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Some of the best stuff always happens in those 20 minute breaks when tape isn't rolling and it has nothing to do with the actual...

Jay Kahrs
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Doug Ring 27th March 2003
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Yesterday every half hour I was on CNN rocking in the St Pat's parade in between all the pre-war coverage. Yeah it's no big deal...

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Fibes 27th March 2003
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How many posts does it take to be a Guest Moderator? over 500? 350 or so? 227? Maybe 159? Just under...

Fuzzy Logic
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Tim L 26th March 2003
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I make lots of records for $3K each and I've worked on some $30K albums too. It's not hard to spend $30K on a full length, but...

Jay Kahrs
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Jules 26th March 2003
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ok, so i;ve read before that if you rerecord it, or copy and paste, and move over a little bit, it will thicken up the vocals,...

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Jay Kahrs 26th March 2003
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Back in the day, most recordings had the drums recorded on just one track = a single overhead, almost always a LD condenser...

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John Cafarella 25th March 2003
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Hey Jules, Dunno if it's you that changed the forum's style but i like it! The new logo is cool too! Pretty things make me...

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Jules 24th March 2003
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Ok , I admit , I like this Christina Aguilera song "Beautiful". It's all over the radio. One thing about this song...

Farm sounds
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Pricey 23rd March 2003
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Jay Kahrs 23rd March 2003
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I dont want to waste space with this but I cant find it when I do a forum search. It was one of those many funny blurbs you put...

skip bitmin
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skip bitmin 22nd March 2003
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Hey slippy and everyone else, Just a question out of curiousity: Is it important/necessary for an engineer to have a...

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Jay Kahrs 22nd March 2003
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OK, I realize this is going to elicit some chuckles, but here goes... Umm, I'm getting pretty good at this mixing stuff;...

Curve Dominant
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Jay Kahrs 21st March 2003
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I pretty much work in the same room but I'm starting to move around a little bit. I've always been a drummer/perc/programing guy...

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AudioGaff 20th March 2003
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This part of a mix is often the most challenging for me. I want the kick to be felt, and the bass to be heard. Or is that...

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robot gigante 19th March 2003
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Dave Martin 19th March 2003
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I believe it does, and I'm deleting it from ALL of my mixes. FOREVER! Why does reverb suck? Let us count the ways...

Curve Dominant
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Messiah 19th March 2003
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SM, let us know when the BIG contest of expensive vs. cheap gear for recording will happen between you and Bob. Who's gonna get...

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THEMIXFIX 19th March 2003
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I've been talking to some friends, and we feel that you should write a book. Obviously you have limited time etc. but even a...

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alphajerk 19th March 2003
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RKrizman 18th March 2003
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Hi everyone, I was just curious as to everyones opinion on allowing drug use in the studio?? If clients ask while they're...

Farm sounds
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malice 18th March 2003
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In another thread, Slipperman comments: I would like to be a fanatic about this, but I find that time and time again I...

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Fibes 18th March 2003
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Here's the story, I've finally gotten into a good, busy local studio and have been interning there for almost 3 months. So far I...

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imacgreg 18th March 2003
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And in a good way... I find your posts make me laugh even more than mixermans. Seems your talent is not only engineering but...

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CaptainHook 16th March 2003
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Hi Tim, I know your EQ designs are based on Pulse Technologies, can you give any detailes on how they are similar and how they...

Mr. Fancy Pans
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TimdeParavicini 14th March 2003
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It took me a while to get used to the thought of having to EQ something. For a long time everyone said track flat, do it all in...

Jay Kahrs
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mdbeh 14th March 2003
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We all know that in the world of audio, there are things we must hate; adats, peavey bandits, mackie mixers, etc. But, I have...

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mitgong 13th March 2003
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Slipperman, Your a JBL guru. This guy I am doing some work for has some JBL's connected to his TV at home.. I...

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KBOY 13th March 2003
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RKrizman 13th March 2003
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I got a gig writing music for an indie film short to be shown at Sundance next year. It's been really fun making music that I...

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Curve Dominant 12th March 2003
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I must not have been paying attention - I have seen this in Slipperman's posts, and I don't understand why it's there. What's the...

Dave Martin
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Curious G 12th March 2003
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I'd love to hear your thoughts on getting the most out of the bass guitar, pre and post.

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mdbeh 12th March 2003
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What about the clients that take advantage of your facility or service? Or is it just part of doing business?

Fuzzy Logic
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sonic dogg 12th March 2003
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What are your fave snares? I am partial to an old metal ludwig, and an old wood slingerland, both of "medium"...

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covert 12th March 2003
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Tim, I don't hear EAR mentioned often but when I do it's mainly outstanding praise. Are you happy with the market profile?...

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cram 11th March 2003
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I know compression is like ice cream... everyone likes diffeent flavors but, I was wonder if SlipperMan and others would care to...

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thethrillfactor 10th March 2003
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Tim, Could you give some details about the cutting amps you designed for The Exchange? Did you also design high frequency...

Paul Gold
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Paul Gold 10th March 2003
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Just want to know a bit more about you and yours, sir. Who is Slipperman? What's the name of your studio complex? Where...

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Jay Kahrs 9th March 2003
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Tim, Your products seem to find their way as easy into recording studios as in audiophile homes. Which are the more...

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Jules 8th March 2003
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Hello Slipperman, a couple of times I've seen you stress the importance of keeping optimal gain structures throughout the...

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Henrik 7th March 2003
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If the '57 is (probably) the most finicky dynamic microphone as far as which pre "mates" with it, what are some of the...

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chessparov 7th March 2003
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OK who has used 1inch two track? Who is interested to try it? Whats it like? Is it here to stay as a format? hittt

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Eskonen 6th March 2003
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I better be careful with this one... One little typo in the subject and we're on a TOTALLY different subject. Slippy, since...

Jay Kahrs
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Jay Kahrs 6th March 2003
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Slippy dear, this is your mutha. I don't like you hanging around with these slutz. You could poke your eye out. Now get home...

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sonic dogg 6th March 2003
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... when you hate almost everybody? What would J.D. Salinger do? Seriously, how do you promote a studio without being a...

Mike Jasper
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Mike Jasper 5th March 2003
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Hey Tim -- I've owned a 660 for a few years now, and it is one of my favorite pieces of gear. It always ends up on something...

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TimdeParavicini 5th March 2003
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RSMITH123 4th March 2003
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Just playing along with this here.... Seriously.. since you got bags on tricks up your sleeves for days.. what cha like on...

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toledo3 4th March 2003
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What does it sound like? Saw on the website that it's output impedence is 60 Ohms, and that it will drive a km of cable :eek: ...

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TimdeParavicini 4th March 2003
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Love you Tim, but when are you going to stop listening to such primitive music as the Rolling Stones and get into the more...

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TimdeParavicini 4th March 2003
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Big hello to Tim de Paravicini & Slipperman! I hope you both enjoy your time here. I recomend folks read up on Tim &...

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jon 4th March 2003