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Soul Touching Performances
Old 31st January 2014
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Soul Touching Performances


First, its a privilege to Q and A with you!!

Second, what are some of the most emotional and / or soul touching performances you've seen throughout your journey as a producer?
Old 5th March 2014
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Well, it depends on what type of "soul touching" we are talking about. A Berkeley band named Nevercore hit me in the gut with singer Obadiah Bowling's tirade against the 9/11 bombers... "Die Motha****ahhhhhs".... this guy screamed it from his soul, he was there, a serviceman who fought in Afghanistan. He meant it.

Another group named Animal Alpha from Norway made my blood go cold with their "Death Waltz". Singer Agnete is a beauty with a soft sweet voice of an angel, which in a turn of emotion can rip open your heart. True art of sound. Here is a photo of that otherwordly creature:

Soul Touching Performances-01agfish1.jpg

And of course Johnny Cash laid his soul bare with his vocals on "Unchained". I am still choked up when I listen to the title song on the album.

I admire any singer who is brave enough to step in front of a microphone. You are standing there naked, exposed. If the lyrics are your own, the world will be judging you by your words and performance. Fingers play a guitar. Your mind and emotions play your voice instrument.

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