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Mitch Dane and Sputnik!
Old 11th November 2017
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Mitch Dane and Sputnik!

Hello Vance,

Could you share about your relationship/friendship with Mitch Dane and Sputnik? What have friendships and community like that meant to you and your work over your career?

Thanks Vance for your graciousness with your input and time!
Old 15th November 2017
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Well first of all, I would be so screwed without Mitch Dane.. he's been the best friend a guy could have and the best business partner ever.. I doubt he would say that same for me! (I'm a pain in the ass..) He has floated me rent, loaned me gear, put up with my loud ass tracking dates and he still puts up with me!
Mitch is a great Producer and he does great work.. I'm so happy to be in the same building with him every day.

The Nashville recording community is the best in the world I think.. we all work together and really I feel no pressure from competition or ego's or anything..
But don't move here, it's getting crowded...

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