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Dolby A Type Model 361
Old 3rd November 2009
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Dolby A Type Model 361


Saw the studio tip using the Dolby unit in the Vox chain. Do you track thru the Dolby unit, or Insert it later.

If you track thru it. Where in the signal chain do you place it?

Pulled both ours from the 2 Track cart and have them moved to the Pres / Comps rack. Want to get this trick right.

Jesse Miller
Old 4th November 2009
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I usually use them on an insert on the monitor end (don't track the dolby), although if you like the sound of it while tracking, why not print it!
You need to send your signal to the encode end of the unit and then out before the decode... I think the input is labeled: "line in" and the output is labeled "to record"(or something like that), and then just make sure the "in" and "rec" buttons are pushed in on the front panel.


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