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Recording MIDI notes W/Maschine in ProTools
Old 8th September 2012
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Recording MIDI notes W/Maschine in ProTools

Hello, I am using Protools 9, and I'm trying to find a better way to create beats.

I have had trouble in the past using Maschine's Sequencer, so I would like to abandon it for now.

I have some previous experience with ProTools, and I feel more comfortable using it for the time being.

However, I have ran into some difficulty with the using Maschine as a Plugin on a Stereo Instrument track in Pro Tools.

I've seen online tutorials where the producer would bus out his sounds to mono tracks in Pro Tools. Like Kick, Snare, HH, Tom 1 and so on...

Problem 1) The MIDI NOTES will not show up on the instrument track.

I've heard of ways to backdoor this problem, but I believe there has to be an easier way. Hopefully one of you guys may already know one. I have a Axiom 25 second gen. keyboard and it's a pain track out each individual sound when one sounds tones are spread across the keys. Is there any way I can get/have access to all of the sounds on my axiom at one...

Problem 2) When I use pre-roll it works when it wants to, more often it is not working.

(I have clicked the Pre-Roll button on my transport bar, it has lit up green and I've set my pre roll to 1|0|000 and even 4|0|000 just to see if it works and to no avail.) I've tried a lot of things such as putting the track in Loop Record and loop playback and even tried disabling both of them.)

Problem 3) Loop Record deletes my data!!! Is there any way I can have my tracks loop up with out deleting what I just did, ex: like a playlist window with all my takes in it

Problem 4) Quantization. It was difficult for me to hear or apply the different types of quantization because when I pressed apply nothing happened. The apply button didn't become grayed out. There wasn't any processing graphic or anything. I don't know what I might have done wrong here guys, but I really need your help right now..

Thank you all in advance... I really do appreciate it. Truly.

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