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Life outside the music, to inspire the music?
Old 3rd February 2014
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Life outside the music, to inspire the music?

Big fan here! I love reading about gear, techniques, and all that jazz. However, I was wondering what you do in life to balance your amazing career. I ask this not as a general, "what are your hobbies?" type of question, but more as a "what inspires you to make music?" kind of question.

Is there any necessary life practices you partake in to keep from getting burnt out? How do non-musical things influence your creation process? Any advice from someone with such an advanced career on how to keep life good, while always doing music?

Thanks so much,
Old 21st February 2014
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I like the cave life. It's a weird thing. Being a studio rat generally keeps me out of the direct sunlight. I have a whole little world set up in my studio with Neve, espresso machine and internet. Who needs much more? For years I would have only one day "off" a week, spent driving a couple hours to the nearest Costco to get supplies for the studio (I live in the middle of no-where in the mountains). Haha!

I admit that my life has not been balanced, but would have it no other way. I am driven to produce. Friends have to drag me away from my projects to go for a walk in the park, enjoy social time at the pub or watch a movie on the couch. It is hard to relax, I'm restless!

That being said, I'm making big changes to broaden my life experience. My untapped resource is my art, so this is the new focus. I'm creating open time in my schedule so I can paint, animate, sketch and draw. Even in recording sessions I will now have an easel set up and will be working on a painting. I can easily direct the session while madly mushing colors on a canvas, and now that other part of my mind is no longer neglected. Funny thing is, the music I'm working on affects the way the painting develops. I was working on a progressive Americana project by Patchy Sanders and painted a giant banjo with pyramids. i was working on a kids record by Lucky Doug and the Stinkbugs and painted a cast of stinkbug characters. I was mixing a heavy industrial project by Awaking State and painted a feathered pterodactyl.

Life is actually pretty damn good! See more of my paintings here: http://www.sylviamassy.com/artwork-2/

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