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A Gear Question for Scott
Old 27th October 2009
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A Gear Question for Scott

Hey Scott ,
I heard that one time you owned the one and only Fullonatron.
What is it ? Where can i buy one ? Will it make my mix's sound louder ?

Old 29th October 2009
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I'm guessing by your initials that it's the technical genius Chris Potter asking that question?? If I remember correctly the fullonatron was a device that you designed for me that cut off the SMTE time code to Protools, from the 3348 code track while it rewinded so PT wouldn't freak out and lose it's mind. Does that sound about right? That was about 15 years ago at a studio owned by Brian Adams???
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Gear question for Scott

Aw , the mind still sharp as a tack. Yes , it is i. I figured this question might have made you think a bit. The Fullonatron did exactly what you described but was more intended for analog tape machines to give them time to come up to speed and lock to the syncro.
before protools saw code. Protools was quite cranky about this back in the day. Man , It's come a long way. 15 years ago it was only 8 channels and i remember all those transfers on a Bob Rock session. Bet you don't miss editing in the laundry room at Bryon's house
before the Warehouse Studio opened. I left there in 2000 to become Sarah McLachlan's
engineer and built a beautiful studio for her and am still there presently. Come to think
of it all the staff has changed at the Warehouse except for Sandi. Oh and of course your
pal Randy Staub still mix's there whom i still keep in touch with.
I've watched your success over the years and even mastered some mix's you did a while
back and it was good to touch base with you. Let me know when you are back in Vancouver and maybe we can hook up.

Chris Potter
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Thanks Chris, send me your contact info to [email protected]...

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