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Hey errbody!

Wow, thank you so much for showing up, it's amazing how people think I know ANYTHING about music, but here we are and I'm going to do my best to answer what has been troubling you since the dawn of time, possibly give you a new life direction and most likely burn a few professional and personal bridges because I shouldn't be in front of a computer!
For those that have no idea who I am, my name is Starcadian and I make bleep bloops I call "ear movies", inspired by movie soundtracks, Toto, Peter Gabriel, Prince and Mike Patton among others.
I'm also a vfx supervisor by trade, so I handle all the CGI in my videos and co direct them with Rob O'Neill.

Full Disclosure: I literally landed 4 hours ago after a transatlantic flight and starting a new job today, so it might be a few hours before I get to all the questions, but believe me when I tell you I am a fully functioning ADULT that actually prioritizes this Q+A over sleep and work, so I will be doing my damnedest to keep up today!

Thanks for listening and if you're new to my music...Hey...Thanks for being you.
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No, thanks for being YOU, you.... Whatever you are. Computer man? Polygon person. I'm not sure what the proper name is, but either way this is very cool and we appreciate it.

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