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About the Public Record + links to the session video diaries!
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About the Public Record + links to the session video diaries!


The Public Record is the host for a totally new interactive recording concept. The Public Record bridges the gap between artist and fan; pro session player and amateur musician. It is the hub where fans and musicians can stay informed on the progress being made on a record in which they take as much ownership as the artist themselves. They can download working stems, upload their ideas and view the artist’s reaction to the submissions. Artists who decide to embrace THE PUBLIC RECORD to create their next release will be taking advantage of the wealth of talent from those who ultimately care about their music the most—the fans. Until now, letting fans into the recording session just meant an after-the-fact behind the scenes documentary or a live web cam in the studio. Any type of fan participation has always seemed like a forced afterthought rather than a sincere effort to redefine the way artists express themselves. The Public Record, in essence, allows today’s recording artist to use their audience as an instrument. Co-founder and multi-platinum producer, Scott Humphrey (Rob Zombie, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne...) along with his team of skilled submission screeners and technicians will tailor your Public Record experience so that you can more effectively interact with your fans.


Who better to christen The Public Record with his bombastic brand of mayhem? It’s true that Tommy really could get just about anyone to play on this record, but this time he wants everyone to have the chance to contribute their musical ideas. Yes, every song will be open season for musicians everywhere to play the instrument of their choice and be a part of this historic moment in recorded music. A charitable donation to The MusiCares Foundation will be made on behalf of all participants, in lieu of royalties and/or performance fees.

Submissions will be uploaded and evaluated by Tommy and his production team for inclusion into the world-wide release of “Public Mayhem”, the upcoming album by Methods of Mayhem. The very best contributors will be invited to perform with Tommy at the record release concert in Los Angeles. Working stems for a new song will be released for download, giving you and other musicians of all skill levels a week to submit your parts. This has been happening every week (since Oct 5th)and will continue until all the songs have gone through this process. The Public Record and Tommy Lee are giving everyone a chance to share in the music-making experience and finally put music back in the hands of the people.

The Public Record
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The Public Record

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