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Just curious how you feel with the end result.

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Tom Hakala 2 hours ago
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Hi all, I am looking for a stereo/dual channel compressor for my mix bus, but there are so many options it is kind of...

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HBIII 12 hours ago
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Ive been looking for that reggaeton "kick drum sound" for years. The kick drum on 1 and 3. There's like another drum...

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ghostman 1 day ago
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Yo! For those of you that enjoy my first free instalment of one shots. I have put together a 7 gb pack of breaks, fills,...

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Paul_G 3 days ago
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Props to Menace.. for the scans.

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Timesaver800W 4 days ago
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anyone know what mic they use on his vocals? He has a very recognizable sound, probably because of his voice, but it seems that...

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iFi audio 4 days ago
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Hi, can you recommend me some talented upcoming underground rappers? I always loved that Mobb Deep/Prodigy stuff as well...

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Pippo12 5 days ago
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New here - this is my first post on here so please forgive me if this is asked/documented elsewhere. I did try my hardest to find...

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Bodeka 1 week ago
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Hi! About to buy a unison preamp for rap vocals. What’s your go to?

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A Fak 1 week ago
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How is everybody doing this? Is it as simple as using Vari-Fi (in PT) to do the 'turntable power-off.' Thanks, -Jeff...

Jeff Braun
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ExP_Beast 1 week ago
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How do you guys usually make performance tracks for artist to perform. Do you leave the chorus in and just turn it down a bit so...

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Obe1 1 week ago
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Hi, this is my first post here so I suppose this serves as an introduction as well (unfortunately not the best one). I like to...

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Obe1 1 week ago
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I'm looking to buy either a mic preamp or channel strip that will provide me with a GLUED VOCAL. Meaning that the vocals recorded...

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chris carter 1 week ago
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Hi, I'm a Dutch rapper and mixing engineer. I would like to achieve a more crispy sound in my vocals. I've learned some...

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brotastic 1 week ago
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In fairness to the trap heads I think this discussion should be re-opened, with the rule that non-trap and/or boom bap and/or old...

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J Gabriel 2 weeks ago
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Hi. I read a lot that it sounds better when I tune the kick. I have now some Expansions from NI and want to use Battery 4. I also...

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Medienopfer98 2 weeks ago
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I guess DAWs got us homesick of the good 'ol Touch&Feel / Plug&Play / Zero-Latency feedback. But maybe it's something...

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the fxs 2 weeks ago
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Yo! I'm in the market for a new machine. I currently have the Maschine Studio but I feel it lacking in terms of creating drum...

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rtype909 3 weeks ago
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I wake up with a great sounding idea in my mind, but then I forget it. It’s so frustrating. I’ve lost a lot of musical...

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Wire Grind 3 weeks ago
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Hey guys, Hope you are well. I'm sorry if i've posted this in the wrong section. I was quite sure where to post...

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Ripe143 3 weeks ago
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I think great compression is a big part of it...besides pickin a good sound...i was wondering what compressors are the go to...

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IM WHO YOU THINK 3 weeks ago
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Are there any users here? If so curious to your experience with this Microphone.

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Hangdog Cat 3 weeks ago
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Post your first impressions here I thought this album was fantastic off first listen, completely blows DAMN away and some of...

Rubberband Man
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ghostman 4 weeks ago
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For those of you who are familiar with his recording process, how exactly is his engineer punching him in so efficiently? And is...

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ghostman 4 weeks ago
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I’m really curious about Kendrick Lamar’s “Rich Spirit” Anyone have an idea what’s going on with the bass and the pad? ...

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BobbyJames 4 weeks ago
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I rely quite a bit on this plugin, but I only really use it's downsampling feature (before finding it I'd literally export every...

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BobbyJames 22nd May 2022
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theres an effect and instrument that ive been trying to replicate for awhile now.. its like some sort of nasally guitar wah...

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BobbyJames 22nd May 2022
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Edit: I realized I was basically describing either the Beat Thang and / or the microSAMPLER. Poor things, nobody misses them at...

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Zacchino 20th May 2022
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IMO, Jay's 4:44 is a sonic masterpiece. I looked up the credits and it all made...

Lando Calrissian
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wuliwong 17th May 2022
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If you had 1k$ to spend on getting placements how would you use it? Would you just message producers on IG and pay to collab?

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gearstudent 16th May 2022
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So I am looking for a stand-alone sequencer/sampler that is fun and easy to use. I want to use it to sketch out the track with...

Deleted 4a8b4d3
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user i477533222 15th May 2022
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All controversies aside, I really, REALLY, dig R.Kelly's 1995 album and would like to know everything about its production. I'm...

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Timesaver800W 11th May 2022
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Hey folks, I haven't sold any music doesn't really cross my mind as the end-goal but instead my first inclination is...

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g.t. 10th May 2022
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Happy Friday GearSpace users. I’m wondering if anyone can help me find the right volume to project my voice at when recording...

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ThatGuy2026 10th May 2022
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Hi all, Been trying my hand at parallel compression on my lead vox for pop/r&b/hip-hop. Been sending vox at full level to...

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g.t. 9th May 2022
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It seems like every rap song I hear these days is so highly compressed that there are essentially no transients. They all seem to...

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chris carter 6th May 2022
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Me like it

liotta soda
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ma_headphone 2nd May 2022
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Does anybody know what the main synth sound in Nag Champa is? Which synthesizer is it? Does anyone have any familiarity with...

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skinny del negro 26th April 2022
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I've been recording at a local studio for almost a year now. I don't entirely love how the rough mixes sound. I'm trying to...

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Spells 24th April 2022
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Not samples from a Linndrum (LM-2) or Linn 9000...a real Lm-1 kit. Thanks.

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zmix 23rd April 2022
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I'm into boom bap style beatmaking and I was wondering how to get that flat sample sound where it sounds like it's sitting under...

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chris carter 22nd April 2022
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I know he uses the 01w for sequencing. I am pretty sure those drums sounds are 'workstation' drums sounds and I have never heard...

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coolout 21st April 2022
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Song : Nipsey Hussle - Ocean Views I am really looking to get into live drums to use with my tracks. I really love how this...

Jonna Boomin
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boombapdame 19th April 2022
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IMHO if Akai brought back some of the classic MPCs that would be the best thing since sliced bread. And it would probably start...

Hip Hop Head
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Martel80 18th April 2022
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Kicks in around 0:20. Sounds sharp but I cant pin-point what it is

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MAXX VADA 16th April 2022
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Came upon this thread on Reddit and thought it would be cool to see what folks think over here ... There must be some industry...

J Gabriel
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viewing 15th April 2022
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I'm new here so hopefully I'm posting this in the right forum... Does anyone know where to get rack ears for Akai S950 or...

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norman_notes 13th April 2022
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Here's my problem: Every single guide I find online, in text, or youtube, or even here on gearslutz on "how to mix old...

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DAH 13th April 2022
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How many of you guys use drum loops in your productions? If you do, do you buy loop cds, use software, etc. I always thought...

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Abe M 12th April 2022
Avatar for Aquariusman

Hey I have a very deep voice with not a lot of power when rapping/singing. I have found this guy with a similar voice to mine and...

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MiNuS31 11th April 2022