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Will you ever get rid of your console?
Old 10th November 2017
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Will you ever get rid of your console?

With so many people going all ITB mixing, do you think you'll ever be one of them? Though I imagine you're firmly OTB right now, what do you suppose it would take for you to CHOOSE to go in that direction somewhere in the future, or will you always and forever mix OTB or at least some version of hybrid?

Conversely, if you were FORCED to dump your console today, what approach would you take in it's absence? Some sort of summing mixer? All ITB? What digital solutions are out there that you feel might work as a substitute, or are there any?

Oh, and I'll help you move your console over to my place for storage if you ever decide to do that...
Old 15th November 2017
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Well, I mixed in the box for years.. but I just felt so disconnected from the music.. so when I got the chance to get a desk again (my Neotek) it was the best decision ever for me..
Now, do I get screwed sometimes by recalls? Of course. Just did. And it's because "everyone just mixes in the box, don't you" thinking by artists, producers and record wanks. I need it now, and I want it now.
This is the only artistic endeavor where people decide what tools the artist uses based on $$.
No one tells the guitar player to play a Squire because it would be better for the budget.. right?
SO maybe I'll go back someday.. maybe no one will come to me for mixes because I'm a Luddite and just won't get with the march of progress.. Ok, time to get a gig at Walmart as a greeter... And I do believe I can drop fries still..

Now, if someone came up with a real controller that connected to PT (or something else) and it looked, worked and sounded like an analog console, maybe (Harrison Series 12.. Euphonix Series 5..)
And I don't consider the Raven a console.. (But Steven does have good taste when it comes to grooming products and Bacon...)

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