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Analog echo on vocals
Old 2nd November 2017
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Analog echo on vocals

Hey Vance! Really dig how you treat Vocals, especially your work with Tyler Bryant. How do you decide on delay times and mono/stereo for the effect?
Old 7th November 2017
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I wish I had a good, clinical answer for you.. but.. I just move the slider on the Fulltone TTE's until it sounds right to me.. I'm not a tap tempo kinda guy(Except for certain things that HAVE to be on tempo) but it's more of a feel.. like it has to make you want to really hear the vocal.
As for stereo.. always.. Sometimes hard pan, some times 3 and 9 o'clock.. If there is space in the middle and I want it more focused, then closer.. if I want it to be wide then hard pan and then a wide box... Gut feelings..

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