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Been thinking of getting a drum machine. I can't really groove with the virtual ones, tried a good amount of them but i'm kinda...

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trevon 4 hours ago
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For an album that was released in 2000 and twelve years later still leaves nostalgic feelings. One of my top five mixed...

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KevWest 2 days ago
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Hey there. I've been away quite a while, but have recently started actually recording tracks again, which leads me to a...

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BIG BUDDHA 3 days ago
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Yo! For those of you that enjoy my first free instalment of one shots. I have put together a 7 gb pack of breaks, fills,...

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PHG 5 days ago
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I am working on an album and I wanted to find out who mixed Wu Tang's 36 chambers? What was it mixed on (console wise)? anybody...

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BobbyJames 5 days ago
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Here's my problem: Every single guide I find online, in text, or youtube, or even here on gearslutz on "how to mix old...

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nohay 5 days ago
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Noobstudioguy 1 week ago
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Noobstudioguy 1 week ago
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Noobstudioguy 1 week ago
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Just tried the new hardware update (1.3) and it's loaded with bugs. You still can't use your own samples to make even a 4 bar...

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TRSC 1 week ago
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Rappers, if you want the best quality vocals.. that your budget allows, then it is helpful to know the most critical components...

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AuralArts 1 week ago
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Just curious. I was going to post this in the DJ section but when it asked for a topic all it had was "DJ...

digital droe3
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E.rOk.stA 1 week ago
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So Drake just dropped his new album how's everyone feeling about it? I'm halfway through listening and I notice mixes are...

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normanrichardson 1 week ago
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Struggling to find a clear answer on this: When I make a beat, need to convert midi to wav / stems. I need to leave headroom...

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DAH 1 week ago
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Hi folks. Imagine you were sitting in a boardroom of an audio hardware and software developer. They ask you "what does the...

Steven Slate
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ghostman 1 week ago
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I'm creating a 2000s-themed dirty south beat. Back then plenty of producers used hardware keyboards for sounds. In the chorus of...

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LovePlastic 1 week ago
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boombapdame 1 week ago
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So I am looking for a stand-alone sequencer/sampler that is fun and easy to use. I want to use it to sketch out the track with...

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user i477533222 1 week ago
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Just finished listening. Not bad at all. Great use of the stereo field. Who mixed the records ? Tidal isn’t showing...

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illsoulprod 1 week ago
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normanrichardson 1 week ago
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i hope im in the right place for this. I recently switched to a more compact audio interface, the audio echofire 4. I wanted to...

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dlab23 2 weeks ago
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Can someone help me find a good hardware sampler for making beats? This are my requirements: - I would like to be away of the...

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MRSEED 2 weeks ago
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hey all. does anyone know of good places to find 'old' samples to chop for hip-hop production. preferably public domain or...

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poserp 2 weeks ago
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Any idea? All of his stuff sounds pretty much the same. Excellent. It sound pretty pushed and I was listening to his album and...

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JblKid95 2 weeks ago
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Hiya, Sorry, I couldn't quite find the answer to this via the old googles, I just wanted to ask a few specifics about the MPC...

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smokethief 2 weeks ago
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Anybody have any idea what synths mannie fresh uses? I heard in the early days he used casios.

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TikkoRome 2 weeks ago
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I feel like all producers do these days is just experiment with sounds, but neglect the actual arrangement of the song. No...

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TikkoRome 2 weeks ago
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just wow. how does crap like this happen? vocals totally masked / way too low. :facepalm: here i am worrying about my mixes...

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Brent Hahn 3 weeks ago
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poserp 3 weeks ago
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Hi guys! This is my first post to this website ever so forgive me if I'm not posting in the right forum for help. Ever since...

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MaztotheUla 4 weeks ago
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It is a laugh that was used in the songs below.. It is not from the old school kung fu movie "Murimgori" AKA "Wu...

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musik718 4 weeks ago
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This specific harp that DJ Paul and Juicy J have used on several tracks from primarily in 2005 and up to the year 2007: GLC ft....

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musik718 4 weeks ago
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For anyone who recently started making beats, what are the biggest struggles for you?

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normanrichardson 4 weeks ago
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I’m trying to figure out how does Jaycen Joshua achieve this rounded sound in his mixes. For example, the 808’s are full and...

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MaximB 4 weeks ago
Avatar for fingerbeats

Wanna know how in depth you can get with this workstation, Like the Korg M3 it has the EXB Radias board which turns it into a...

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gminorcoles 4 weeks ago
Avatar for iknownothing

Hey i'm looking for a good mic and pre amp combo for about $3000. what mic pre amp combos have you guys used that work well with...

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iknownothing 4 weeks ago
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Hey Dudes I recorded some straight forward vocals over a 2 Track Instrumental. I didn't make some acoustic treatments in my...

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BIG BUDDHA 20th August 2021
Avatar for JC Biffro

Ok so I spent today going through some of my VSTi soundbanks. Still yet to release my first beat for public listening, but I'm...

JC Biffro
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treyvon14baxter 20th August 2021
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Hey folks, The SP303 Vinyl Sim is a FREE emulation of the Vinyl Sim effect on the SP303 and the rest of the SP series -...

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kwazi 19th August 2021
Avatar for Yakipro

Hi, I have question concerning mixing down thru a summing mixer. I want to take advantage of all the summing inputs available and...

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GRiFF 18th August 2021
Avatar for illynoise

We've used this mic for about a month or so. We have other WA mics as well. wa47 being one of my faves. We are a studio with 4...

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chessparov2.0 16th August 2021
Avatar for skiroy

Does anyone know what this sound is for the melody or where to begin how to make it? What’s going on hear. Sounds like rolling...

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skiroy 15th August 2021
Avatar for Kaeyel

Hello! I am a recording artist / producer and I am currently in the process of learning how to mix. I been using most of my...

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onshott1 10th August 2021
Avatar for Rene1235

The title says what I want to know. How do I achieve this style of music apart from using jazz chords, non quantised drums...

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SwordMonger 9th August 2021
Avatar for jcsmyth

so for all the people who have been at it for a long time, what would you recommend for a beginner into the world of sound...

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SwordMonger 9th August 2021
Avatar for Patrick_

For the classic hip hop drums, I know that full level is on for most mpc users when creating the drum groove. We’re those...

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ma_headphone 9th August 2021
Avatar for beyondat

I've never seen one of these until tonight and was wondering how come it wasn't as popular as other akai samplers. Does it...

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bitleyTM 7th August 2021
Avatar for onshott1

I usually record 2 doubles of my verse then add voice overs. My friend told me about waves doubler and that it could save me a...

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normanrichardson 7th August 2021
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Love Gearslutz for just this: I stumbled across a thread asking for experience with Trip-Hop production. Low and behold, Paul...

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DonMarek 7th August 2021
Avatar for Shy-Guy

Hey guys, Hope you are well. I'm sorry if i've posted this in the wrong section. I was quite sure where to post...

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Avatar for djhardrich
djhardrich 7th August 2021