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I really dig Chinatown and have two main things I'm curious about. First, how did the song develop? Were you noodling around and found the chorus? Did it come easy? Second, is that a live bass guitar or is it keyboard?

You might be interested to know it formed a part of my summer soundtrack when I first moved to Bucharest. So your tunes are in this part of the world. Come play a show at Control Club.

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Thanks for listening!!

I think it was 2011 and I was walking around Chinatown in NY, going to meet someone and I started thinking about this ------ song called '---------' (Redacted by me because we live in a world of post 'Blurred Lines' lawsuit O__O), which is super cheesy, but...I kinda like it, not gonna lie Anyhoo the very first thing that came were the lyrics, which makes the song writing progress much easier, I find.
From there I started playing around with chord progressions for about a month and it was actually a super quick process to write it. I do remember that I alternately played that ------- song and Breakbot jams for days, trying to chemically combine the two.
This is very not 'me', but the chorus was just glommed on in the end, I didn't really spend too much time on it, I was more concerned about the verse capturing that vibe of walking down the wet streets of Chinatown, moping about some thing or other. Pretty sure it was lady troubles that had me down the dumps haha.
Basically all my bass is MIDI, even back then, usually some Kontakt Library. I think that specific one was Trillian? I've since moved to much more compact libraries, but that one was pretty damn saucy sounding!
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Originally Posted by starcadian ➡️
this Kiss song called -------, which is super cheesy, but...I kinda like it, not gonna lie
Haha. Dude, I've never heard it, but just gave it a go on YouTube. Heard the influence on Chinatown right off the bat from the second syncopated chord. But that's where the similarity ended for me.

Thanks for being honest about its origins. Some people might worry about "theft" or something, but it's clearly a single moment that's morphed into a totally different thing. Ie, the definition of influence.

You should be proud of that track if you're not already.


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