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Here's my problem: Every single guide I find online, in text, or youtube, or even here on gearslutz on "how to mix old...

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DAH 13 hours ago
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Hi, I have a 2 part question involving using different mics. I've noticed that the AA CM800T (Sony C800G clone) is better for my...

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elegentdrum 15 hours ago
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Has anyone tried a ribbon mic for recording rap? Does it work well or not?

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elegentdrum 22 hours ago
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Currently tracking mostly urban vocals (rap and r&b) U87ai >blue Robbie>wa76>eqp-wa>pure2>daw. Trying to...

rollin weight
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citytape 2 days ago
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Hey folks, what are some good reverb plugins for snares that can sound similar to reverbs found in early 90s boom-bap? Some...

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elegentdrum 3 days ago
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Hey guys, Hope you are well. I'm sorry if i've posted this in the wrong section. I was quite sure where to post...

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sonotws 3 days ago
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Anybody have any idea what synths mannie fresh uses? I heard in the early days he used casios.

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Heretolearn 4 days ago
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Hi. I'm new here. Currently producing some beats. Sorry if it is a stupid question, but where do go about finding a rapper to...

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boombapdame 4 days ago
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I need to get a hardware eq to use with my mpc and sp1200, but it’s difficult to make a decision and whether i should just go...

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ikitrax 5 days ago
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So I am looking for a stand-alone sequencer/sampler that is fun and easy to use. I want to use it to sketch out the track with...

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IOF 5 days ago
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Hi, how is everyone? I apologize in advance if you find errors in the text since I do not speak English and I am using the google...

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Septismegistus 6 days ago
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Hey Guys, I just downloaded a demo of heat Up 3 and was pretty happy with it for the price. I know it is very close to Nexus...

Danny Scott
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horacewimp 1 week ago
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OK of COURSE it matters! But here is my specific question: If I take a beat from Youtube via YT to MP3 downloader, and record my...

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Mindtree 1 week ago
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I need some help guys lol seriously ... to make a not so long story short I can't put out any music because I'm too worried about...

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ghostman 1 week ago
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What’s the benefactor of knowing when to use an 87 or 800g microphone ? Are you guys judging off sub-genre ? By voices...

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normanrichardson 1 week ago
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aanania2021 2 weeks ago
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I got a big problem. I recorded a Song over a 2track and this song wasn't good to me. So i recorded a new hook, but now it's got...

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PreInsane 2 weeks ago
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I'm looking for this certain snare heard on numerous old skool records. It's that westcoast snare. Heres an example: 2Pac - If...

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HSLand 2 weeks ago
Avatar for IAmFree

Hello guys, I have decided to sell my tlm 103 because my voice is already thin and it sounds even thinner on it. I am using it...

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chris carter 2 weeks ago
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SSL Fusion or Avalon 747 on stereo bus? I do mostly hiphop/pop mixing but before I send to mastering just want that sheen....

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mardyMcFly 2 weeks ago
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Or is it mixed? To me it sounds like a ton of rappers are using their highest pitch possible in their natural range. I'm trying...

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Rob 28 2 weeks ago
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This question is for the producer/engineer. And I would like to know your view on this question. When mixing your song and...

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gearstudent 2 weeks ago
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Hey all. I'm having a bit of a problem getting smooth vocals, been going on for some time now. Back when all I had was an...

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old hydro law 3 weeks ago
Avatar for k.g.

Hi everyone... does any one know how to create a dancehall kick from scratch aside of sampling it from another record.... i would...

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ghostman 3 weeks ago
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As much as I think both with play a part in getting drums sounding this rounded & and full of what i'd describe as depth,...

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jlgrimes11 3 weeks ago
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Hello all. I write, produce and perform primarily hip hop/rap and am in the market for a mic and pre amp for a new studio we’re...

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jlgrimes11 3 weeks ago
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I don't mean that I like the sound better stylistically, I mean it sounds more on pitch and/or smoother. I have been taking...

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scius 3 weeks ago
Avatar for scius

I see him moving back and forth but I don't know if it's intentional or he just vibing. Haven't seen too many rappers in...

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JblKid95 3 weeks ago
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I just heard some of Busta's album today. Dope project but I find the mixing/mastering to take away from the sonic immersion of...

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jlgrimes11 3 weeks ago
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onshott1 3 weeks ago
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Reptil 4 weeks ago
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Hi everyone! I decided to sidetrack from mpc’s to sp1200 when i got a great deal from one, just wondering if you could point...

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ikitrax 4 weeks ago
Avatar for HotdogRecords

I've attempted to record with this focusrite solo on my windows 10 computer. The microphone will not pick up any audio at all...

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Bender412 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Syxcho

Hey Guys I wanted to ask if any one knows how the producer dou called "cubeatz" does this crazy detune effect I...

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Venkatarju 4 weeks ago
Avatar for DontCareBear

Hi all If you had the choice between 1 output engine (I’m leaning towards exhale) or arcade subscription for a year, which...

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DontCareBear 4 weeks ago
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Stuck on this for weeks and not getting anywhere. I am trying to find the Crash Cymbal used in the audio example below from a...

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Belinea 4 weeks ago
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?Hi guys, I was wandering if anyone could help me please. I have spent last two days trying to figure out how to use internal...

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fedeflores 4 weeks ago
Avatar for konokoknk

I grew up listening to linkin park, eminem, snoop dogg, lil bowow, dr.dre and all that, but after age 12 or so I didn't listen to...

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boombapdame 25th June 2021
Avatar for phoebus15

Hey guys, I am an India based entrepreneur. With a few producers from here and programmers we are creating a VST plug in that...

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ghostman 23rd June 2021
Avatar for crookedmacs

Looking for a nice smooth mic to record rap vocals. There are a lot of short singing elements as well. I have a deep voice, but I...

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crookedmacs 23rd June 2021
Avatar for TRSC

Just tried the new hardware update (1.3) and it's loaded with bugs. You still can't use your own samples to make even a 4 bar...

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adamsuk 23rd June 2021
Avatar for ASICE

Do you guys work on one beat until it's finished or do you guys work on several beats at a time? I ask this because I have so...

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MiracleBeam 23rd June 2021
Avatar for smccarthy945

Hey guys, I noticed that the BKE website is down and their support email is not working. I am guessing they are out of business....

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adamsuk 22nd June 2021
Avatar for chefboii

Hey. I currently own a 1st gen babyface that , (despite the fact driver support is discontinued and occasionally the audio...

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chefboii 17th June 2021
Avatar for fishyhooks

I am a 15 year old that records, produces, and engineers hip-hop music in my home studio. I want to up my game with channel...

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Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 17th June 2021
Avatar for ac_music

Ableton: I'm trying to have the knobs and mute/solo buttons on the MPD automatically map to the tracks, just as the faders...

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mellison 16th June 2021
Avatar for poserp

Some free drum beats. Feel free to download, share, and enjoy. These are free as in beer and free as in you can...

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poserp 13th June 2021
Avatar for Deramo

Hi! I couldn't find a perfect place within this forum to post this question but I think this is the closest I can get. I...

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chris carter 11th June 2021
Avatar for The Dazzler

I perused other threads about what turntable(s) to get. I haven't read anything convincing me of why I should buy $500+Technics,...

The Dazzler
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Avatar for loujudson
loujudson 7th June 2021
Avatar for onshott1

Since Covid I've purchased decent equipment that should be able to get Radio Quality. I'm Using a Babyface pro fs and an aa Cm...

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Avatar for onshott1
onshott1 4th June 2021