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RHCP -One Hot Minute
Old 30th January 2014
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RHCP -One Hot Minute


Great answers on the last questions! I am a huge Jane's Addiction & Red Hot Chilli Peppers Fan- What was it like incorporating Dave Navarro's style and sound together with the Chilli Peppers? it is definitely one of their different sounding Albums any insight into guitar and bass sound of that album would be great? -- any anecdotes would be appreciated as well--

Thanks So Much!
Old 2nd February 2014
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Dave Navarro is an innovative player, and uses an array of stomp boxes to achieve textural character in the parts recorded. He used a stack of JCM800 heads in the studio, which are integral to his sound. He and Flea worked very well together, and I think overall it was a good fit during a time when the band was battling through substance abuse problems and needed a fresh approach. I recorded the Chili Peppers during the Navarro era, so I don't know much about RHCP without him.

Also, I have to say, while having the pleasure of singing back-up vocals side-by-side with Dave on the "One Hot Minute" tracks, that Dave is a beautiful male specimen. Mmmm, delicious... hehheh
Old 2nd February 2014
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I'm a huge fan of this record - what tracks did you sing on? Are part of the shouting in "One Big Mob"?
Old 3rd February 2014
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Hey, Sylvia, thanks for doing this!

When I first listened to One Hot Minute, I cranked my stereo in the beginning of Warped. My tendency for dependency... and then, BAM! And I almost fell of my chair.

How do you think we could reproduce that kind of impact today, in this over-compressed/limited-in-your-face modus operandi we're going through?

That album guitars are so throaty, do you remember how the tone was achieved in Walkabout's solo(I love the panning on that)?

I could go on for hours, but just one last question:

What's happening on the vocals on the left channel of Coffee Shop, the la la la la part? I dig that so much, the tone and how it blends with the guitar's distortion.

Being born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I still remember my friends expressions when I told them the album featured a crying "cuica" in one of the tracks, love the brazilian percussions you guys used.

And if I were Dave Navarro, I'd be the one thrilled for singing by your side.

Thanks again, you're an inspiration!
Old 6th February 2014
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Hello Johnny! I did not work on the meat of the "One Hot Minute" album. My work was done on alternate versions of some of the songs, after the album was already mixed. I believe my background singing was on the Spanish language single of "Aeroplane". Jeez, hard to remember, I was so distracted by the hotness of Dave Navarro! Singing with him was indeed - One Hot Minute...

I did produce and record the Chili Pepper's "Love Rollercoaster" that was used in the movie "Beavis And Butthead Do America". We recorded most of that at Sound City Studios.

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