search of ideas or solutions for shockmounting a Blumlein pair of Coles 4038. I am currently using the...

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poppyhb 1 week ago
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As I have written a few times before, I consider the creation of appropriate reverb space for recordings made in less-than-ideal...

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studer58 1 week ago
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XII festival of ringing "Danilovskie bells". Live as it is, cloudy, rain, wind 12-15 m / s, no rehearsal, no sound...

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philper 1 week ago
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I'm curious as to whether contributors here have personal experience with the Enhanced Audio mic support (M600) and mic stands...

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2manyrocks 1 week ago
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Hi, I've just met a local band doing some traditional brazilian music. Usually, the sound tech guys they met at gigs are...

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deedeeyeah 1 week ago
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I saw a choir recording being done for BBC radio the other day, and they were using several rather nice mic stands. I was...

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makenoisepa 1 week ago
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Only recently discovered this recording from 2019 with Matthias Goerne and Seong-Jin Cho called “Im Abendrot” featuring songs...

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Earcatcher 2 weeks ago
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Hi, I'm currently recording vocals for my new project, but my singer has a very dynamic voice. When I hear his voice acapella...

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chessparov2.0 2 weeks ago
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So after a long time I'm finally playing around with a mid-side main pair more, on small ensembles. Recently mostly strings,...

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deedeeyeah 2 weeks ago
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Here are six audio clips. Yes, they're MP3's but they have to be downloadable to be listenable! This is the orchestra that I...

Alan H
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deedeeyeah 2 weeks ago
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Here's a short sample of recent classical guitar recording with the Decca AB method, using an MKH8020 pair one metre from the...

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studer58 2 weeks ago
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A few months ago I recorded a High School Choir Concert. For one of the songs 4 of the boys formed a barber shop quartet and...

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hughshouse 2 weeks ago
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My goal is to record and/or measure both sound pressure levels and frequency spectrum inside a motorcycle helmet, ideally right...

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kludgeaudio 2 weeks ago
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Is anyone here working in immersive audio, whether for classical or other types of location recording/performance yet? There...

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RichardFoss 2 weeks ago
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i'm playing acoustic guitar in a live setting and I'm wondering what mic I should use. I have these to choose from: small...

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mbvoxx 3 weeks ago
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Several years old now, this exercise in location tape recording by Tony F might be of interest to readers here:...

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M50k 3 weeks ago
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12 saxes in a semicircle (see pic) makes it a.... dodecatet ? You bought name it :lol: ! Pair of 9" (22cm)...

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studer58 3 weeks ago