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Yo! For those of you that enjoy my first free instalment of one shots. I have put together a 7 gb pack of breaks, fills,...

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GusGranite 11 hours ago
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So Drake just dropped his new album how's everyone feeling about it? I'm halfway through listening and I notice mixes are...

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Navasounds 2 days ago
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Always preferred sub bass over 808 but haven’t been able to find any good ones outside of my Fantom G6. Where can I find...

Da Youngsta
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Navasounds 2 days ago
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Any recommendations for dope soul sample packs like 70's shaft vibe etc ?

Audio Child
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Paul_G 5 days ago
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Hey all I know people have seen something like this before. But what will be a good mixing chain for a clean 808 sin wave....

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adl 6 days ago
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Hello :) Lately listening to a lot of TLC (Fanmail, 3D), Toni Braxton (The Heat), Destiny's Child... Y'know what I mean? But I...

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kasami08 1 week ago
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Hey, im looking forward to upgrade my AT2020usb+, i already got a pretty decent audio interface, i was wondering what do you guys...

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ISCAS 1 week ago
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Can we please stop saying mixing and mastering (?), like it's done on the same night or the same session. If you are paying for...

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illynoise 1 week ago
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Some LOVE it or HATE IT seems to be no middle ground. Anyone have it ? What's your opinion on it? The owner seems like a tool...

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mataos 1 week ago
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This is just my rant. I started teaching production/mixing etc in 2019 as a side hustle to find new talent etc, and it amazes me...

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motomotomoto 1 week ago
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If a company was to take the ASR-10 or X and redesign it with new features and update it with a modern touch but yet keeping the...

Deleted 4a8b4d3
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Pegas73 1 week ago
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We love Hip Hop = we love drums What are the best Hip Hop snares in past records? I will kick it off with some of my...

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Chevron 1 week ago
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Septismegistus 1 week ago
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Extended Theme Song - Goosebumps Television Soundtrack - YouTube It's like a little DJ scratch (or close effect) that comes...

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i need Help 2 weeks ago
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I asked this question in another thread but didn't want to hijack it. Does anyone know what is so special about the Sp-1200 that...

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Old man logan 2 weeks ago
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when running 1/4 inch outputs to record beats.... my board gives off a high pitched humming sound........i wouldnt call it...

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Preston Flowers 2 weeks ago
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Ganglion 2 weeks ago
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So I want to grab a couple of 12bit samplers...really cant fake that funk. Any suggestions? So far Ive got on the list: Casio...

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EyeBee 2 weeks ago
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Been listening to Apple Music but I think Tidal and Spotify also have this. All new rap releases are "dolby atmos"...

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TVPostSound 2 weeks ago
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Curious if any of you have an SP16 and can share why you may still prefer still using an older MPC over it or switched back from...

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Methlab 2 weeks ago
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My mixing sucks and I could never get close to current hit songs. The low end alone is something I just can’t get right no...

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StiloNovo 3 weeks ago
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Ok so I spent today going through some of my VSTi soundbanks. Still yet to release my first beat for public listening, but I'm...

JC Biffro
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ThaStewdioRat 3 weeks ago
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Hi There! I just wanted to share a Drum Kit i just set up for my G-Funk Purposes. It contains some of the most notorious Drum...

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ThaStewdioRat 3 weeks ago
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Doing rap vocals need suggestions on a preamp that pairs well with u87ai. I was about to buy bae 1073mp but realized I have to...

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dibravibra 3 weeks ago
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Yo, what's good? I know, I know, it's not the plugins that give you that golden era flavour. I too tell people that all...

Hip Hop Head
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Paul_G 3 weeks ago
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Around 08 Paul and Juicy J were creating alot of, foreboding-melancholic-winter sounding shit, like the two listened to the...

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Act III 3 weeks ago
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Hello, I have this loop I created and it ends with a horn performance but I'm unsure if the pitch is right. I've listened...

Hip Hop Head
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ghostman 4 weeks ago
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I want to know what type of snare sound is this. The first one just sound so good (not the 808 based one). The song is 'Have...

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asdfasdfasdfq 4 weeks ago
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Hello! I would like to know what effect or distortion is being used in this song, I don't know if it's some kind of distorted...

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tiky60 4 weeks ago
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Guess what I’m getting tomorrow?! A USB CD/DVD Drive for my MacBook! (Screw you Apple always removing tech from your...

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jaymack 4 weeks ago
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Hello Everyone, this is my first post on gear sluts although I've been reading the forum for some time now. I don't have...

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markboombastik 21st October 2022
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Hi all, Been looking for a small portable thing to make beats with, there is loads of really obvious choices, but where 99% of...

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MRSEED 21st October 2022
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How do you guys tame high end harshness? I have a beat that has a ton of harshness even if the instruments sit right. The...

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Heretolearn 21st October 2022
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Hello, does anyone here own the Rx950 plugin by...

Hip Hop Head
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LovePlastic 11th October 2022
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Just wanted to share some quick thoughts. I turned 51 today so I'm waxing philosophic. Most of the people on here, I'm...

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e-are 9th October 2022
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I'm sure this sauce isn't exclusive to his gear? How does he get his claps to sound so crunchy and clean? Check out the first...

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ronbunsen 8th October 2022
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Hey I'm looking for reference pro tool sessions to compare to my mixes, and hopefully learn from and improve. So if anyone can...

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BootyFlakesAhoy 6th October 2022
Avatar for viewing

In fairness to the trap heads I think this discussion should be re-opened, with the rule that non-trap and/or boom bap and/or old...

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nitrateaudio 5th October 2022
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I need Gongs. Well, no one needs gongs until an artist asks right? An artist asked for a gong in a beat and I realized, I don't...

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Heretolearn 5th October 2022
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So I am looking for a stand-alone sequencer/sampler that is fun and easy to use. I want to use it to sketch out the track with...

Deleted 4a8b4d3
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Methlab 5th October 2022
Avatar for Tyler3000

Hey i was just wondering if you guys were going to record with these rappers what Mic or Vocal chain would you use to maximize...

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J Gabriel 30th September 2022
Avatar for Owlbrainz

90s guys newer stuff the voices sound weird Like theyre ran thru wood or a box or sumthin Ex Ras Kass recent Ghostface...

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Heretolearn 30th September 2022
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Hey guys, Hope you are well. I'm sorry if i've posted this in the wrong section. I was quite sure where to post...

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Ripe143 29th September 2022
Avatar for illynoise

So I've been sampling into the ASR-10 and noticing the difference in sampling mono and the sound that the ASR has verses using...

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IM WHO YOU THINK 28th September 2022
Avatar for A Fak

Good read, specially if you're still trying to get a grip on compressing vocals. I think the author is a GS member sorry I don't...

A Fak
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A Fak 27th September 2022
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Shout out to LeoLeoLeo for the title LOL. I can now relate somewhat. Im selling a SP-808 EX fully expanded for a buddy of mine...

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okto 27th September 2022
Avatar for illynoise

I am a huge fan of transient plugins, especially for drums. If you guys don't already know about this plugin, I've had it...

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Magic Theatre 26th September 2022
Avatar for Olskool Bwoy

I mainly make hip hop (Boom Bap) with gear from the past like Akai s900, old yamaha reverbs and many other's. Here are some...

Olskool Bwoy
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Olskool Bwoy 25th September 2022
Avatar for sgw5

This guy has the same on point as nas and erik b. What do you think? this isn't actually his usual style - this is his first...

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skinny del negro 25th September 2022
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I need the famous sample of Flava Flav "yeah boy" edited to say "yeah Boyd". Can any one of you find a clean...

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Thuneau 24th September 2022